Right of the Sample Clauses

Right of the. [Commission][Agency] to object to a transfer of ownership or the licencing of results
Right of the. Lessor to Assign this Agreement. The Lessor shall have the right to finance the acquisition and ownership of Vehicles by selling or assigning its right, title and interest in this Agreement, including, without limitation, in moneys due from each Lessee and any third party under this Agreement; provided, however, that any such sale or assignment shall be subject to the rights and interest of each Lessee in the Vehicles leased by such Lessee hereunder, including but not limited to such Lessee's right of quiet and peaceful possession of such Vehicles as set forth in Section 9 hereof, and under this Agreement.
Right of the participating Member States to re- sell, EXPORT AND/OR DISTRIBUTE THE PRODUCT I.10.2. I.10.3. I.10.4.
Right of the data subject to object and the restricted registry of Registers Iceland. The data subject has the right to object the processing of personal data concerning him or her, based on Article 6(1)(e) or (f), including profiling. The controller shall no longer process the personal data unless the controller demonstrates compelling legitimate grounds for the processing which override the interests, rights and freedoms of the data subject or if it is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims, as further stipulated in Article 21 of the Regulation. If the objection is just, the controller is prohibited to process the said data any further. Registers Iceland shall keep a register of those who object to having their names used for marketing purposes. The Minister will lay down, following consultation with the Data Protection Authority, further rules on the establishment and use of such register and which information shall be included therein. Controllers directly involved in market penetration and controllers who use a register with names, addresses, electronic addresses, phone numbers and such, or transfer these to a third party in relation to such activities, shall, before using such registry for this purpose, compare the register to that of Registers Iceland in order to prevent the sending of direct mail or contact by phone natural persons who have already made their objection clear. The Data Protection Authority may authorise exemption from this obligation in specific cases. Any use of a restricted registry pursuant to paragraph 2 is prohibited for other purposes than those described therein. The name of the controller must be displayed clearly on any direct mail with information on who those opposing such mail or phone calls should contact. The recipient of direct mail has the right to know who provides the information used for such phone calls or mail. This does not apply to marketing by a controller of its own products and services on the basis of its own client lists, provided the material sent states its origins. If direct mail is sent electronically it must be stated unequivocally upon its receipt what type of post it is. In other respects, the sending of such direct mail shall be in keeping with the Electronic Communications Act. A controller may transmit its member, staff, student or client lists in relation to marketing activities. However, this only applies if:
Right of the. OWNER The owner reserves the right to distribute the work between more than one agency(ies). The contractor shall cooperate and afford other agencies reasonable opportunity for access to the work for the carriage and storage of material and execution their works. Wherever the work being done by any department of the owner or by other agencies employed by the owner is contingent upon work covered by this contract, the respective rights of the various interests involved shall be determined by the Engineer-in-Charge to secure completion of various portions of the work in general harmony. LANGUAGE AND MEASURES All documents pertaining to the contract including specifications, schedule, notices, correspondences operating and maintenance instructions, drawings etc shall be written in English language. The metric system of measurements shall be used in the contract unless otherwise specified.
Right of the. Servicing Agent to Use the Servicing Agent's Name. ADS -------------------------------------------------------------- hereby authorizes the Servicing Agent to use the name of the Servicing Agent when corresponding with or talking to any Customer.
Right of the. Lessor reserves the right during the term of this lease to Entry enter said premises at reasonable hours to show the same to other persons who may be interested in renting or buying the property-, and- for the purpose of inspecting the premises and to make such repairs as Lessor may deem necessary for the protection and preservation of the said building and premises; but Lessor is not bound to make any repairs whatever except as otherwise provided herein, nor to be held liable for any damage in consequence of leak, or for the stoppage of water, sewer, gas, or drain pipes by reason of any other cause or obstruction, not for any other defects about the building and premises, Lessee having examined the same and being satisfied therewith, but should such leaks, obstructions, freezing, stoppages or other defects about the building and premises, occur during the term of this lease or while the Lessee is occupying the premises, then the Lessee shall remedy the same promptly at the Lessee's expense unless the Lessor by written agreement undertakes to do the same.
Right of the. INVESTORS TO PARTICIPATE IN FUTURE ----------------------------------------------- TRANSACTIONS is amended as ------------ follows: The first sentence of Section 6.8 is hereby amended and restated in its entirety as follows: "The Investor will have a right to participate in future non-public capital raising transactions in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Section 6.8 EXCEPT THAT the foregoing shall not apply if any such capital raising transaction was entered into by the Company for the purpose of refinancing the Debentures and such capital raising transaction actually repays the then current outstanding balance of the Debentures, including without limitation any and all interest, fees and costs related thereto."

Related to Right of the

  • Right of Refusal Does the proposing vendor wish to reserve the right not to perform under the awarded agreement with a TIPS member at vendor's discretion? Yes

  • Right of Use 2.1 Except as expressly otherwise agreed in this Contract, as between the parties all intellectual and industrial property rights in the Supplies, in all documents provided by Siemens in connection with this Contract (the “Documents”) and in all software, hardware, knowhow (“IPR”) and other things provided with or as part of the Supplies and the Documents shall be the exclusive property of and vest in Siemens. The Customer shall not reverse engineer, decompile, or reproduce the Supplies or parts thereof and shall ensure that third parties will not reverse engineer, decompile, or reproduce the Supplies or parts thereof in each case to the extent mandatory law does not prohibit such limitation.

  • RIGHT OF FLIGHT Authority reserves, for the use and benefit of the public, a right of flight for the passage of aircraft in the airspace above the surface of the real property owned by Authority, including the Premises, together with the right to cause in said airspace such noise as may be inherent in the operation of aircraft, now known or hereafter used, for navigation of or flight in said airspace, and for the use of said airspace for landing on, taking off from or operating on Airport. Company expressly agrees for itself, its successors and assigns, to restrict the height of structures, objects of natural growth and other obstructions on the Premises to such a height so as to comply with Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 77 and Authority zoning. Company further expressly agrees for itself, its successors and assigns, to prevent any use of the Premises or Common Use Areas that would interfere with or adversely affect the operation or maintenance of Airport, or otherwise constitute an Airport hazard.

  • First Right of Refusal If any Partner shall enter into an agreement to sell their ownership interest in the Partnership with an individual or entity that is not a current Partner, the following parties must be given a first right of refusal before such a transaction can take place:

  • Right of Co-Sale (i) In the event that the LLC and/or the Investors do not elect to purchase all of the Transfer Securities pursuant to Sections 12.01(b) and 12.01(c), the Transferring Member shall deliver to the LLC and each Investor written notice (the “Co-Sale Notice”) that each Investor shall have the right, exercisable upon written notice (the “Co-Sale Response”) to the Transferring Member within ten (10) days after receipt of the Co-Sale Notice, to participate in such Transfer of the Transfer Securities on the same terms and conditions. Such Co-Sale Response shall indicate the number of Shares such Investor desires to sell under such Investor’s right to participate. To the extent one or more of the Investors exercise such right of participation in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth below, the number of Transfer Securities that the Transferring Member may sell in the transaction shall be correspondingly reduced.

  • Right of Review Once Lessor shall have finally determined said Operating, Utility and Energy or Real Estate Tax Costs at the expiration of a Lease Year, then as to the item so established, Lessee shall only be entitled to dispute said charge as finally established for a period of six (6) months after such charge is finally established, and Lessee specifically waives any right to dispute any such charge at the expiration of said six (6) month period.

  • Right of First Negotiation If, during the [**] period following the expiration of the Research Term, subject to and without limiting the terms of the Option Agreement, Constellation wishes to sublicense, outlicense or otherwise divest any of the Constellation Draft Pick Targets, or any compound that is directed to a Constellation Draft Pick Target and meets the Compound Criteria, including, without limitation, any Collaboration Compound and/or Licensed Product directed to a Constellation Draft Pick Target (provided, however, that this Section 4.6 shall not apply to activities conducted with Permitted Contractors), it must first provide written notice of that intention to Licensee, which notice will (i) identify the Constellation Draft Pick Target, compound, and/or Licensed Product(s) to which it applies, and (ii) include a non-confidential summary describing the status of the research or development of the associated program. Genentech or Roche (but not both) (the “Negotiating Party”) shall respond to that written notice within [**] (the “Consideration Period”), either providing notice of its intention to negotiate exclusively as described in this Section 4.6, or waiving that right; provided, however, that the failure of Genentech or Roche to provide written notice of its intention to negotiate exclusively as described in this Section 4.6 shall be deemed a waiver of its right to such negotiation with respect to such Constellation Draft Pick Target, compound or Licensed Product(s) and Constellation shall be entitled to enter into an agreement for such Constellation Draft Pick Target, compound or Licensed Product(s) with a Third Party. If, during the Consideration Period, the Negotiating Party gives notice of its intention to negotiate exclusively, Constellation shall negotiate with the Negotiating Party exclusively for a period extending not more than [**] after the Negotiating Party’s notice to Constellation hereunder (the “Negotiation Period”) regarding the terms pursuant to which the Negotiating Party would take rights to such Constellation Draft Pick Target, compound or Licensed Product(s), with both Constellation and the Negotiating Party negotiating in good faith.

  • Right of Reimbursement Each Revolving Credit Lender agrees to reimburse the Issuing Lender on demand, pro rata in accordance with its respective Revolving Credit Percentage, for (i) the reasonable out-of-pocket costs and expenses of the Issuing Lender to be reimbursed by the Borrower pursuant to any Letter of Credit Agreement or any Letter of Credit, to the extent not reimbursed by the Borrower or any other Credit Party and (ii) any and all liabilities, obligations, losses, damages, penalties, actions, judgments, suits, costs, fees, reasonable out-of-pocket expenses or disbursements of any kind and nature whatsoever which may be imposed on, incurred by or asserted against Issuing Lender in any way relating to or arising out of this Agreement (including Section 3.6(c) hereof), any Letter of Credit, any documentation or any transaction relating thereto, or any Letter of Credit Agreement, to the extent not reimbursed by the Borrower, except to the extent that such liabilities, losses, costs or expenses were incurred by Issuing Lender as a result of Issuing Lender’s gross negligence or willful misconduct or by the Issuing Lender’s wrongful dishonor of any Letter of Credit after the presentation to it by the beneficiary thereunder of a draft or other demand for payment and other documentation strictly complying with the terms and conditions of such Letter of Credit.

  • Right of Contest Borrower may contest in good faith any claim, demand, levy or assessment (other than liens and stop notices, subject to the provisions of Section 4.9 of this Agreement) by any person other than Lender which would constitute a Default if: (a) Borrower pursues the contest diligently, in a manner which Lender determines is not prejudicial to Lender, and does not impair the rights of Lender under any of the Loan Documents; and (b) Borrower deposits with Lender any funds or other forms of assurance which Lender in good faith determines from time to time appropriate to protect Lender from the consequences of the contest being unsuccessful. Borrower's compliance with this Section shall operate to prevent such claim, demand, levy or assessment from becoming a Default.

  • Right of Re-Entry Upon the occurrence of a Default, Landlord may elect to terminate this Lease or, without terminating this Lease, terminate Tenant's right to possession of the Premises. Upon any such termination, Tenant shall immediately surrender and vacate the Premises and deliver possession thereof to Landlord. Tenant grants to Landlord the right to enter and repossess the Premises and to expel Tenant and any others who may be occupying the Premises and to remove any and all property therefrom, without being deemed in any manner guilty of trespass and without relinquishing Landlord's rights to Rent or any other right given to Landlord hereunder or by operation of law.