The Grievance Procedure Sample Clauses

The Grievance Procedure. Step I. A grievance may be submitted within the thirty (30) day period specified in Section Five to the employee’s first management supervisor in the chain of command (e.g., Bureau Chief) who is outside the bargaining unit. Such supervisor shall meet with the union representative and/or the grievant and issue a written response within seven (7) days after such meeting but not later than ten
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The Grievance Procedure. Step 1. A grievance may be submitted within the thirty (30) day period specified in Section Five to the agency head or his/her designee . Within fourteen (14) days after receipt of the grievance a conference will be scheduled with the employee and his/her representative and a written response shall be issued within five (5) days after the conference is held . The grievance may be appealed to Step 2 if no conference has been held within twenty-five (25) days of submission to Step 1 .
The Grievance Procedure. Step I. A grievance may be submitted within the thirty
The Grievance Procedure. (a) Step 1 (Immediate Supervisor) An Employee who has a grievance shall, within ten (10) days of the date they become aware of, or reasonably should have become aware of, the occurrence which led to the grievance, first discuss the matter with their immediate supervisor and attempt to resolve the grievance at this stage. In the event that it is not resolved satisfactorily to the Employee, it may be advanced in accordance with the following steps.
The Grievance Procedure. Step I. Agency Head or Designee. A grievance shall be submitted to the Agency Head or designee within the thirty (30) day period specified in Section Five. Such Agency Head or designee shall meet with the Union representative and/or the grievant within ten (10) days of receipt of the grievance and issue a written response within ten (10) days after such meeting.
The Grievance Procedure. STEP 1 Any dispute involving the interpretation, application, or alleged violation of a specific provision of this Agreement shall (hereinafter, grievance) be taken up with the employee's immediate supervisor, within 15 working days of the occurrence of the grievance. The immediate supervisor shall have five working days to respond. All grievances must be discussed with the immediate supervisor, who shall be given an opportunity to attempt a resolution.
The Grievance Procedure. The authorized representative of the Union recognizes the fact that the supervisor is the key person in the Agency/Department and, understands that his/her Union representation function does not relieve him/her from conforming to all rules of conduct and standards of performance established by law, regulation, County or Agency/Department policy, or Memorandum of Understanding.
The Grievance Procedure. A. General Rules for the Grievance Procedure
The Grievance Procedure. 6.01 The parties agree that it is of the utmost importance to adjust disputes or grievances arising out of the interpretation, application or administration of this Agreement as quickly as possible. Any grievance not forwarded to the next step within the time limits set out in Articles VI, VIII, IX or X will be considered settled by management's answer at the preceding step, unless the time limit has been mutually extended by the COMPANY and the UNION in writing.
The Grievance Procedure. Step 1 – A meeting shall be held between the employee(s) [who may be accompanied by a Union representative if requested by the aggrieved employee(s)] and the immediate supervisor to discuss the alleged grievance. The immediate supervisor shall render a decision in writing within three (3) working days following the meeting. Grievances presented at this Step and at subsequent steps must be reduced to writing on a standard grievance form and specifically refer to the provision(s) of this Agreement on which they are based, specifying the alleged violation, and signed by the aggrieved employee(s) and a Union representative. Either the Union or the grievant may amend the grievance at any time up to and including, but not after Step 3.