New employee definition

New employee means a Full-Time Employee first employed by the Company in the Project and who is hired on or after the Effective Date of this Agreement.
New employee shall not include any of the following:
New employee means both of the following:

Examples of New employee in a sentence

  • For example, the Company will use the Compensation Floor as of the Effective Date for a New Employee hired on January 1, 2025.

  • The District shall provide information to access the digital link of the Collective Bargaining Agreement at the New Employee Orientation to all new hires.

  • The Employer will provide the Union Representative with New Employee Orientation schedules and updates as they occur.

  • The University will provide the Chief Xxxxxxx with a monthly list of new employees to discharge his/her duty to participate in New Employee Orientation and distribute a copy of this agreement.

  • Three (3) days prior to each New Employee Orientation Meeting, SCSS will provide the Association President and Membership Chairperson a list, subject to change, of the new hires attending the meeting.

More Definitions of New employee

New employee means a full-time employee first employed by
New employee means a full-time employee first
New employee means a full-time employee first employed by an enterprise at a facility that is a project site after the enterprise enters an agreement under section 5709.62 or 5709.63 of the Revised Code. "New employee" does not include an employee if, immediately prior to being employed by the enterprise, the employee was employed by an enterprise that is a related member or predecessor enterprise of that enterprise.
New employee means an employee who commences employment with any employer after 27 March 2011.
New employee means a full-time employee first employed in
New employee means a newly-hired full-time employee
New employee means an employee