Rate of Sample Clauses

Rate of. While at School Apprentices will be paid the difference between their normal pay 'and the grant while attending school. Limited to one
Rate of. Subject to' Article the rate of compensation of the person upon to a position in the Service shall be the minimum rate prescribed for the class to which he is The rate of compensation of a person upon appointment to a position may at a rate than the minimum rate prescribed for the class if, in the opinion of the Employer, such rate is to effect the appointment of a qualified person to the position or if the to be appointed to position has qualifications in excess of the minimum requirements for the position.
Rate of. Where there is least the equivalent of fifteen (15) full-time teachers the department leader in the an allowance be paid to the department leader at per annum. the the allowance for the department headheam leader of a department in the School or the Xxxxxxx School, shall be at the rate of per annum; unless there of (5) or full-time teachers In the Including the department leader, In which case allowance shall be per annum in addition to the amount in of to above applies, Allowance to a Teacher the Absence of the
Rate of. Where an employee is recommended for a reclassification which fails on his anniversary the employee's salary shall be adjusted first by the implementation of his annual increment, provided he is recommended and an increment is available in his present pay range, and on the same date his salary shall be adjusted upward to comply with the provisions of Articles and Employer, on the of the Head of Department, may grant an increment for after an employee has served for a period of twelve months following the day of the month established in Article or (12) months following the date a change in his rate of compensation in and of When an provided in Article is withheld, the reason for shall be given to the employee in writing. of Withheld When an increase provided in is withheld, the increase may be granted on any first day of any month after date which the withheld. An employee substituting in a supervisory position or designated to perform the principal duties of a for at least thirty-five hours during a of at least five continuous working days shall receive a wage of of the maximum wage rate for classification. In no case shall the rate the rate of the employee in the higher position who is being who is replaced. Uniforms ARTICLE ALLOWANCE Where employees are required to uniforms, such uniform, shall be provided by the Employer. Uniforms may be worn to and from work.
Rate of. Where a regular employee is unable to work due to illness, disability, quarantine or an accident for which compensation is not payable under the Workers' Compensation Act, pay for the first six (6) working days' absence in any one year shall be received. After the sixth day the employee shall receive of their regular pay for a period not to exceed calendar days from the first day of the last absence. Employees who use all or part of their six (6) working days in a year shall have the entitlement reinstated in the following year.
Rate of. WAGES The Rate of Wages to Turnover during the financial year immediately before the date of the damage to which such adjustments shall be made as may be necessary to provide for the trend of the business and for variations in or after the damage or circumstances affecting the business either before or after the damage or which would have affected the business had the damage not occurred, so that the figures thus adjusted shall represent as nearly as may be reasonably practicable the results which but for the damage would have been obtained during the relative period after the damage. TURNOVER The money (less discount allowed) paid or payable to the Insured for goods sold and delivered and for services rendered in course of the business at the premises ANNUAL The Turnover during the twelve months immediately before the date of the damage. TURNOVER STANDARD The Turnover during that period in the twelve months immediately before the date of the damage TURNOVER which corresponds with the Indemnity Period. SHORTAGE IN The amount by which the Turnover during a period shall in consequence of the damage fall short TURNOVER of the part of the Standard Turnover which relates to that period.
Rate of. The rate of wages for the Local Unions of the Provincial Conference signatory hereto shall be as set out in Schedules to attached hereto and forming a part of this Agreement. TRAINEES AND JOINT APPRENTICESHIP COMMIT-TEE The minimum rate of wages for Trainees and Apprentices shall be a percentage of the minimum hourly rate of Journeymen as follows: not to exceed one calendar year or rate subject to evaluation by the employer and Union. The Trainees and Apprentices shall receive the same contributions and fringe benefits accorded to Journeymen under the Agreement.
Rate of. An employee placed in the Restricted Duties Group will enter the group at the rate for the employee’s classification. The employee’s rate will be reduced one classification every three months until that employee reaches a rate equivalent to Operator Level at which point that rate will be stabilized. Any negotiated increases will apply to this group as well as to other regular employees.
Rate of. An employee’s official rate of pay shall be the annual rate calculated biweekly rounded off to the nearest cent.
Rate of. Where the duties of a position are significantly changed or where the Union and/or an employee feels a position is incorrectly classified, or when a new position is created, the rate of pay shall be to negotiations between the Employer and the Union. The new rate of pay shall become retroactive to the time the new position was first filled by the employee, the date of change in job duties, or the effective date of this Collective Agreement, whichever is later.