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Most Recent here means the most important cases of the last six years, namely AT&T Mobility LLC v. Concepcion, 563 U.S. 333 (2011), American Express Co. v. Italian Colors Restaurant, 133 S. Ct. 2304 (2013), and DIRECTV, Inc. v. Imburgia, 136 S. Ct. 463 (2015).
Most Recent. Annual Approval Date: August 6, 2002. SCHEDULE A WELLS FARGO CORE TRUST INVESTMENT SUB-ADVISORY AGREEMENT FEE AGREEMENT This fee agreement is made as of the 27th day of November, 2001 by and between Wells Fargo Funds Management, LLC (the "Adviser") and Peregrine Capital Management, Inc. (the "Sub-Adviser"); and

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  • WAM (2) WAC Weighted Avg DSCR (1) Totals Totals Remaining Amortization Term (ARD and Balloon Loans) Age of Most Recent NOI Remaining Amortization Term # of loans Scheduled Balance % of Agg.

  • WAM (2) WAC Weighted Avg DSCR (1) Age of Most Recent NOI # of loans Scheduled Balance % of Agg.

  • Subject Property Numeric – Integer 6 9 If updated value was obtained subsequent to loan approval See Coding See Appendix F 132 Most Recent Property Valuation Date Specifies the date on which the updated property value was reported.

  • Subject Property Numeric – Decimal 500000 9(10).99 If updated value was obtained subsequent to loan approval > 0 131 Most Recent Property Valuation Type If an additional property valuation was obtained after the valuation used for underwriting purposes, the method by which the property value was reported.

  • Borrower Qualification Numeric – Integer 1 99 If a FICO score was obtained See Coding 1 = Classic 2 = Classic 08 3 = Next Generation 99 = Unknown 79 Most Recent FICO Date Specifies the date on which the most recent FICO score was obtained Borrower Qualification Date 20090914 YYYYMMDD If a FICO score was obtained “19010101” if unknown Issuers unable to Provide may Rep and Warrant that the FICO score used for underwriting was not more than 4 months old at the date of issuance.

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Most Recent. Annual Approval Date: August 6, 2002. The foregoing fee schedule is agreed to as of November 5, 2002 and shall remain in effect until changed in writing by the parties. WELLS FARGO FUNDS TRUST By:/s/ C. DAVID MESSMAN ------------------------------------- C. David Messman Secretary WELLS FARGO FUNDS MANAGEMENT, LLC By:/s/ ANDREW OWEN ------------------------------------- Andrew Owen Vice President
Most Recent means within the last 18 months.
Most Recent means at the time the loan application is made. If the document is not more than 120 days old when the loan closes (180 days old on new construction), it does not have to be updated.
Most Recent. Rehire Date (if applicable) • Wage RateDifferential Rate (if applicable) • Paid Time Off Hours Used • Paid Time Off Hours Available • Pay Period Start Date • Pay Period End Date • Pay Period Hours • Dues Deduction Amount • Voluntary Deduction 1 Type • Voluntary Deduction 1 Amount • Voluntary Deduction 2Type • Voluntary Deduction 2 Amount • Voluntary Deduction 3 Type • Voluntary Deduction 3 Amount • Voluntary Deduction 4 Type • Voluntary Deduction 4 Amount • Voluntary Deduction 5 Type • Voluntary Deduction 5 Amount • Gross PayWork Location If the Employee or Employer submits changes to any of the above roster ítems, the Employer will provide that information in the next roster submission. The Union will indemnify the Employer and hold it harmless from any claims demands, damages or liabilities that may result from the provision by the Employer of any of the requested information to the Union, including the cost of defending against such claim or obligation. The Employer shall facilitate reconciliation of these employment records, dues and other voluntary deductions with the Union, including clarifying whether workers are inactive because of paid or unpaid leave or other reason. Both Parties agree to work together to ensure that all records are as accurate as possible. If data or other reconiliation is determined to be needed, the parties shall agree to a mutual and reasonable time frame to complete the reconciliation. All information required to be transmitted under this Agreement shall be transmitted in a common electronic format agreed upon by the Employer and the Union. If the Dues Report and the Employee Roster are submitted as seperate reports, both reports must have a corresponding record, cover the same time period and must contain the following idential information:
Most Recent. Rehire Date (if applicable)
Most Recent audited financial statements shall mean audited financial statements dated not more than 16 months prior to the date hereof. WCC is an "accredited investor" under applicable federal securities laws and an "Institutional Investor" under applicable Pennsylvania securities laws.