Work Location definition

Work Location. Shall be individual schools and other buildings within a specific Attendance Area designated by the District as a place which employees are hired or assigned to report to work.
Work Location. Means the Work Site where the Nurse normally reports to work. “Work Location” and “Work Site” are used interchangeably through the Collective Agreement. It does not mean the same as “patient care unit” or “work unit” which terms are used interchangeably with each other through the Collective Agreement.
Work Location means the street address where an employee normally works. Job Opening

Examples of Work Location in a sentence

  • I DO have a relative or a consensual personal relationship, as defined above, with anyone working for the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development identified as follows: Name Relationship Division and Work Location Do you need more space for disclosure?YesNo If YES, continue writing on the back of this form.

  • The Company understands and agrees that the Work Location may include wetlands or other environmentally sensitive areas.

  • Asbestos, Lead, or Toxic Mold may be present at the Work Location.

  • Name of Firm:Superintendent / Chief Adminstrative Officer / Designated Issuing Officer Name of Office Address of Office Telephone Number at Minor’s Work Location: Address of Student /Applicant’s Place of Employment, Job Site, or Work Location:Specific Nature of Employment:Employer’s Tax ID Number (9 digits).

  • While at each JBE Work Location, Contractor shall comply with the safety and security policies and procedures in effect at such JBE Work Location.

More Definitions of Work Location

Work Location means the Work Site where the Nurse normally reports to work. “
Work Location means the office of the building to which the Employee is assigned.
Work Location means school or building.
Work Location refers to the physical location set forth in an Order that identifies where the Assigned Personnel shall report to perform the work of an Assignment.
Work Location means the location where offend- ers perform the services or create the products requested by the contracting entity; over which the contracting entity has the right of access or control and includes, but is not limited to, all workplaces covered by industrial insurance under Title 51 RCW, as now adopted or hereafter amended.
Work Location means, as applicable, either the specific place or places of employment, or the territory or territories regularly visited by the person in pursuance of the person's occupation, or both.
Work Location means the location where workers perform the services or create the products requested by the recipient or con- tracting entity and over which such entity has the right of access or control.