Seniority Rights Sample Clauses

Seniority Rights. An employee who returns to employment at the time of or prior to the expiration of military leave shall be given such status in employment as would have been enjoyed if employment had been continuous from the time of entrance into the Armed Forces.
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Seniority Rights. Upon return from parental leave, an employee shall retain all seniority and pension rights that had accrued up to the time of leave. Seniority shall continue to accrue during parental leave.
Seniority Rights. Upon return from FMLA leave, a permanent employee shall retain all seniority and pension rights that had accrued up to the time of leave. Seniority shall continue to accrue during FMLA leave under Section 10.a., and during the extension period under Section 10.c.
Seniority Rights. A. The seniority rights of an employee shall be lost for the following reasons: resignation, discharge for justifiable cause, and retirement.
Seniority Rights. Subject to the express provision of the Collective Agreement in the areas cited below, seniority shall be used to accommodate employee’s preferences:
Seniority Rights. A. When there are multiple incumbents assigned to the same position group as a position to be eliminated, the layoff will be applied to the least senior employee(s) in the position group, after voluntary layoffs, if any, are applied. Appendix C to this Agreement identifies position groups for purposes of this Article. If new positions are added to the bargaining unit, the College will determine the placement of the new positions in a position group. If a position title is changed per Section
Seniority Rights. When employees in a particular working group, as defined by the Health Centre, desire the same or overlapping vacation periods which, because of staffing requirements by the Health Centre, are not permitted, then the seniority of the employees directly affected shall govern in the assignment of vacation. A claim of precedence due to seniority shall be exercised only once in each calendar year.
Seniority Rights. (a) The application of seniority which has been accrued herein shall be established in the Supplemental Agreements.
Seniority Rights. An Employee's seniority shall entitle him only to such rights as are expressly provided for in this Agreement.
Seniority Rights. 9.1 Seniority for full-time employees shall be defined as the length of continuous service in the bargaining unit for all employees since the date of last hiring. Seniority for part-time employees shall commence in the same manner but shall be equal to the length of service in accumulated hours worked. Seniority for part-time employees shall be broken and cease to exist after a break in service of six (6) months.