Immediate Supervisor definition

Immediate Supervisor means the person immediately superior to an employee who directs and supervises the work of that employee.
Immediate Supervisor means the individual identified by the department head.
Immediate Supervisor means the individual who assigns, reviews and directs the work of an employee.

Examples of Immediate Supervisor in a sentence

  • The Immediate Supervisor will verify the request for emergency leave before forwarding it to the District Office.

  • If an employee is injured or exposed to a contagious or infectious disease during the course of his employment with the Employer, he shall immediately notify his immediate supervisor and his Immediate Supervisor shall immediately notify the Sheriff and shall complete a Report of Injury form.

  • A Resignation may be withdrawn by an Employee in writing and given to the Immediate Supervisor with a copy to Human Resources Department within 24 hours of the initial Resignation.

  • T.R.I. Incident Worksheet Sections to be CompletedPart A = MOS using force*Part B = Immediate Supervisor of MOS using force *In instances when a member claims that no force was used, the immediate supervisor will be responsible for completing Part A of the T.R.I. Incident Worksheet normally completed by the reporting MOS.Supervisors on scene are required to make a prompt assessment of the circumstances and to categorize the force level for the purposes of appropriate reporting and/or investigation.

  • Level 2: Principal or Immediate Supervisor If the grievance is not resolved at Level 1 with the principal or designee and the grievant wishes to pursue the grievance, or if Level 1 is not appropriate for resolving the grievance, the grievance may be formalized by filing a written complaint, providing an interview, or an assisted written complaint when necessary.

More Definitions of Immediate Supervisor

Immediate Supervisor when used in this Agreement shall mean the first supervisory level excluded from the bargaining unit.
Immediate Supervisor means any employee responsible for, or exercising any degree of supervision or authority over another employee or pupil.
Immediate Supervisor means the person at the lowest administrative level who has been designated management and who assigns, reviews, or directs the work of the employee.
Immediate Supervisor. That person in an administrative or supervisory position directly responsible for the supervision and direction of an employee and to whom the employee is directly responsible. An immediate supervisor who is a unit member shall be excluded from responding to grievances pursuant to Article 4.
Immediate Supervisor is the one who has direct administrative or supervisory responsibilities over the grievant in the area of grievance as stated in Board Policy.
Immediate Supervisor means the unit member’s administrator, supervisor or director employed by the District who has direct responsibility for supervising the unit member. Usually this person is the building principal.
Immediate Supervisor means that administrator having immediate supervisory responsibility over the grievant.