Responsibility for Sample Clauses

Responsibility for. Common Areas All residents are jointly and severally responsible for items missing from, cleaning to, or damages caused to, the areas accessible by all residents, which include, but are not necessarily limited to, lounges, stairwells, kitchens, laundry rooms, and hallways (hereinafter called the “Common Areas”). Student Housing & Residence Life may, in its sole and absolute discretion, assign liability for missing items, cleaning, or damages caused to the Common Areas to residents occupying specific rooms, floors, or buildings.
Responsibility for processing 10.3.3
Responsibility for. Contributions Neither the Trustee nor the Sponsor shall be required to determine if the Employer has made a contribution or if the amount contributed is in accordance with the Adoption Agreement or the Code. The Employer shall have sole responsibility in this regard. The Trustee shall be accountable solely for contributions actually received by it.
Responsibility for. The Producer, at the Producer’s own expense, shall transport the Actor by a direct and expedient mode whenever the Actor is required to travel. Any Actor employed originally from a point outside of the area in which the theatre is located shall be provided return transportation to the same place at the termination of employment with the theatre whenever that occurs.
Responsibility for. Second Party’ Trade: ‘Second Party’ acknowledges that ‘First Party’ does not know whether someone else entering trade orders with ‘Second Party’s username/password as ‘Second Party’. ‘Second Party’ will not allow anyone access to ‘Second Party’s account. ‘Second Party’ is solely responsible for the confidentiality and use of ‘Second Party’s username/password, and agrees to report any theft or loss of such username/password, or any unauthorized access to ‘Second Party’s online account immediately by telephone or by any other means as deemed fit. ‘Second Party’ ‘remains responsible for all transactions entered using ‘Second party’s username /password.
Responsibility for. Costs-%: See Exhibit B-2 for derivation. ■ . ■■■ . , . ■ ' (4) Responsibility For Costs-%: Based on Functions, cc4 cost. Sec Exiul'i! B-2 far derivation. ’ .. • ' ' (5) Responsibility For Costs-%: Eased on-function, not cost. . ■ (6}Fjnal % ofTotal Cost Responsibility is a weighted average of capital eiqrenditufes on NSTS. ■ ’ * Numbers may not add to 100% due to rounding ■ - • - Rev. 2 .Rev. 3. Rev, 4. Rev.'S- ■ Rev: 6 Rev. 7 August 26, 1994: . January 27,19S5 Tuly 10,1995 -My 31,1998 ' .October 1,2001 October 2, 2012 EXHIBIT B-1A SOUTHERN TRANSMISSION SYSTEM ' TRANSMISSION LINES w ■ ' To South Crystal ><-— SOQ kV " ' ' Navajo Generating Station ■ and 500W Switchyard ’ - {see Sheet.IB) " - . . (IteitrC) ■ ' j' To’didbiidbi'^— ■ . Moenkopi.. . : Switchyard v 500 kV . . ■ ' '■ (fierii01) . ■ Moeakopt-CefcrMin SQOkVIhte- -► i '■ " "500 kV Ta'PemnRanch; -< Mndfanr./ Ce^ar mn-Yavapai SOQkV Hire - ' ■"■ (Warn E2J Cedar. Monntnin■ . Switchyard' ■ (see Sneet 1G) Xxxxx ^Switchyard ' . (see Sheet 1F) .. . ■ "■ 500/63 kV \ To APS Yavapai <• .500/230 kV ’ ■ Yavapai; SWitchyard . '■ ‘Ifr Dliqas-y/estwipa 500 kV(!ne ' (Item&2) Yavif&iiWstfi/fifgt SCO wiirie-', ■' !'P MmMu ' ' . tbPbtb.Verdb .£ 500 kV ■% Switchyard ! Is^’.S.h^giil 0} VTbP&fkifis ■ 500 kV »fr ' ToTEP.50a/345kV Kgtei fern numbers reference . components listed iri Exhibit BJ . , ^i^itng-23Q kV­ . Switchyard ■■ IE) ■ . ■ Revised 9/17/12 ' EXHIBIT B - IB -?rj. NAVAJO 500 kV SWITCHYARD \ Navajo Generating sWbd I K$?a}Q 5QQifV$wittftyard.

Related to Responsibility for

  • Responsibility for Use (a) The Company alone will be responsible for furnishing, or arranging for a third party to furnish, all data and information required by the Documentation and the specifications therein for the Licensed System to function and perform in accordance with the Documentation, other than the data and information residing in the Licensed System in connection with BNYM’s performance of the Core Services. BNYM shall have no liability or responsibility for any Loss caused in whole or in part by the Company’s or a Permitted User’s exercise of the Licensed Rights or use of the Licensed System or by data or information of any nature inputted into the Licensed System by or under the direction or authorization of Company or a Permitted User; provided, however, this Section 2.5 shall not relieve BNYM of its obligation to act in accordance with its obligations under the Main Agreement. Company shall be responsible and solely liable for the cost or expense of regenerating any output or other remedial action if the Company, a Permitted User or an agent of either shall have failed to transmit properly and in the correct format any data or information, shall have transmitted erroneous or incorrect information or data, or shall have failed to timely verify or reconcile any such data or information when it is generated by the Licensed System (“Data Faults”).

  • Responsibility for Damage Resident is solely responsible for any damage, defacement or loss within the assigned bedroom space. All assigned residents of an apartment are jointly and severally responsible for any damage, defacement or loss to common areas, other parts of the facility, fixtures or appliances, except for the portion of damages over $100,000 where it is finally established that Resident or one or more other residents of the apartment were solely at fault for the entire loss, in which case such person(s) will be solely responsible. Resident is fully responsible for the conduct of Resident’s guests, visitors, licensees and invitees (“Guests”), including without limitation harm to individuals or damage or defacement of any part of the Property or its fixtures or property of third parties (including other residents) by such Guests.

  • Responsibility for Costs The Servicer is responsible for collection from such Borrower of any recording or similar costs or expenses incidental to the granting of relief with respect to a delinquent Mortgage Loan.

  • Responsibility for Payment GTE may charge MEBTEL and MEBTEL will pay GTE a deposit before GTE is required to perform under this agreement if MEBTEL has not established a good payment history with GTE. Such deposit will be calculated based on GTE's estimated two-month charges to MEBTEL using MEBTEL's forecast of resale lines and unbundled loops and ports. Interest will be paid on the deposit in accordance with state requirements for end user deposits.

  • Responsibility for Charges 4.1 Covista shall be responsible for and pay to Verizon all charges for any Telecommunications Services provided by Verizon or provided by persons other than Verizon and billed for by Verizon, that are ordered, activated or used by Covista, Covista Customers or any other persons, through, by means of, or in association with, Telecommunications Services provided by Verizon to Covista pursuant to this Resale Attachment.

  • Responsibility for Property Unless otherwise specified, upon delivery to Seller, or manufacture or acquisition by Seller, of any materials, parts, tooling, data or other property, title to which is held by Buyer, Seller assumes the risk of and shall be responsible for any loss thereof or damage thereto. In accordance with the provisions of this Purchase Order, but in any event upon completion thereof, Seller shall return such property to Buyer in the condition in which it was received, except for reasonable wear and tear, and except for such property as has been reasonably consumed in the proper performance of this Purchase Order.

  • Responsibility for Content Vendor is solely responsible for administration, content, intellectual property rights, and all materials at Vendor’s website. DIR reserves the right to require a change of listed content if, in the opinion of DIR, it does not adequately represent the Contract.

  • Responsibility As the Centre is legally separate from UNESCO, the latter shall not be legally responsible for the acts or omissions of the Centre, and shall also not be subject to any legal process, and/or bear no liabilities of any kind, be they financial or otherwise, with the exception of the provisions expressly laid down in this Agreement.

  • Responsibility for Damages If the party installing or maintaining additional Metering Equipment (the “First Party”) causes damage to the equipment or invalidates the existing Metering Equipment certification of the other party, the First Party will:

  • Responsibility for Taxes (i) Regardless of any action the Company or the Participant’s employer (the “Employer”) takes with respect to any or all income tax, social insurance, payroll tax, payment on account or other tax-related items related to the Participant’s participation in the Plan and legally applicable to the Participant (“Tax-Related Items”), the Participant acknowledges that the ultimate liability for all Tax-Related Items is and remains the Participant’s responsibility and may exceed the amount actually withheld by the Company or the Employer. The Participant further acknowledges that the Company and/or the Employer (1) make no representations or undertakings regarding the treatment of any Tax-Related Items in connection with any aspect of the RSUs, including, but not limited to, the grant, vesting or settlement of the RSUs, the issuance of Shares upon settlement of the RSUs, the subsequent sale of Shares acquired pursuant to such issuance and the receipt of any dividends and/or any Dividend Equivalents; and (2) do not commit to and are under no obligation to structure the terms of the grant or any aspect of the RSUs to reduce or eliminate the Participant’s liability for Tax-Related Items or achieve any particular tax result. Further, if the Participant has become subject to tax in more than one jurisdiction, the Participant acknowledges that the Company and/or the Employer (or former employer, as applicable) may be required to withhold or account for Tax-Related Items in more than one jurisdiction.