Graduate Courses Sample Clauses

Graduate Courses. The percent efforts for a given course are obtained by dividing the number of contact hours by 15 and multiplying by 133%.
Graduate Courses. Employees will be reimbursed full tuition expenses at rates equivalent to those for comparable courses at Rutgers University Graduate School of Education. Courses to which reimbursement will apply will be those that have a demonstrable relationship to the employee's assignment at Harding Township School. An employee receiving sabbatical leave benefits will not be eligible for such tuition reimbursement.
Graduate Courses. A. The Board of Education will reimburse each administrator a maximum of 15 graduate credits each year. Reimbursement will be based on the in-state tuition rate charged by Rutgers University. Each administrator will be reimbursed for 85% of the cost of graduate courses taken. The total monies available for reimbursement to all administrators will be capped at $12,000.00 annually. After receiving reimbursement for any courses, the administrator agrees to remain in the service of the district for a three (3) year period or pay back to the Board the amount reimbursed. This will not apply to retirees.
Graduate Courses. 1) Teachers who are enrolled or are enrolling in a graduate program, under the direction of a collegiate advisor or agency, will file an outline of the course requirements and electives as soon as they are formalized with the college or agency. This will be forwarded to the Human Resource department for processing with the Assistant Superintendent of Schools. If there are changes, a course approval form for additional courses within the program may be required.
Graduate Courses. Graduate couurses must be taken at institutions approved by the State of New Jersey in the teacher’s current area of assignment or one that is leading to certification or advanced education degree. If the course does not fit any of these categories or is an undergraduate course, payment will be solely at the discretion of the Superintendent. All courses must be submitted to the Superintendent, in writing, within two weeks of the commencement of the course. Proof of completion, with a minimum grade of B, must be submitted prior to reimbursement. In 2015-2018, the tuition reimbursement pool will be $50,000 per year. The reimbursement will be increased to $250.00 per credit. Any funds that are not used by June 30th each year shall be returned to the general fund. If in any year the requests for reimbursement exceed the available pool, per credit payment shall be prorated to provide all applicants with an equitable share of the available funds. All payments shall be made after the completion of the spring semester, but not later than July 31st each year. Each teacher is entitled to reimbursement for up to six (6) credits per year.
Graduate Courses. 1. Any certified unit member taking graduate professional courses at an accredited institution toward a degree, toward a pre-determined educational goal, or graduate courses in his/her area of assignment, and/or approved workshops that would be accredited to the 100 hours, upon approval by the Superintendent or his/her designee prior to enrollment, shall receive the cost of tuition/books/fees for such graduate courses as follows:
Graduate Courses. The College agrees to reimburse eligible full-time faculty for the tuition cost of graduate academic courses taken at an accredited institution of higher education. Such reimbursement will be limited to six (6) academic credits per year at the maximum in-state per credit tuition rate of Rutgers, the State University. Effective September 1, 2015 reimbursement for graduate courses will increase from a limit of six (6) academic credits per year to a limit of nine (9) academic credits per year; and the total reimbursement shall not exceed $25,000. Effective September 1, 2016, the total reimbursement shall not exceed $30,000 each contract year. All applications for graduate tuition reimbursement must be submitted by the faculty member to the appropriate School Dean for approval based on the following timetable: October 1 for Fall courses, February 1 for Spring courses, June 1 for Summer courses.
Graduate Courses. Employees who successfully complete courses for graduate credit shall be reimbursed by the Commission for tuition expenses at the rate of sixty percent (60%) of the Rutgers University per credit cost, provided the course taken has the prior approval of the Superintendent and is within the employee's area of specialization or will provide benefit to the Commission or if the employee is in a matriculated program. Courses initially approved as part of a matriculating pro- gram shall not require additional approval of the Superintendent.
Graduate Courses. Ms. Mensik shall be encouraged to enroll in graduate courses for an advanced degree, and, subject to prior BOARD approval, may take at least one graduate course per semester at the BOARD’S expense.