Calendar Months Sample Clauses

Calendar Months. If after a further 1 Calendar Month the Parties are unable to agree upon a means to resolve or otherwise overcome the relevant impact of the Force Majeure Event, then:
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Calendar Months. With respect to any payment or obligation that is due or required to be performed within a specified number of Calendar Months after a specified date, such payment or obligation shall become due on the day in the last of such specified number of Calendar Months that corresponds numerically to the date so specified; provided, however, that with respect to any obligation as to which such specified date is the 29th, 30th or 31st day of any Calendar Month: if the Calendar Month in which such payment or obligation would otherwise become due does not have a numerically corresponding date, such obligation shall become due on the first day of the next succeeding Calendar Month.
Calendar Months. The unit member shall sign the reprimand to acknowledge receipt, and a copy shall be placed in the unit member’s personnel file.
Calendar Months. If the employee returns to the bargaining unit during this time, he/she shall retain seniority accumulated up to the date of leaving the bargaining unit, as well as time spent outside the bargaining unit. During such time outside the bargaining unit the employee shall not be involved in the administration of discipline to other bargaining unit members.
Calendar Months. The Borrower shall not permit the aggregate cost of all Developed Lots and Lots Under Development, in each case, then owned by the Borrower and all Restricted Subsidiaries, at any given time to exceed forty percent (40%) of all Tangible Assets of the Borrower on a consolidated basis.
Calendar Months. No probationary period shall be required for appointment from Seniority Unit layoff lists within two (2) years of the date of layoff. A Trainee-Graduate Engineer converted to Graduate Engineer 2 upon completion of the Mn/DOT trainee program shall serve a probationary period of three (3) calendar months. A calendar month is defined as the time between the date of employment and the corresponding date in the next following month. Any unpaid leaves of absence in excess of an aggregate total of ten (10) work days shall be added to the duration of the probationary period. The probationary period shall exclude any time served in emergency, provisional, temporary, or unclassified employment. Employees placed on layoff prior to the completion of their probationary period shall be required to complete the probationary period upon return from the layoff.
Calendar Months. If an arbitration panel or court of competent jurisdiction determines that relevant laws in force may imply warranties and liabilities which cannot be excluded or limited or which can only partly be excluded or limited, then the limit on Jeppesen’s liability set forth in this Section shall apply to the fullest extent permitted by law. If Jeppesen cannot exclude or limit a warranty or liability implied by law, this Agreement shall be read and construed subject to such provisions of law.
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Calendar Months. The Employer may discharge an employee at any time during the probationary period, without cause and at the sole discretion of the Employer. In the event an employee is discharged, the employee shall be entitled to submit a grievance under Article of the Agreement. A regular part-time employee will be entitled to benefits on a pro-rated basis after the completion of thirty (30) working days or three (3) calendar months, whichever should occur first.
Calendar Months. The employee shall not accumulate seniority but shall retain seniority during any absence due to legitimate illness and/or compensable or non-compensable injury exceeding six (6) calendar months but less than thirty (30) calendar months. Subject only to the provisions of the Ontario Human Rights Code.
Calendar Months. Where a majority of time is found to be spent on duties outside of the employees position description, a salary recommendation for salary adjustment will be included and forwarded to the President with a copy to the Union. An employee may appeal the findings of position review. Any such appeal must be in writing and made within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of the review and submitted to the President. The President will have thirty (30) calendar days to render a written decision which shall be final and binding.
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