Immediate Supervisor definition

Immediate Supervisor means the person immediately superior to an employee who directs and supervises the work of that employee.
Immediate Supervisor means the individual identified by the department head.
Immediate Supervisor when used in this Agreement shall mean the first supervisory level excluded from the bargaining unit.

Examples of Immediate Supervisor in a sentence

  • Applicant Signature Immediate Supervisor Signature Grant Manager OR Exec.

More Definitions of Immediate Supervisor

Immediate Supervisor means the individual who assigns, reviews and directs the work of an employee.
Immediate Supervisor means any employee responsible for, or exercising any degree of supervision or authority over another employee or pupil.
Immediate Supervisor means the person at the lowest administrative level who has been designated management and who assigns, reviews, or directs the work of the employee.
Immediate Supervisor. That person in an administrative or supervisory position directly responsible for the supervision and direction of an employee and to whom the employee is directly responsible. An immediate supervisor who is a unit member shall be excluded from responding to grievances pursuant to Article 4.
Immediate Supervisor means the unit member’s administrator, supervisor or director employed by the District who has direct responsibility for supervising the unit member. Usually this person is the building principal.
Immediate Supervisor means the immediate work supervisor, designated by the CEO or designee, who may or may not be a unit member.