An Additional Sample Clauses

An Additional. 5 FTE leave for retraining shall be granted if there is mutual agreement between YFA and the District.
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An Additional. Card Holder is the person authorised by You to use an additional Card linked to Your Account.
An Additional. Consideration Shares Event means a notification by one Party to the other Party stating that a material increase in the Market Capitalisation is based on events that either (i) can be fully attributed to IMC’s business activities commenced prior to Closing and such events occurring between Closing and the First Adjustment Date and between the First Adjustment Date and the Second Adjustment Date, as the case may be, in particular but not limited to ore body discoveries on IMC’s Irish exploration licence territories which IMC hold before Closing or (ii) is based on other equity measures, such as e.g. issuance of shares to shareholders other than MVI (or any of it controlled entities). For the purposes of this Clause a material increase means a value corresponding to the Additional Consideration Shares Event Value. The notification of the occurrence of an Additional Consideration Shares Event has to be made in writing and at the latest within three Business Days following the First Adjustment Date or the Second Adjustment Date, as the case may be.
An Additional. Borrower Joinder Supplement from AGAX/VLI Acquisition (the "Joinder"), together with all documents, instruments and deliveries required pursuant to such Additional Borrower Joinder Supplement;
An Additional. Termination Event shall occur upon the notice to Certificateholders of an Optional Termination becoming unrescindable in accordance with 9.01 of the Pooling and Servicing Agreement (such notice, the "Optional Termination Notice"). With respect to such Additional Termination Event:
An Additional. Intercompany Participant may accede to this Agreement by delivering a duly completed and executed Intercompany Participant Accession Letter to the Company. On delivery of such an Accession Letter to the Company:
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Related to An Additional

  • No Entitlement for Claims or Compensation The following provisions supplement paragraph A “Termination” of Appendix A. By accepting the Special Retention Award, the Participant consents to participation in the Plan and acknowledges that Participant has received a copy of the Plan. The Participant understands and agrees that, as a condition of the grant of the Special Retention Award, if the Participant’s employment terminates, unless otherwise provided in the Award Agreement or by the Company, any unvested Special Retention Awards shall be forfeited without entitlement to the underlying Shares or to any amount as indemnification in the event of a termination, including, but not limited to: resignation, disciplinary dismissal adjudged to be with cause, disciplinary dismissal adjudged or recognized to be without cause, individual or collective layoff on objective grounds, whether adjudged to be with cause or adjudged or recognized to be without cause, material modification of the terms of employment under Article 41 of the Workers’ Statute, relocation under Article 40 of the Workers’ Statute, Article 50 of the Workers’ Statute, unilateral withdrawal by the Employer, and under Article 10.3 of Royal Decree 1382/1985. The Participant understands that the Company has unilaterally, gratuitously and in its sole discretion decided to grant Special Retention Awards under the Plan to individuals who may be Employees of the Company or a Subsidiary. The decision is limited and entered into based upon the express assumption and condition that any Special Retention Awards will not economically or otherwise bind the Company or any Subsidiary, including the Employer, on an ongoing basis, other than as expressly set forth in the Award Agreement. Consequently, the Participant understands that the Special Retention Awards are granted on the assumption and condition that the Special Retention Awards shall not become part of any employment or service agreement (whether with the Company or any Subsidiary, including the Employer) and shall not be considered a mandatory benefit, salary for any purpose (including severance compensation) or any other right whatsoever. Furthermore, the Participant understands and freely accepts that there is no guarantee that any benefit whatsoever shall arise from the grant of Special Retention Awards, which is gratuitous and discretionary, since the future value of the Special Retention Awards and the underlying Shares is unknown and unpredictable. The Participant also understands that the grant of Special Retention Awards would not be made but for the assumptions and conditions set forth hereinabove; thus, the Participant understands, acknowledges and freely accepts that, should any or all of the assumptions be mistaken or any of the conditions not be met for any reason, the Special Retention Award and any right to the underlying Shares shall be null and void. Notifications

  • No Additional Compensation Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, the obligation of Agency to return Referred Accounts, provide current status reports of all such accounts or information reasonably required by Client shall be without right to any additional Contingent Fee, administrative fees or other compensation of any kind or type whatsoever after such termination date, including, without limitation, in quantum meruit, for any Services rendered prior to termination (except on recoveries received and remitted to Client pursuant to this Agreement prior to termination) whether or not said Services result in or contribute to recoveries received after termination.

  • No Additional Collateral The Mortgage Note is not and has not been secured by any collateral except the lien of the corresponding Mortgage and the security interest of any applicable security agreement or chattel mortgage referred to in clause (j) above;

  • Dividend Equivalents and Adjustments (a) Dividend Equivalents shall be paid or credited on RSUs (other than RSUs that, at the relevant record date, previously have been settled or forfeited) as follows, except that the Committee may specify an alternative treatment from that specified in (i), (ii), or (iii) below for any dividend or distribution:

  • No Additional Rights Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to confer any rights upon COMPANY by implication, estoppel, or otherwise as to any technology or patent rights of M.I.T. or any other entity other than the PATENT RIGHTS, regardless of whether such technology or patent rights shall be dominant or subordinate to any PATENT RIGHTS.

  • Reimbursement from Third Party Payors The accounts receivable of Holdings, the Borrower and the Restricted Subsidiaries have been and will continue to be adjusted to reflect the reimbursement policies required by all applicable Requirements of Law and other Third Party Payor Arrangements to which Holdings, the Borrower or such Restricted Subsidiary is subject, and do not exceed in any material respect amounts the Borrower or such Restricted Subsidiary is entitled to receive under any capitation arrangement, fee schedule, discount formula, cost-based reimbursement or other adjustment or limitation to usual charges. All xxxxxxxx by Holdings, the Borrower and each Restricted Subsidiary pursuant to any Third Party Payor Arrangements have been made in compliance with all applicable Requirements of Law, except where failure to comply would not, individually or in the aggregate, be reasonably likely to have a Material Adverse Effect. There has been no intentional or material over-billing or over-collection by the Borrower or any Restricted Subsidiary pursuant to any Third Party Payor Arrangements, other than as created by routine adjustments and disallowances made in the ordinary course of business by the Third Party Payors with respect to such xxxxxxxx.

  • Reimbursement for Additional Charges If Tenant pays or causes to be paid property taxes or similar or other Additional Charges attributable to periods after the end of the Term, whether upon expiration or sooner termination of this Agreement (other than termination by reason of an Event of Default), Tenant may, within a reasonable time after the end of the Term, provide Notice to Landlord of its estimate of such amounts. Landlord shall promptly reimburse Tenant for all payments of such taxes and other similar Additional Charges that are attributable to any period after the Term of this Agreement.

  • Amendments; Waivers; No Additional Consideration No provision of this Agreement may be waived or amended except in a written instrument signed by the Company, Parent and the Shareholders. No waiver of any default with respect to any provision, condition or requirement of this Agreement shall be deemed to be a continuing waiver in the future or a waiver of any subsequent default or a waiver of any other provision, condition or requirement hereof, nor shall any delay or omission of any Party to exercise any right hereunder in any manner impair the exercise of any such right.

  • Compensation; Reimbursement; Indemnity (a) The Company agrees:

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