ARTICLE Sample Clauses

ARTICLE. The Employer recognizes the usefulness of education leave. Upon written application by the employee and with approval of the Employer, an employee may be granted education leave without pay for varying periods up to one year, which can be renewed by mutual agreement, to attend a recognized institution for studies in some field of education in which preparation is needed to fill the employee's present role more adequately or to undertake studies in some field in order to provide a service which the Employer requires or is planning to provide. At the Employer's discretion, an employee on education leave without pay under this Article may receive an allowance in lieu of salary of up to one hundred percent 00%) of the employee's annual rate of pay, depending on the degree to which the education leave is deemed, by the Employer, to be relevant to the organizational requirements. Where the employee receives a grant, bursary or scholarship, the education leave allowance may be reduced by an amount no greater than the grant, bursary or scholarship. As a condition of the granting of education leave without pay, an employee shall, if required, give a written undertaking prior to the commencement of the leave to return to the service of the Employer for a period of not less than the period of the leave granted. If the employee (except with the permission of the Employer):
ARTICLE. Attached hereto and forming part of this Agreement are the following appendices and Letters of Understanding Short Shifts, Modified Work, Job Sharing and Payment for Bargaining Unit President Professional Responsibility Complaint Joint Benefits Review Sub-committee Joint Central Committee Joint Central Committee -Labour Relations Education Grievance Administration Best Practices Mentorship Regional Listing of Experts Joint Letter to Minister of Health Quality of Initiatives Compendium of Standards of Practice Feasibility Study of Grievances Harassment and Discrimination Paid Professional Leave Days Part-time Voluntary Benefits Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Appendix Grievance Form List of Professional Responsibility Assessment Committee Chairpersons Salary Schedule Superior Conditions If Any Appendix of Local Provisions Professional Responsibility Complaint Form APPENDIX GRIEVANCE FORM APPENDIX LIST OF PROFESSIONAL CHAIRPERSONS Xxxx Xxxxxxx Executive Director Capital Health Alliance Road, Room Ottawa, ON Xxx Xxxx Principal Chair Seneca College Toronto, ON Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Associate Professor School of Nursing University Thunder Bay, ON APPENDIX RESPONSIBILITY Io OF IMPROPER WORK ASSIGNMENT DE TRAVAIL I DE OCCURRENCE DE L INCIDENT bo BED OF CARE DE ~- the behave that I were given an assignment that was with proper pas de et ) care for the reasons of que a patients pour una 'a correct this problem, Pour situation. Hospital Central Agreement March LETTERS OF UNDERSTANDING Short Shifts, Modified Work, Job Sharing and Payment for Bargaining Unit President The parties agree that the issues of short shifts (includingthe issue of premium paymentsfor hours worked after scheduled hours on short modified work and job sharing are local issues. Any issues around payment for a Bargaining Unit President or designate including payment to attend joint Employer Union meetings outside of their regularly scheduled hours are local issues. Re: Professional Responsibility Clause The parties hereby agree to meet within six (6) months of to update the list of Professional ResponsibilityAssessment Committee Chairpersons,to discuss possible revisions to Appendix and to discuss the guidelines for the Chair of the Professional Responsibility Assessment Committee The parties agree to update Appendix to reflect any joint recommendationsfor changes to the "Notification of Improper Work Assignment".
ARTICLE. As a condition of continued employment each employee shall sign a properly authenticated membership application card within thirty calendar days of employment. The will deduct from the first pay of such employee earned by him in the month following the month of hire, an amount equivalent to the union initiation fee. The amount of such initiation fee shall be certified to the by the Secretary-Treasurer of the Union. Signing of the union application card shall in no way reduce the probation period nor the conditions of employment for new employees as outlined in Article Commencing in the month following the month of hire the agrees to deduct Union dues and other amounts chargeable by the Union from the monthly wages of Employees who shall give a written authorization to the to make such deductions and to remit such amounts promptly to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Union not later than the 25th day of the month in which the deduction is made. Such authorization is irrevocable. The shall, when such dues, provide the names, addresses and classifications of the Employees from whose pay such deductions have been made, together with the names, addresses and classifications of any who have left the of the Employer. The authorization referred to above shall be as set out below. It shall be signed by the in duplicate, one copy to be forwarded to the one copy to be forwarded to the Union: hereby authorize my Employer to deduct each month from my wages, fees, and other assessments charged by the Union in accordance with its constitution and by-laws, as they may be amended from time to time, and to remit such amount to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Union. ." I submit this authorization and assignment with the under- standing that it will be irrevocable The Union shall notify the in writing of the names of its bargaining committee members and The Employer shall provide the Union with all necessary information relating to the following for within the bargaining unit on a current basis: a list of Employees, showing their names, social insurance numbers, addresses and classifications, ranked according to seniority; job job awards, promotions, demotions and transfers ; discharges, suspensions, written warnings, resignations, retirements and deaths; information relating to salaries and fringe benefits including pension and welfare plans. in the bargaining unit shall have access to their personnel records at reasonable times and shall, upon request, be provided with copies o...
ARTICLE. It is agreed that no right, benefit or privilege enjoyed or possessed but not set down in this Agreement shall be altered or revoked without the consent of the Union. The Employer at the Union's request, shall provide the number of Employees in each classification and the seniority of each Employee covered by the collective agreement. The Employer shall provide to each Employee in writing at their time of employment notification of their classification and salary. The Employer agrees to allow Employees a hour extension of their lunch hour on pay days for the purpose of cashing their cheques. The Employer shall reach agreement with the Union regarding the use of any volunteer in the performance of bargaining unit work. The Employer shall pay to Stockroom personnel, per annum for the cleaning of their clothes and to make available a lab for their use. The Employer shall pay to each Public Health Inspector per annum for the cleaning of their clothing. In cases and above, the amount per annum shall be divided into four (4) portions and paid quarterly, in arrears. The Employer agrees to pay the fees for any related course or seminar deemed beneficial to the Employer upon successful completion of such course or seminar providing the application and approval for Employer assistance is made prior to the Employee taking such course or seminar. The Employer agrees that where in the interests of increased efficiency and/or effectiveness in-service training courses are deemed desirable, the Employer will provide such courses at the expense of the Board of Health. All changes in this Agreement shall be adjusted retroactively in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding.
ARTICLE. Unless otherwise provided, reference to any Article or an Exhibit means an Article or Exhibit of this Agreement.
ARTICLE. The parties to this Agreement recognize that the needs of the business may require the performance of overtime work and when overtime is required, the Company will assign the employees normally doing the job. In the event that insufficientsuch employees do not volunteer, the Company may require such employees to perform the work commencing with the most junior. This article is subject to the Overtime Principals as set out in the Collective Agreement. Time worked in excess of the employee's scheduled shift as defined in or worked during the employee's normal day off shall be paid for at one and one- half times the employee's straight time rate. Hours worked on the holidays or "observance days" cited under Article above shall be paid at one and one half times the employee's straight time rate in addition to their holiday pay. Hours worked by an employee on his seventh consecutive day of regular work in the payroll week shall be paid at two (2) times the employee's straight time rate. The Company shall give advance notice of overtime whenever the necessity to work overtime can be reasonably anticipated. Opportunities for overtime will be distributed as equitably as possible amongst those employeeswithin the department who normally perform the work. there be inequities greater than twenty four (24)hours at the end of a quarterly period, the Company agrees to offer extra work opportunities to the employees as set out in the attached Letter of Understanding and Overtime Guidelines. Employees on the twenty one (21) shift operation will be paid at one and one half times their straight time pay for all hours worked on their scheduled days of rest. In the event that an employee works overtime as an extensionof his regular shift for a period of four (4)or more consecutive hours, such employee will be paid allowance in the amount of dollars ($6.00).
ARTICLE new to receive choice of shirts, parka and safety The clothing shall be supplied on an needed basis: sleeve,, short Sleeve, safety with winter Parka and Cotton Gloves xxxxxx Rubber Spring Jackets to employees in Arenas in officers to receive disposable gloves. to be with Identification Badges. by the Employer supplied on loan, and all articles of Other be returned to the any employee the any Employees for be on return Of equipment to replaced. Clothing provided by the Employer shall be only on duty. of all of clothing to taken care of by the employee. ARTICLE who required to court shall be time off and be or subpoenaed the in any pay and they receive as jury or required to turn pay. the Employer payment from the court prior to payment being made by the settle Should any difference called between the Employer and any employee as to the Interpretation, alleged of this Agreement, an xxxxxxx effort to grievance without undue delay be Rade the STEP In the event of grievance days shall taken up verbally by the employee with the of the concerned. The shall arrange for the presence of of the and the The and in any case STEP days. An from decision may taken by the employee together a of four to the in who Within five working STEP employee who the decision of the Department or designate their grievance the hands of Union which shall meet the Chief Officer or designate days. The chief designate give a within three days or a time mutually as and out this apply to the Union the be extended by mutual agreement in In the event that the Chief Officer designate unable to adjust the grievance and after a delay fourteen clear days, be had to as provided by a Within the terms of than Sunday or paid shall be defined day other The Union shall advise the Employer of the the members of the Union Committee. shall be altered the Union. In any grievance of or other discipline. Board of of the claim by the action and the by setting aside the involved and restoring the former without compensation in other may. in the of the Board, A Policy grievance. which is as an violation of Agreement affects all any of lodged by union the Personnel by the Employer with Union at Step of the grievance procedure at any time within after the giving to occurred and if it processed Step and in the to the extent the grievance of employee. With the time shall prevent the Union the filing grievance a grievance The time can be extended by agreement of the ARTICLE I7 Where arises the Of this in to the whethe...
ARTICLE. All employees shall have access to their personnel files upon reasonable request to the Human Resources Director or her deputy and with reasonable notice. An employee be considered on probation and will not be subject to the seniority provisions of this Collective Agreement, nor shall her name be placed on the seniority list until after she has completed sixty (60) days of work with the Gallery. Upon completion of such probationary period, the employee's name shall be placed on the appropriate seniority list with seniority from the date she was last hired by the Gallery. The dismissal of a probationary employee shall not be the subject of a grievance. Employees who hold both a full-time and part-time position with the Gallery must complete the appropriate probationary period for each position. Seniority will be maintained but shall not accumulate during leaves of absence without pay in excess of three (3) months, except in the case of paid leave, Short-term Disability, Workers' Compensation and during the period an employee is on approved Long-Term Disability. Seniority lists shall be revised every six (6) calendar months (January 1st and July by the Human Resources Department. A copy the list shall be provided to the Union President and posted on the designated bulletin boards throughout the Gallery. It is also agreed and understood that each list shall posted for a period twelve (12) months. an employee does not challenge the position her name on the list within the first (1st)ten days from the date her name first appears on a seniority list, provided she is at work when the list is posted, then she shall be deemed to have proper standing. In the event the employee is not at work when the list she must object to her seniority standing within ten (IO) days from the date she returns to work. A person shall lose all seniority and shall be conclusively deemed to have terminated employment with the Gallery if she: Collective Agreement voluntarily quits the employ of the Gallery; or is discharged and such discharge is not reversed through the Grievance Procedure; or fails to report to work within five (5) days after being notified by the Gallery to report for work, unless a satisfactory reason is given; or is absent for three (3) consecutive days unless a satisfactory reason is given; or fails to return to work upon the termination of an authorized leave of absence unless a satisfactory reason is given or utilizes a leave of absence for purposes other than tho...
ARTICLE. When either party requests that a grievance be submitted to arbitration as hereinbefore provided, it shall make such request in writing addressed to the other party to this Agreement, and at the same time nominate an arbitrator. Within five (5) working days thereafter the other party shall nominate an arbitrator; provided, however, that if such party fails to nominate an arbitrator as herein required, the Minister of Labour for the Province of Ontario shall have power to effect such appointment upon application thereto by the party invoking arbitration. The two arbitrators so nominated shall confer within five (5) working days and shall attempt to select by agreement a Chairman of the Arbitration Board. If they are unable to agree upon such a Chairman within such period, they shall then request the Minister of Labour for the Province of Ontario to appoint an impartial Chairman. No person shall be appointed as an arbitrator who has been involved in an attempt to negotiate or settle the grievance or in processing the grievance. The Arbitration Board shall not make any decision inconsistent with the provisions of this Agreement nor alter, modify or amend any part of this Agreement but shall only consider the question in dispute. No matter shall be submitted to which has not been properly lodged and carried through all previous steps of the Grievance Procedure. The unanimous or majority decision in writing of the Arbitration Board with respect to the matters coming within the jurisdiction of the Board, shall be final and binding upon the parties hereto and the employees. Each of the parties hereto shall bear the expense of the arbitrator appointed by it and the parties shall jointly and equally bear the fees and expenses, if any, of the Chairman of such Board of Arbitration. If the Company and the Union mutually agree to appoint a single arbitrator, the foregoing provisions of this Article shall apply to such single ARTICLE