Bargaining Unit Seniority definition

Bargaining Unit Seniority is defined as the length of continuous service within the bargaining unit since the last date of entry into the bargaining unit.
Bargaining Unit Seniority means the relative ranking of the employees as determined by their respective length of accumulated bargaining unit seniority with the Employer in the bargaining unit.
Bargaining Unit Seniority means an employee’s length of service in Bargaining Xxxx 00, as defined in Minnesota Statutes §179A. An employee may not have a bargaining-unit seniority date that predates the establishment of Bargaining Unit 25 on August 10, 2005.

Examples of Bargaining Unit Seniority in a sentence

  • Bargaining Unit Seniority shall be defined as length of a regular full-time or regular part-time employee’s work within this bargaining unit.

  • If more than one employee is reassigned to vacancies at the same time, eligible employees shall be able to select a vacant lateral assignment based on Bargaining Unit Seniority.

  • Bargaining Unit Seniority" is defined as the length of continuous service within the bargaining unit since the last date of entry into the bargaining unit.

  • LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING #3Moved to 10.4 Re: Bargaining Unit Seniority for Member Moving In and Out of the Bargaining Unit1.

  • Second: If there is no available vacancy pursuant to Section 3.D.2.a. above, and the bumped employee has sufficient Bargaining Unit Seniority and is otherwise eligible, the employee shall bump the least senior employee who occupies a position within the affected FTE status in the same classification within the affected department.

More Definitions of Bargaining Unit Seniority

Bargaining Unit Seniority means length of continuous service within this bargaining unit, and “Classification Seniority” means continuous length of service in the employee’s present classification. For purposes of the new positions incorporated into this Agreement, “Classification Seniority” shall initially be in accordance with Appendix “B” of this Agreement. A break in service of one year or longer shall be a break in continuous service. Such a break will negate any accumulation of years. For purposes of measuring seniority, any part-time regular employees will be granted years of seniority proportionate to their part-time percentage (e.g. a 50% part-time regular employee will accumulate 2 years of seniority over 4 years of employment). Subject to the following subparagraphs, Seniority shall be given consideration in scheduling vacations, in filling vacant positions within this bargaining unit, and for purposes of layoff due to lack of work and recall from such layoffs: Vacations: Vacations are scheduled based on the needs of the College. Employees wishing to have a tentatively secure vacation time shall, from January 1 through January 15 of each year, submit vacation requests via email to their immediate Supervisor for their 1st choice of vacation leave for no more than 10 consecutive work days. The most senior employee in a classification in each department/location shall be given their 1st choice. The process shall continue by classification seniority until all employees in a department/location have been given their 1st choice. If two or more employees request the same days at the same time, the employee with the most classification seniority will be given the time and the other employees will submit another time. The vacation request list shall be posted at the employees’ department/location by January 31st. Vacations requested during the annual bidding period (January 1 through January 15) and approved by management may be canceled based upon the needs of the College with no less than three (3) calendar months written notice to the employee. Outside of the bidding process, vacation leave requests may be submitted to the employee’s supervisor via email for any open dates, but the email must be followed up in writing via KRONOS . Such vacation requests shall be approved on a first-come, first-served basis. If two employees submit a request for the same time the employee who submitted the request first shall be given the time requested. In the event that a Supervisor simultane...
Bargaining Unit Seniority is defined as the nurse's length of continuous employment within the Bargaining Unit since the last date of entry into the Bargaining Unit. Seniority is not accrued for time served in an emergency, provisional except as provided in E below, temporary or unclassified appointment.
Bargaining Unit Seniority means the length of service within the bargaining unit and shall commence on the date of hire into a permanent position (Full time or Part time) within the scope of the Agreement. Bargaining Unit Seniority shall be used to determine:
Bargaining Unit Seniority is understood to mean an employee's most recent date of continuous employment in a Bargaining Unit position so long as the employee has been carried for payroll purposes as a regular employee. Bargaining Unit Seniority will be used for the purposes of layoff and recall.
Bargaining Unit Seniority or similar terms used in this Agreement means all service within the bargaining unit.
Bargaining Unit Seniority means total accumulated continuous employment within the bargaining unit from date of hire. Subject to the attached Schedule II, the date of hire shall be the commencement date of the most recent period of continuous employment in a position in the bargaining unit.
Bargaining Unit Seniority will be defined as the total length of service in a classification covered under this agreement. For employees hired prior to January 1, 2003, “Classification Seniority” and “Bargaining Unit Seniority” will include all continuous departmental service prior to January 1, 2003. Any seniority lost under Article 11 will not be included in any seniority definition under this Article.