Registered Mail Sample Clauses

Registered Mail. The time of mailing of a late bid, mailed by registered mail, may be determined by the date of the postmark on the registered mail receipt or registered mail wrapper. The time of mailing shall be deemed to be the last minute of the date shown in such postmark unless the bidder furnishes evidence from the post office station of mailing which establishes an earlier time. If the postmark does not show a date, the bid shall be deemed to have been mailed too late unless the bidder furnishes evidence from the post office of mailing which establishes timely mailing. (e)
Registered Mail. Where federal statute required giving of notice by registered mail and notice was given by ordinary mail, notice was sufficient; statute "was intended to be highly remedial," hence was "to be construed liberally." Fleisher Eng & Const Co v US, 311 US 15 (1940).
Registered Mail a) A notice to be given under this Agreement by registered mail or given by registered mail shall be deemed to have been received on the fifth (5th) Business Day following the date the notice was sent by registered mail.
Registered Mail. When a grievance is processed through the mail, all cor- respondence shall be registered. The time while the mail is moving from one destination to another shall not be considered in the Grievance Procedure time limits.
Registered Mail includes certified mail with return receipt
Registered Mail. Any notice, demand, demand,any consent, approval, submission or communication that either party wishes or is required to provide to the other party or to any other person must be in writing and either delivered in person or sent by prepaid, first-class registered mail or commercial overnight delivery service. Such notification shall take effect from the date of actual receipt (in the case of personal service or commercial overnight delivery) or two days after the Deposit is made in the post officeUnited States at the following addresses: :Blue Coat Systems 650 Almanor Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94085 attention: subtenant's facilities and real estate Director: in the Subtenant's premises, regardless of whether the subtenant left or vacated The subtenant's premises, or notified the subtenant of any other address with a copy at: Berliner Cohen 10 Almaden Blvd., Suite 1100 San Jose, CA 95113-2233 attention: Eric Wong, Esq. 13.2 if this subtenant requires notification, then this notification should Replace, andaddition to any other notification. notification.or similar statutory notice, including any notice required by section 1161 of the code of Civil procedure or any similar or successor Statute. If the law requires the service of a notice in a certain way, the service of that notice (or similar notice required by this sublease) replaces and satisfies the legal procedures for the service of the notice, including those provided for in section 1162 of the code of Civil procedure orsimilar or successor Statute-11-Article 14 attorneys ' fees and expenses 14.1. 14.1.Became a participant in the trial. If Sublessee or Sublessee becomes a party in any judicial proceeding instituted by anyone other than the other side, and concerning this sublease, Abarenbou premises or the use and use the other side Abarenbou premises to the extent that it is based on any actual or alleged action or omission of such other party or its authorized representatives, such other party shallto the first party for reasonable attorneys ' fees and legal costs incurred by the other party in connection with14.2 certain disputes between the parties. In the event of any action or proceeding by either party under law, equity, or any arbitration arising out of an alleged breach of any obligation of the sub-tenant under this sublease agreement to collect rent, terminate the sub-tenant's lease in the subleased premises, or enforce, protect, or establish any right or remedy of the partya sublease agreement, ...

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  • E-mail You may use the secure E-mail to send messages to us. E-mail may not, however, be used to initiate transactions on your account or stop payment requests. The Credit Union may not immediately receive E-mail communications that you send and the Credit Union will not take action based on E-mail requests until the Credit Union actually receives your message and has a reasonable opportunity to act. If you need to contact the Credit Union immediately regarding any unauthorized transaction or stop payment request, you may call the Credit Union at the telephone number set forth in Section 10.

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  • Registered Nurse is a Nurse who is currently registered with the College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia and is employed at Musquodoboit Valley Home for Special Care Association (Braeside) as a Registered Nurse.

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  • Postal Service The parties may designate substitute addresses where or persons to whom notices are to be mailed or delivered. However, these substitutions will not become effective until actual receipt of written notification.

  • Registered Office and Registered Agent The street address of the registered office of the Company in the State of Delaware shall be as selected by the Board. The Board may elect to change the registered office and the registered agent of the Company at any time.