Provide a definition

Provide a means for resolving any disputes that may arise among Family members with respect to the management of Family assets so as to preserve harmony among Family members and avoid costs associated with litigation;
Provide a means to enable Providers to identify Enrollees in a manner that will not result in discrimination against Enrollees;
Provide a means of access to a human operator;  Provide a recovery route from error;  Provide different audio feedback for valid and invalid key presses;  Provide a consistent and predictable user interface;  Avoid compressed speech;  Use consistent terminology;  Keep user IDs to no more than 8 digits;  Do not require that the same information is entered more than once;  Provide users with the facility to repeat the audio output;  Place the most commonly requested menu items first;  Provide context-sensitive help.

Examples of Provide a in a sentence

  • Provide a simple and easily accessible online cancellation procedure, if buyers sign up for preauthorized payments online.

  • Provide a clear description of the action and its intended outcome.

  • Provide a detailed budget narrative, being as specific as possible about what you will purchase with the grant funds.

  • Provide a systematic, extensive review of all design and construction elements of the project with the objective of identifying cost effective product/system substitution solutions and/or streamlined sequences of construction solutions.

  • Provide a detailed description of specific work experience that meets the minimum qualification.

More Definitions of Provide a

Provide a means of evaluating each employee's performance in the specific context of his/her job. • Determine individual needs for improvement and development. • Secure continuing communication of individual development. • Provide a basis for giving recognition of praise-worthy service.
Provide a means of conveying the uniqueness and integrity of individual lives, while at the same time broadening the research base upon which our understanding of general patterns is predicated.”41 With a particular focus on southern history, historian Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxx asserted that oral history can illuminate the “affirmation that Southern culture is, most profoundly, a joint creation of black and white.”42 Oral histories also provide unique insight for considering civil rights history. In “Historians and the Civil Rights Movement,” historian Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxx noted the growing popularity of oral history by pointing to their relevance and usefulness, “for rescuing local struggles from comparative obscurity and exploring the role of ‘grass roots’ activists who left little in the way of written documents.”43 Additionally, educational historian Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx has discussed the growth of interdisciplinary insights in conducting oral histories for educational history fields such as segregated black schooling and the working lives of women teachers.44 As documented by Xxxxxxx Xxx, oral histories reveal: “daily life at home and work … the informal, unwritten rules of relating to others that characterize any group … ramifications of personal relationships that do not get told in official documents … and a psychological reality that is the basis for ideals that the individual holds and for the things he or she does.”45 The study of school desegregation also utilizes and warrants the incorporation of oral histories. Oral history interviews conducted for this dissertation include those with 41 Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxx, “Documenting Diversity: The Southern Experience,” The Oral History Review 4 (1976): 19. 42 Hall, “Documenting Diversity,” 22. 43 Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxx, “Historians and the Civil Rights Movement,” Journal of American Studies 24, no. 3 (December 1990): 394. 44 Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx, “From Anecdote to Analysis: Oral Interviews and New Scholarship in Educational History,” The Journal of American History 86, no. 2 (September 1999): 712–23.
Provide a means to prevent concrete dusts and fines from contaminating the crack or ports when
Provide a means to lock canoes and kayaks during the day at the Xxxxxx Cove canoe and kayak rental facility in the picnic area. In total, these improvements will significantly enhance the recreation experience for members of the local communities and others visiting the Projects. As detailed in the RMP, FirstLight will undertake these improvements working closely with the local towns, federal and state agencies, and interested organizations.
Provide a means to edit the Radio Alias Database. Updating from the Voice Radio System to the Voice Radio Switch shall be transparent and shall not experience delay as this is a critical part of the operations.
Provide a means to peacefully resolve disputes concerning the application or interpretation of this Agreement;
Provide a means whereby the ecosystems upon which endangered and threatened species depend may be conserved..." Section 5 of the Act directs the Secretaries of the Department of Agriculture and Department of the Interior to “...establish and implement a program to conserve [threatened and endangered] fish, wildlife, and plants..." National Forest Management Act (1976) directs the Forest Service to "maintain viable populations of all native and desired non-native wildlife, fish, and plant species in habitat distributed throughout their geographic range on National Forest System lands." Forest Service Manual (FSM 2670) on endangered, threatened, and sensitive species directs the agency to “Develop and implement management practices to ensure that [sensitive] species do not become threatened or endangered because of Forest Service actions." The national interagency Memorandum of Understanding for the conservation of species tending towards federal listing issued on January 25, 1994 (94-SMU-058) provides agency direction for the establishment of conservation agreements.