New employee definition

New employee means a Full-Time Employee first employed by the Company in the Project and who is hired on or after the Effective Date of this Agreement.
New employee shall not include any of the following:
New employee means both of the following:

Examples of New employee in a sentence

  • New employee hired by EMPLOYER to work on the government assisted Contract or Project for the new job created.

  • New employee who has not had time to apply for and receive the state’s corporate travel card.

  • New employee hires who are eligible for retirement plans are placed on retirement plans that cap annual employer contributions at 10% of base salary for employees who are eligible for social security benefits.

  • New employee changes—MCHCP may approve plan changes retrospectively for new employees within thirty (30) days of election of coverage if no claims have been filed with the previous carrier.

  • New employee orientation programs include information on the University’s Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action policy and program.

More Definitions of New employee

New employee means a full-time employee first employed by
New employee means an employee who commences employment with any employer after 27 March 2011.
New employee means a person hired by the taxpayer to fill a new full-time job. A new employee does not include a person who was employed in Connecticut by a related person with respect to the taxpayer during the prior twelve months;
New employee means a person who resides in Connecticut and is hired by a subject insurance business to fill a position for a new job or a person shifted from an existing location of the subject insurance business outside this state to a new facility in this state, provided (A) in no case shall the total number of new employees allowed for purposes of this credit exceed the total increase in the taxpayer's employment in this state, which increase shall be the difference between (i) the number of employees employed by the subject insurance business in this state at the time of application for an eligibility certificate to the commissioner plus the number of new employees who would be eligible for inclusion under the credit allowed under this section without regard to this calculation, and (ii) the highest number of employees employed by the subject insurance business in this state in the year preceding the subject insurance business's application for an eligibility certificate to the commissioner, and (B) a person shall be deemed to be a "new employee" only if such person's duties in connection with the operation of the facility are on a regular, full-time, or equivalent thereof, and permanent basis;
New employee means a full-time employee first
New employee means an employee