A Non Sample Clauses

A Non. Omnibus Commission Share of a Fund issued in consideration of the investment of proceeds of the redemption of a Non-Omnibus Commission Share of another fund (the “Redeeming Fund”) in connection with a permitted free exchange, is deemed to have a Date of Original Issuance identical to the Date of Original Issuance of the Non-Omnibus Commission Share of the Redeeming Fund, and any such Commission Share will be attributed to the Distributor or Successor Distributor based upon such Date of Original Issuance in accordance with rules (a) and (b) above.
A Non. Extension Advance shall be made in a single Borrowing if this Agreement is not extended in accordance with Section 3.6(d) of the Intercreditor Agreement (unless a Replacement Liquidity Facility to replace this Agreement shall have been delivered to the Borrower as contemplated by said Section 3.6(d) within the time period specified in such Section 3.6(d)) by delivery to the Liquidity Provider of a written and completed Notice of Borrowing in substantially the form of Annex II attached hereto, signed by a Responsible Officer of the Borrower, in an amount equal to the Maximum Available Commitment at such time, and shall be used to fund the Cash Collateral Account in accordance with such Section 3.6(d) and Section 3.6(f) of the Intercreditor Agreement.
A Non. Defaulting Shareholder shall give the Defaulting Shareholder a written notice of default (a “Notice of Default”), which shall describe the default in reasonable detail and state the date by which the default must be cured, which date for curing or commencing to cure shall be in accordance with the time provisions set out in this Agreement. Advance notice shall not be required prior to the taking of action by the Non-Defaulting Shareholder to provide funds pursuant to Section 8.2 to rectify the default in an emergency or if necessary to avoid Losses or breaches of contractual or regulatory obligations. Failure of a Non-Defaulting Shareholder to give a Notice of Default shall not release the Defaulting Shareholder from any of its duties under this Agreement.
A Non. Extending Lender shall be obligated, at the request of the Borrower and subject to payment by the Borrower to the Administrative Agent for the account of such Non-Extending Lender of the principal amount of, and accrued interest on, such Lender's Loans, together with any fees or other amounts owing to such Lender under this Agreement, to transfer without recourse, representation or warranty (other than good title to its Loans) to such Non- Extending Lender, at any time prior to the Maturity Date applicable to such Non-Extending Lender, all of its rights and obligations hereunder to another financial institution or group of financial institutions nominated by the Borrower and willing to participate in the Commitments in the place of such Non-Extending Lender; provided that, if such transferee is not a Lender, such transferee(s) satisfies all the requirements of this Agreement and the Administrative Agent shall have consented to such transfer, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld. Each such transferee shall become a Continuing Lender hereunder in replacement of the Non-Extending Lender, with the Maturity Date applicable to such Continuing Lender's Commitments being the Extended Maturity Date, and shall enjoy all rights and assume all obligations on the part of the Lenders set forth in this Agreement. Simultaneously with such transfer, each such transferee shall execute and deliver to the Administrative Agent a written agreement assuming all obligations of the Lenders set forth in this Agreement, which agreement shall be reasonably satisfactory in form and substance to the Administrative Agent.
A Non. Consenting Party shall become a Consenting Party with regard to an Exclusive Risk Operation at such time as the Non-Consenting Party gives notice pursuant to Article 10.4.3; provided that such Non-Consenting Party shall in no way be deemed to be entitled to any lump sum amount Cash Premium paid incident to such Exclusive Risk Operation. The Percentage Interest of such Non-Consenting Party in such Exclusive Risk Operation shall be its Percentage Interest set out in Article 3.1 (subject to election of a reduced interest under Article 5.10.1(iii)). The Consenting Parties shall contribute to the Percentage Interest of the Non-Consenting Party in proportion to the excess Percentage Interest that each received under Article 10.2.5(iii). If all Parties participate in the proposed operation, then such operation shall be conducted as a Joint Operation pursuant to Article 9.
A Non paid lunch break of either one-half (½) hour or one (1) hour duration will be taken half way through each shift. However, if job conditions require, the lunch break may be moved up to one (1) hour in either direction. If an employee is not provided time to commence his lunch period between one
A Non paying Funder shall indemnify and keep indemnified each Pool Member on demand against all sums properly paid by such Pool Member pursuant to this sub-section 2.3.
A Non probationary associate shall be eligible for a float day once during each contract year to be taken at a time mutually agreed upon between his supervisor and the associate. If a normally scheduled work day is desired, the request shall be made in writing at least one week prior to the schedule being posted for the week of the desired float holiday.
A Non bargaining unit employee who fills a bargaining unit temporary vacancy of six (6) months or less, will maintain their existing vacation plan for the duration of such temporary assignment. Should such temporary employee become a regular bargaining unit employee he/she will commence earning vacation entitlement in accordance with Article 19 from the date on which his/her status changes from temporary to regular.
A Non. Contributing Person shall have the right, at any time, to cure its failure in the making of a required Capital Contribution by making a cash Capital Contribution ("Cure Contribution") to the Company in the amount ("Cure Contribution Amount") equal to one hundred twenty-five percent (125%) of each amount of additional Capital Contribution which it has failed to make plus, in each case, an amount equal to a return from the date of such failure at fifteen percent (15%) per annum on the amount of the balance of each Member's and Economic Interest Owner's Preference Contribution Account balance attributable to the required Capital Contribution being cured. Upon its receipt of the Cure Contribution, the Company shall immediately distribute that portion of the Cure Contribution among the Members and Economic Interest Owners in such relative amounts as are necessary in order to cause the balances of the Preference Contribution Accounts of the Members and Economic Interest Owners to be in, or as close as possible to, the same ratio as their relative Percentage Interests. For purposes hereof, a Cure Contribution shall be treated as a "Preference Contribution" by the Non-Contributing Person. Only the amount of the required Capital Contribution (and not the amount of the Preference Contribution) shall be credited to the Capital Account of the Non-Contributing Person.