Working Days Sample Clauses

Working Days. E9.9 Without prejudice to clause 9.1, where the Authority funds the delivery of this Contract using European Social Fund (ESF) funds or in its role as a Co-financing Organisation uses this contract as a match for ESF provision, either at the outset of the contract or at any point during the life of the contract, the Contractor and any Sub-contractors appointed by it shall be bound by the corresponding additional requirements detailed within relevant Contractor Guidance, including the maintaining of records until at least 31 December 2023.
Working Days. F1.4 Notwithstanding clause F1.1, the Contractor may assign to a third party (“the Assignee”) the right to receive payment of the Contract Price or any part thereof due to the Contractor under this Contract. Any assignment under this clause F1.4 shall be subject to:
Working Days. For the purpose of this grievance procedure, working days are defined 3 as days that the District office is open for business.
Working Days. Working days shall be defined as weekdays, which are not Federal Holidays.
Working Days. Brother/Sister: brother or sister, step-brother/sister or foster brother/sister of the employee Parent-in-Law: parent of either spouse, common-law spouse or same sex partner of the employee Grandparent: a grandparent, step-grandparent of the employee Grandchild: grandchild, step-grandchild or foster grandchild of the employee Son/Daughter-in-Law: spouse or common-law spouse or same-sex partner of employee’s child
Working Days. 32.05 An Employee who wilfully terminates his employment as a result of a misunderstanding or argument shall be allowed to return to work and remain employed if he does so within two
Working Days. Normal working days are Monday through Friday. Company observes Sunday as a compulsory weekly off and Saturday as the other off day. The normal working hours for the Apprentice shall be forty five hours per week, Monday through Friday, and the daily hours of work of the Apprentice while undergoing training shall be Nine hours a day. Persistent Systems Limited, Bhageerath, 402, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune 411016 | Tel: +91 (20) 670 30000 | Fax: +91 (20) 6703 009 CIN – L72300PN1990PLC056696 Persistent Systems Inc., 2055 Laurelwood Rd., Suite 210 Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA | Tel: +1 (408) 216 7010 Persistent Systems France SAS, 1 rue Hector Berlioz, 38600 Fontaine, France | Tel: +33 (0) 4 76 53 35 80 The standard working hours of the Company is 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. The Apprentice shall not be required or allowed to work overtime except with the approval of the Apprenticeship Adviser or such authority as prescribed under the Apprentice Act 1961 and provided Apprenticeship Adviser or such authority is satisfied that such overtime is in the interest of the training of the apprentice or in the public interest. Apprentice shall be granted leaves as stated in Annexure A during the Term. The leaves not taken by the Apprentice shall be carried forward during the Term but will lapse if not utilized during the Term. The leaves which get accumulated cannot be encashed by the Apprentice. The Apprentice shall also be entitled for Company declared holidays.
Working Days. The Employer may require a written statement from the Deck Officer’s doctor to support the use of sick leave of five (5) working days or less.
Working Days. The disciplinary notice informing the unit member of suspension shall be dated and include the reason for the suspension and the number of days of the suspension.