Right of the Sample Clauses

Right of the. [Commission][Agency] to object to a transfer of ownership or the licencing of results
Right of the. Lessor to Assign this Agreement. The Lessor shall have the right to finance the acquisition and ownership of Vehicles by selling or assigning its right, title and interest in this Agreement, including, without limitation, in moneys due from each Lessee and any third party under this Agreement; provided, however, that any such sale or assignment shall be subject to the rights and interest of each Lessee in the Vehicles leased by such Lessee hereunder, including but not limited to such Lessee's right of quiet and peaceful possession of such Vehicles as set forth in Section 9 hereof, and under this Agreement.
Right of the. Servicing Agent to Use the Servicing Agent's Name. ADS -------------------------------------------------------------- hereby authorizes the Servicing Agent to use the name of the Servicing Agent when corresponding with or talking to any Customer.
Right of the. Lessor reserves the right during the term of this lease to Entry enter said premises at reasonable hours to show the same to other persons who may be interested in renting or buying the property-, and- for the purpose of inspecting the premises and to make such repairs as Lessor may deem necessary for the protection and preservation of the said building and premises; but Lessor is not bound to make any repairs whatever except as otherwise provided herein, nor to be held liable for any damage in consequence of leak, or for the stoppage of water, sewer, gas, or drain pipes by reason of any other cause or obstruction, not for any other defects about the building and premises, Lessee having examined the same and being satisfied therewith, but should such leaks, obstructions, freezing, stoppages or other defects about the building and premises, occur during the term of this lease or while the Lessee is occupying the premises, then the Lessee shall remedy the same promptly at the Lessee's expense unless the Lessor by written agreement undertakes to do the same.
Right of the. INVESTORS TO PARTICIPATE IN FUTURE ----------------------------------------------- TRANSACTIONS is amended as ------------ follows: The first sentence of Section 6.8 is hereby amended and restated in its entirety as follows: "The Investor will have a right to participate in future non-public capital raising transactions in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Section 6.8 EXCEPT THAT the foregoing shall not apply if any such capital raising transaction was entered into by the Company for the purpose of refinancing the Debentures and such capital raising transaction actually repays the then current outstanding balance of the Debentures, including without limitation any and all interest, fees and costs related thereto."
Right of the participating Member States to re- sell, EXPORT AND/OR DISTRIBUTE THE PRODUCT I.10.2. I.10.3. I.10.4.

Related to Right of the

  • Right of Refusal Does the proposing vendor wish to reserve the right not to perform under the awarded agreement with a TIPS member at vendor's discretion? Yes

  • Right of Use Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, Successful Respondent acknowledges and agrees that (i) this is not a requirements contract and DIR and the DIR Customers shall not be required to obtain their requirements for any of the Services from Successful Respondent and (ii) Successful Respondent is not the exclusive provider to DIR or the DIR Customers of any of the Services and DIR and the DIR Customers may at any time themselves and/or through third parties (each, a "DIR Contractor") provide and/or obtain any services (including services to supplement, replace or render unnecessary the Services). Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed or interpreted as limiting DIR's right or ability to add or delete DIR Customers, or DIR's or any DIR Customer's right or ability during the Term to change requirements, move parts of Services in and out of scope, or to increase or decrease their demand for Services. To the extent DIR or a DIR Customer obtains from DIR Contractors, or provides to itself, any of the Services, the Charges and Termination Charges shall be adjusted downward in accordance with Exhibit 4.5 Third-Party Contracts, to the extent applicable, or equitably adjusted downward in proportion to the portion of the Services that Successful Respondent shall not be providing to the extent that Exhibit 4.5 Third-Party Contracts does not provide for such reduction. Such equitable adjustments shall include, if applicable, the unrecovered amounts set forth in Section 11.1(a), (b), (c) and (d) of Exhibit 4.5 Third-Party Contracts in proportion to the portion of the Services that Successful Respondent shall not be providing; provided, however, that such unrecovered amounts have been incurred by Successful Respondent in good faith and with a reasonable expectation of providing the Services pursuant to this Agreement.

  • First Right of Refusal If CenturyLink receives a valid Collocation Application (CLEC A is the requesting party) for a CenturyLink Wire Center in which all available space has been occupied or optioned, the following provisions for First Right of Refusal will apply:

  • Right of Co-Sale (a) To the extent the Holders do not exercise their respective right of first refusal as to all of the Offered Shares pursuant to Section 2.2, each Holder that did not exercise its right of first refusal as to any of the Offered Shares pursuant to Section 2.2 shall have the right to participate in such sale of Equity Securities on the same terms and conditions as specified in the Transfer Notice by notifying the Transferor in writing within fifteen (15) days after receipt of the Holder Transfer Notice referred to in Section 2.2(b) (such Holder, a “Selling Holder”).

  • Right of Review Once Lessor shall have finally determined said Operating, Utility and Energy or Real Estate Tax Costs at the expiration of a Lease Year, then as to the item so established, Lessee shall only be entitled to dispute said charge as finally established for a period of six (6) months after such charge is finally established, and Lessee specifically waives any right to dispute any such charge at the expiration of said six (6) month period.

  • Right of First Negotiation Buyer shall have a right of first negotiation on all Reserved Rights. The term "Right of First Negotiation" means that if, after the expiration of an applicable time limitation, Script Owner desires to dispose of or exercise a particular right reserved to Script Owner herein ("Reserved Right"), whether directly or indirectly, then Script Owner shall notify Buyer in writing and immediately negotiate with Buyer regarding such Reserved Right. If, after the expiration of thirty (30) days following the receipt of such notice, no agreement has been reached, then Script Owner may negotiate with third parties regarding such Reserved Right subject to Section 12 infra.

  • Right of Reimbursement Each Revolving Credit Lender agrees to reimburse the Issuing Lender on demand, pro rata in accordance with its respective Revolving Credit Percentage, for (i) the reasonable out-of-pocket costs and expenses of the Issuing Lender to be reimbursed by the Borrower pursuant to any Letter of Credit Agreement or any Letter of Credit, to the extent not reimbursed by the Borrower or any other Credit Party and (ii) any and all liabilities, obligations, losses, damages, penalties, actions, judgments, suits, costs, fees, reasonable out-of-pocket expenses or disbursements of any kind and nature whatsoever which may be imposed on, incurred by or asserted against Issuing Lender in any way relating to or arising out of this Agreement (including Section 3.6(c) hereof), any Letter of Credit, any documentation or any transaction relating thereto, or any Letter of Credit Agreement, to the extent not reimbursed by the Borrower, except to the extent that such liabilities, losses, costs or expenses were incurred by Issuing Lender as a result of Issuing Lender’s gross negligence or willful misconduct or by the Issuing Lender’s wrongful dishonor of any Letter of Credit after the presentation to it by the beneficiary thereunder of a draft or other demand for payment and other documentation strictly complying with the terms and conditions of such Letter of Credit.

  • Right of Contest Borrower may contest in good faith any claim, demand, levy or assessment by any Person other than Lender which would constitute a Default if: (a) Borrower pursues the contest diligently, in a manner which Lender determines (in its reasonable discretion) is not prejudicial to Lender, and does not impair in any material respect the rights of Lender under any of the Loan Documents; and (b) Borrower deposits with Lender any funds or other forms of assurance (which may include funds then held as Impounds, as determined in Lender’s reasonable discretion) which Lender in good faith determines from time to time appropriate to protect Lender from the consequences of the contest being unsuccessful. Borrower’s compliance with this Section shall operate to prevent such claim, demand, levy or assessment from becoming a Default.

  • Right of Re-Entry Upon the occurrence of a Default, Landlord may elect to terminate this Lease or, without terminating this Lease, terminate Tenant's right to possession of the Premises. Upon any such termination, Tenant shall immediately surrender and vacate the Premises and deliver possession thereof to Landlord. Tenant grants to Landlord the right to enter and repossess the Premises and to expel Tenant and any others who may be occupying the Premises and to remove any and all property therefrom, without being deemed in any manner guilty of trespass and without relinquishing Landlord's rights to Rent or any other right given to Landlord hereunder or by operation of law.

  • Right of First Refusal Unless it shall have first delivered to the Buyer, at least seventy two (72) hours prior to the closing of such Future Offering (as defined herein), written notice describing the proposed Future Offering, including the terms and conditions thereof and proposed definitive documentation to be entered into in connection therewith, and providing the Buyer an option during the seventy two (72) hour period following delivery of such notice to purchase the securities being offered in the Future Offering on the same terms as contemplated by such Future Offering (the limitations referred to in this sentence and the preceding sentence are collectively referred to as the “Right of First Refusal”) (and subject to the exceptions described below), the Company will not conduct any equity financing (including debt with an equity component) (“Future Offerings”) during the period beginning on the Closing Date and ending twelve (12) months following the Closing Date. In the event the terms and conditions of a proposed Future Offering are amended in any respect after delivery of the notice to the Buyer concerning the proposed Future Offering, the Company shall deliver a new notice to the Buyer describing the amended terms and conditions of the proposed Future Offering and the Buyer thereafter shall have an option during the seventy two (72) hour period following delivery of such new notice to purchase its pro rata share of the securities being offered on the same terms as contemplated by such proposed Future Offering, as amended. The foregoing sentence shall apply to successive amendments to the terms and conditions of any proposed Future Offering. The Right of First Refusal shall not apply to any transaction involving (i) issuances of securities in a firm commitment underwritten public offering (excluding a continuous offering pursuant to Rule 415 under the 1933 Act) or (ii) issuances of securities as consideration for a merger, consolidation or purchase of assets, or in connection with any strategic partnership or joint venture (the primary purpose of which is not to raise equity capital), or in connection with the disposition or acquisition of a business, product or license by the Company. The Right of First Refusal also shall not apply to the issuance of securities upon exercise or conversion of the Company’s options, warrants or other convertible securities outstanding as of the date hereof or to the grant of additional options or warrants, or the issuance of additional securities, under any Company stock option or restricted stock plan approved by the shareholders of the Company.