Bargaining Unit Employees Sample Clauses

Bargaining Unit Employees. Employees may use the University telephone system for representational activities if there is no cost to the University, the call is brief in duration and it does not disrupt or distract from University business. Bargaining unit employees may use University owned e-mail to request Union representation.
Bargaining Unit Employees. Blue Collar Unit - Classified full-time employees employed in classifications enumerated in Appendix "A" of the Pay Article of this agreement. White Collar Unit – Classified full-time employees and regular part-time employees employed in the classifications enumerated in Appendix "C" of the Pay Article of this agreement (regular part-time employees are those employees who have worked for the City for at least six (6) months and also work twenty (20) hours or more per week on a year-round basis). Bargaining unit employees are also referred to as "Unit Employees" and "Employees in the Unit."
Bargaining Unit Employees. From and after the Closing Date, Buyer shall, or shall cause the Buyer Subsidiaries, if applicable, to, assume the collective bargaining agreement between Clairol, Inc. and Local 300S, Production Service & Sales District Council, U.F.C.W. AFL-CIO- CLC and any other collective bargaining or labor agreements with respect to Employees previously disclosed to Buyer (collectively, the "COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENTS"), and shall assume all liabilities and obligations under the Collective Bargaining Agreements arising under, inter alia, the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreements, the National Labor Relations Act, the Labor Management Relations Act and all other laws and regulations applicable in the jurisdictions in which Employees are employed, and Seller and its Affiliates shall have no liability in connection with the Collective Bargaining Agreements with respect to Employees and their beneficiaries.
Bargaining Unit Employees. All bargaining unit work will be done by bargaining unit employees available subject to provisions of 3.7 except that volunteers not directly employed or paid by the Board may be used by the Board, provided that the use of such resources is not intended to decrease the full time services of bargaining unit members.
Bargaining Unit Employees. As of the Effective Time, M-I will transfer to USNewco, as successor employer, the U.S. collective bargaining agreements identified in Exhibit 4.4(b) ("Collective Agreements"). "Bargaining Unit Employees" shall mean those employees whose terms and conditions of employment are covered by a Collective Agreement and who are actively employed in the United States as of the Effective Time or whose seniority under the applicable Collective Agreement has not terminated as of such date.
Bargaining Unit Employees. As to Employees covered by the collective bargaining agreements between Seller and the Teamsters Union ("Collective Bargaining Agreements"):
Bargaining Unit Employees. Bargaining Unit Employees who use official time shall record the official time on their time and attendance record using the appropriate code.
Bargaining Unit Employees. Except as otherwise provided in this Article VI, only employees covered by the Agreement shall perform the work covered by this Agreement.
Bargaining Unit Employees. If an Employee is or shall become included in a unit of Employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement between Employee representatives and Employer, and if retirement benefits were the subject of good-faith bargaining between such Employee representatives and Employer, then any Employee included in such a unit shall not be eligible to participate or to continue to participate in this Plan unless the Employee's coverage under this Plan was provided for in the collective bargaining agreement. The term "employer representatives" does not include any organization of which more than one-half of whose members are Employees who are owners, officers or executives of an Employer.