Proof of Sample Clauses

Proof of. A Registered Practical Nurse is required to present to the Director of Care or designate by February 15th of each year, certificate of competence, accompanied by an annual registration payment card. The Employer agrees to attach a memo to the pay stubs of each employee so affected with the first pay period in December of each year stating this requirement. The Employer further agrees to post such reminder on the schedule board for the months of December, January and February of each year. Failure to provide proof of the above may result in disciplinary action. If, through no fault of the employee, the college has failed to deliver to the registrant registration, no discipline shall occur. If reinstatement is required it shall be effective within (72) hours following the date and time of presentation of proof of the above. It is understood that such reinstatement shall not result in overtime compensation. ARTICLE BENEFITS
Proof of. The Employer reserves the right to require satisfactory proof of illness before any sick leave is granted.
Proof of. < 0 From (16) and (17), ( ) = { + (
Proof of. An employee may be required by the Deputy Head to produce a certificate from a legally qualified medical practitioner for any period of absence for which sick leave is claimed by an employee and if a certificate is not produced after such a request, the time absent from work will be deducted from the employee's pay. Where the Deputy Head has reason to believe an employee is misusing sick leave privileges, the Deputy Head may issue to the employee a standing directive that requires the employee to submit a medical certificate for any period of absence for which sick leave is claimed.
Proof of. Theorem 1.3.3: reduction to a grid We shall need some basic facts regarding polar decompositions. For A ∈ ¥(H), let |A| = √A∗A. If A is normal, then there exists a unitary operator U such that U|A| = |A|U = A. If A ∈ A C ¥(H) is not invertible, then U may not belong to A. If A ∈ A is invertible (but not necessarily normal), then there exists a unique unitary U ∈ A such that A = U|A|. The element U can be defined as U = A(A∗A)—1/2. It satisfies the important relation U|A| = |A∗|U. (3.1.1) Moreover, for invertible A, the condition A ∈ GL0(A) is equivalent to U ∈ GL0(A). An analogue of (3.1.1) holds for general bounded operators (if A is not invertible, then U is only a partial isometry), but we will not use it. Recall that diagP T = PTP + (1 — P )T (1 — P ) for T ∈ M2(A). The following simple lemma will be very helpful in establishing that certain elements belong to GL0(A ⊕ A).
Proof of. EXECUTION OF INSTRUMENTS AND OF HOLDING OF --------------------------------------------------- SECURITIES. Subject to Sections 6.1 and 6.2, the execution of any instrument by ---------- a Securityholder or his agent or proxy may be proved in the following manner:
Proof of execution of instruments and of ---------------------------------------- holding of Notes. Subject to the provisions of Sections 7.01, ---------------- 7.02 and 9.05, proof of the execution of any instrument by a noteholder or his agent or proxy shall be sufficient if made in accordance with such reasonable rules and regulations as may be prescribed by the Trustee or in such manner as shall be satisfactory to the Trustee. The ownership of Notes shall be proved by the register of such Notes, or by a certificate of the registrar thereof. The Trustee may accept such other proof or require such additional proof of any matter referred to in this Section 8.02 as it shall deem reasonable. The record of any noteholders' meeting shall be proved in the manner provided in Section 9.06.
Proof of. The Board will accept as proof of the validity of preparation for placement within a salary category a statement issued for this purpose by the British Columbia Provincial Teachers' Qualification Board. or by the Registrar of the Ministry of Education for salary grant purposes (up to and including During any school year while this Agreement is in effect, the qualifications of a teacher for placement within a salary category shall be established by proof acceptable to the Board no later than December 15th of that school year and shall be recognized as of September 1st in the said school year.
Proof of. An employee, full or part-time, may be required to produce an acceptable certificate from a Medical Practitioner for any illness in excess of five (5) consecutive working days or at the discretion of the Employer certifying that he was unable to carry out his duties due to illness.