Bargaining Unit Employees Sample Clauses

Bargaining Unit Employees. Employees may use the University telephone system for representational activities if there is no cost to the University, the call is brief in duration and it does not disrupt or distract from University business. Bargaining unit employees may use University owned e-mail to request Union representation.
Bargaining Unit Employees. If a temporary employee is hired into a permanent position, their seniority shall be retroactive to their date of hire as a temporary employee.
Bargaining Unit Employees. Bargaining Unit Employees will be represented by Bargaining Unit committee composed as follows:
Bargaining Unit Employees. (1) Employees in the bargaining unit shall be authorized a reasonable amount of time to meet with their Union representatives to discuss pending or potential grievances.
Bargaining Unit Employees. The Company agrees to provide active full-time employees until retirement, Life Insurance equivalent to one (1) times an employee’s annual earnings. The Company agrees to provide all active full-time employees with Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit coverage equal to one (1) times the employee’s annual earnings in case of accidental death. Coverage is also provided for other losses such as speech, hearing, use of arms, legs, etc. The Company agrees to provide Short Term Disability benefits to all active full-time employees on the following basis: - first day of accident, or - first full day of hospitalization, or - commencing with the fourth day of sickness. The plan will pay 66b% of the employee’s basic earnings to a maximum of $550.00 per week for the first two (2) weeks, then Unemployment Insurance will pay fifteen (15) weeks, then the Plan will resume payments for thirty-five (35) weeks. The Company agrees to provide Long Term Disability benefits for active full-time employees after fifty-two (52) weeks if an employee is unable to perform any occupation (reasonably suited by means of training, education, or experience). The Plan will provide for sixty percent (60%) of the employee’s basic earnings subject to a maximum monthly benefit of $1,500.00. Coverage would cease the date an employee attains normal retirement age. The total premium cost of the above benefits is to be shared between the Company and the employee, as hereinafter provided. The Company will arrange with its Group Insurers to deduct income tax from Weekly Indemnity and Long Term Disability benefits payable under these policies at the time payment of benefits is made. An Employee’s benefits under the Disability Policy will not be affected by any disability insurance that he has purchased privately.
Bargaining Unit Employees. 1. Regular full-time employee: An employee working a schedule of forty (40) hours per week.
Bargaining Unit Employees. 1. Enrollment in undergraduate courses are permitted at Shawnee State University up to a maximum of two courses not to exceed eight (8) credit hours per semester for full-time employees and six (6) credit hours for part-time employees. If an employee is registered in a course of study prior to his/her retirement, the retiree may request an on campus education benefit for four (4) credit hours per semester for one academic year. Reimbursement will be made at the end of the semester with evidence of successful completion of the course with a grade of C or better.
Bargaining Unit Employees. Whenever the Employer intends to contract out or 2 sub-contract services, the Employer shall, as early as possible but at least fifteen (15) 3 calendar days prior to implementation and no later than at the time of submission to 4 Civil Service, give written notice of its intent to contract or sub-contract to the Union. 6 include such matters as:
Bargaining Unit Employees. The regular work week shall consist of thirty seven and one-half (37 ½) hours per week, consisting of five (5) seven and one half (7 ½) hour days. The normal work day will be from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with one (1) hour unpaid lunch.