Work Force definition

Work Force means Permanent Full-time Employees and Permanent Part-time Employees who have successfully completed the probation period in a Department, it being understood that Temporary Employees, Casual Employees and Probationary Employees shall be eliminated before a layoff occurs in that classification.
Work Force means an agency or organizational unit’s full-time employees and other than full-time employees.
Work Force means an agency’s full-time and part-time employees.

Examples of Work Force in a sentence

  • Equal Opportunity Contracting may occasionally ask for a Managing Office Work Force (MOWF) Report.

  • The Work Force Report (WFR) is the document that allows the City of San Diego to analyze the work forces of all firms wishing to do business with the City.

  • Effectively using the services of available minority/women community organizations; minority/women contractors’ groups; Federal, State, and local minority/women business assistance offices; and other organizations as allowed on a case-by-case basis to provide assistance in the recruitment and placement of MBEs/WBEs. Contact within 7 days from the bid opening the Business Opportunity and Work Force Development Unit at to give notification of the bidder’s inability to get MBE or WBE quotes.

  • Consultants shall submit with their proposal a Work Force Report for approval by the Program Manager of the City of San Diego Equal Opportunity Contracting Program (EOCP).

  • A Regular Work Force The regular work force shall be comprised of two categories of employees which are as follows: A1 Full-Time Employees in this category shall be hired pursuant to such procedures as the Employer may establish and shall be as- signed to regular schedules consisting of five (5) eight (8) hour days in a service week.

More Definitions of Work Force

Work Force means the total work force, a clearly identifiable
Work Force means the composite number of employees without regard to job categories of the contractor. The contractor may designate its work force, for the purposes of satisfying the Wisconsin Contract Compliance Law, either as that part of the entity (division, company, subsidiary) primarily responsible for satisfying the State of Wisconsin contract or as the work force of the entire entity, with the concurrence of the CCP.
Work Force means incumbents in full-time and other-than-full-time positions in the state civil service employed by the appointing authority.
Work Force means Full‐Time Employees, it being understood that Temporary employees and Probationary employees will be eliminated by category subject to their competence before a layoff occurs in that category.
Work Force means an agency’s full-time and part-time employees. 281—95.3(256) Equal employment opportunity standards.
Work Force means the total work force, or clearly
Work Force means Town employees or contract workers engaged by the Town for the purposes of enforcing a “Clean Up Order” ;