Associate Professor Sample Clauses

Associate Professor. An Associate Professor is a member of a Faculty of the University who shall ordinarily have the following minimum qualifications:
Associate Professor. 5. Professor
Associate Professor. Vocational Credential, Master’s Degree, and 6 years experience Vocational Credential, Bachelor’s Degree, and 10 years experience
Associate Professor. 17.4.1 “Associate Professors” have the following qualifications:
Associate Professor a) Appointment at or promotion to the rank of Associate Professor normally requires evidence of successful teaching and of scholarly activity beyond that expected of an Assistant Professor. The candidate for appointment or promotion will be judged on teaching as defined in Article 4.02, on sustained and productive scholarly activity, on ability to direct graduate students, and on willingness to participate and participation in the affairs of the Department and the University. Promotion to this rank is not automatic or based on years of service and it is expected that some persons who may be granted tenured appointments will not attain this rank. In exceptional circumstances, initial appointment at this rank may be based upon evidence of the candidate’s potential to meet these criteria, including the opinion of scholars or other qualified persons familiar with the candidate’s work and capability.
Associate Professor. 4. Professor
Associate Professor normally possession of a doctorate. In addition, demonstrated competence in teaching and scholarship and/or professional achievement;
Associate Professor. There must be clear evidence of Scholarship/Research activities beyond the requirements for the Doctorate. The member will also have demonstrated a record of progress in the development of research activities. Professor: Contributions to Scholarship/Research beyond those required for promotion or appointment to Associate Professor are essential.
Associate Professor. Appointment or promotion to the rank of associate professor is based on evidence that the candidate is a fully competent teacher. In addition, the candidate shall demonstrate either:
Associate Professor. Employment in the rank of associate professor for a person previously employed by Oakland as a full-time non-visiting faculty member shall be with tenure from the date of his or her re-employment as an associate professor. Employment in the rank of associate professor for a person not previously employed by Oakland as a faculty member may be with or without tenure from the date of his or her employment as Oakland shall in its sole discretion determine.