Department Seniority definition

Department Seniority is defined as the length of continuous service within a department. Department seniority includes time worked in all classifications within a department, regardless of bargaining unit designation. Departments are listed in Appendix B.
Department Seniority means the length of continuous service within the Niagara Falls Fire Department from the date of a firefighter’s initial appointment to the department. Former Firefighters reentering the service after continuity of service has been broken by any reason (Her Majesty’s Service during National emergency or layoff as defined in 9.04 of this Agreement excepted) shall be considered new employees and seniority shall start as of the date they reentered the service.
Department Seniority means seniority based on the total time of service as an employee of the Minneapolis Fire Department, including Cadet Firefighter service. Ties in Department Seniority shall be broken by the employee’s ranking on the official eligible list maintained by the Minneapolis Human Resources Department and according to the rules of the Minneapolis Civil Service Commission. Department Seniority does not include time spent working for another department within the city. The Department Seniority of Cadet Firefighters who have not completed recruit training will be determined in accordance with applicable Civil Service Rules. Department Seniority lists are maintained by the Minneapolis Fire Department.

Examples of Department Seniority in a sentence

  • Extra-help/part-time service is not counted in calculating Department Seniority.

  • Port Everglades Department Seniority will be used for the purposes of layoff and recall.

  • When a more desirable or higher rated job becomes vacant or a new job is established within a Department, it shall be filled where possible from within the Department on the basis of qualifications, with preference to employees having the greatest seniority according to the Department Seniority List.

  • Department Seniority is used to determine the order of layoff and recall within a classification within a particular department.

  • Department Seniority is the total length of continuous service based upon the date of hire with the Employer.

More Definitions of Department Seniority

Department Seniority means years of service with the Commission, since the last date of hire, within either the Maintenance Department or Operations Department and shall govern as noted. For the purpose of this section, service in Stores shall be considered Plant & Equipment Department seniority, noting Stores resides within the Administrative Services Department.
Department Seniority is the employee's seniority in his/her department as determined above.
Department Seniority means the aggregate period(s) of work performed by an employee in this Bargaining Unit in the service of the Employer within a Department or Agency as now or here in after constituted.
Department Seniority means years of service with the Commission, since the last date of hire, within either the Fleet & Facilities Department or Transportation Department and shall govern as noted . Stores are Fleet and Facilities Department employees .
Department Seniority means the length of an employee's most recent Continuous Employment in the Department measured from the employee's first compensated day of employment in the Department as a commissioned officer.