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Bed capacity means the maximum number of beds which can be installed or set up in a specialty care assisted living facility at any given time for use of residents. The bed capacity shall be based upon space designed or specifically intended for such use, whether or not the beds are actually installed.
Bed capacity means space used exclusively for inpatient care, including space
Bed capacity means the maximum number of beds which the facility is licensed to offer for patient care.

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Bed capacity for services providing residential or inpatient services.

Table 6 presents the number of beds provided for each type of service in the Irish health system, and Table 7 categorises patients’ LOSs in each service.Table 4: Discharge Destinations Profile Discharge Destinations Percentage of Patients Frail Table 5: Elderly Patients Admission Sources Table 6: Bed capacity levels ParameterRehabilitation Bed Capacity.535 patientsSurvey by HSEConvalescence Bed Capacity1800 patientsSurvey by HSE Table 7: Average, min, max and standard deviation LOS.

Status of Various Hospital Projects under Hospital Cell(DGHS) (i) 600 bedded Hospital at Ambedkar Nagar , Delhi (North) The proposal of enhancement of Bed capacity from 200 beds to 600 beds has been approved by competent authority on 04/05/2017 with an additional; cost of Rs. 55.05 crores.Approximately 74% of work has been completed &expected date of completion is 03/02/2019.

Bed capacity can be affected by room usage, accommodation issues etc.19 A joint initiative by the Home Office and Metropolitan Police focusing on the identification of foreign nationals who break the law.

Bed capacity has increased from 12 in-patient beds in 2007 to 30 at present with additional beds planned.

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Bed capacity means the number of beds licensed to a health care facility or the number of adult and pediatric beds permanently staffed and maintained for immediate use by inpatients in patient rooms or wards in an unlicensed facility;
Bed capacity means space used exclusively for inpatient care, care at a
Bed capacity means the number of beds stated on the license of a nursing home issued under s. 50.03.