Best Practices Sample Clauses

Best Practices. The Recipient acknowledges they may or may not have access to the Owner’s Confidential Information and agrees that it shall not directly or indirectly divulge, disclose, or communicate any of the Confidential Information to any third party, except as may be required during any formal business association or dealings on behalf of the Owner for any event, with the prior written approval of the Owner. The Recipient acknowledges that no license of the Confidential Information, by implication or otherwise, is granted to the Recipient by reason of this Agreement. Additionally, the Recipient acknowledges that it may only use the Confidential Information in connection with its business dealings with the Owner and for no other purpose without the prior written consent of the Owner.
Best Practices. Once any state commission has determined that it is technically feasible to unbundle subloops at a designated point, BellSouth shall have the burden of demonstrating, pursuant to state arbitration proceedings under section 252 of the Act, that it is not technically feasible, or that sufficient space is not available, to unbundle its own loops at such a point.
Best Practices. The Purchased Subscribers were obtained and acquired in accordance with the Anti-Cramming Best Practices Guidelines, available at
Best Practices. At all times during the Term, Client shall comply with the following best practices. Failure to comply with these best practices shall be a material breach of the Agreement. [*]
Best Practices. After the Execution Date, the League and the Union will meet to agree on a side letter/provision to include in the CBA regarding the required number of medical/training personnel each Team shall retain (e.g., Team physician, athletic trainers, therapists, and appropriate minimum certification requirements for such personnel).
Best Practices. During the term of this Agreement the Company will be afforded the opportunity to participate in the "Best Practices" program as conducted by Yucaipa and certain of its affiliated businesses.
Best Practices. The Joint Committee has devel- oped a set of “best practices” around teacher evaluation. They are included in the REACH Handbook and shared with teachers at the start of each school year. which have been published at various points in time on the CPS Knowl- edge Center as REACH FAQs and in the Teacher Evaluation Handbook. The best practices are guidance to teachers and evaluators on various aspects of the evaluation system. The Joint Committee will include in REACH FAQs and the Teach- er Evaluation Handbook best practices on advance notice of pre-observation conferences, sharing of evidence and draft ratings before post-observation conferences, timing for fi- nalization of ratings after post-observation conferences, a two-week time before first observations following a leave of absence etc. The REACH FAQs and Teacher Evaluation Handbook with the “best practice guidance” shall be pub- lished annually before the start of the school year and may change from time to time during the school year as deter- mined by the Joint Evaluation Committee. Observers shall make all reasonable efforts to abide by the best practice guidance. If a teacher rating is adversely affected by an observer’s failure to follow best practices, the observation rating shall be voided. In the case where an observation is voided and there are insufficient remaining observations to support a summative rating the teacher will be rated inability to rate in the summative evaluation.
Best Practices a) YWPN will participate in any in-district charter school or Innovation Zone advisory council or regularly occurring meeting established or called by the District.
Best Practices. Log out of your session and quit your browser after each time you use our Electronic Banking Solutions to prevent others from accessing your information; Clear your cache regularly; Beware of e-mails that appear to be sent by National Bank or MasterCard prompting you for personal information. Do not click on any hyperlinks and do not under any circumstances reply to the email sender with the personal information asked for; Simply clicking on hyperlinks provided in these fraudulent e-mails can trigger the installation of malicious software without your knowledge that could compromise the security of your Electronic Access Device. National Bank Financial Group is a trademark used by National Bank of Canada.