A layoff definition

A layoff means a permanent or temporary reduction in the workforce due to position abolishment or reduction in hours of work of a permanent Employee.
A layoff means an involuntary separation from the Sheriff’s Office that is due to lack of work, lack of funds or operational need. Subject to the conditions of this article, layoffs are at the discretion of the County. If the County is to layoff employees, such layoffs shall be made within each affected job classification in the Sheriff’s Office on the basis of seniority as defined in Article 16. That is, the least senior employee in the affected classification shall be the first to be laid off. Advance notice will be provided to employees the County intends to layoff. Such notice shall be provided when plans are finalized, and not less than ten (10) days prior to such layoff. Employees laid off for a period of more than 18 months lose all seniority credits. Employees recalled within eighteen (18) months of their day of layoff shall be recalled according to seniority, provided, however, that the laid off employee must retain qualifications and fitness as defined by DPSST in administrative rules related to standards of certification and revocation and suspension of certification in order to be eligible for recall. No new employees shall be hired into a classification until employees laid off in that classification have been offered an opportunity to return to work. A refusal of recall shall constitute a waiver by the employee of all recall rights unless the employee is temporarily incapacitated by illness or injury in which case the employee may remain on the recall list until qualified for recall. Employees on recall are responsible to keep the County informed of any changes in residence or contact information.
A layoff means a separation from the Classified service of the District, and includes:

Examples of A layoff in a sentence

  • A layoff is defined as a separation from the service for involuntary reasons other than resignation, not reflecting discredit on an employee.

  • A layoff or a reduction in hours of twenty (20) consecutive workdays or less is regarded as temporary and may be made without regard to the provisions of Paragraph (3) below.

  • A layoff also includes any reduction in hours or work year or assignment to a classification lower than that which the employee has permanence, voluntarily consented to by the employee, in order to avoid interruption of employment by xxxxxx.

  • A lay-off shall be defined as a reduction in the work force or a reduction in the regular hours of work as defined in this Collective Agreement.

  • A layoff shall be defined as a cessation of employment or the elimination of a job resulting from a reduction of the amount of work required to be done by the Employer.

  • A layoff is an involuntary separation from service or an involuntary reduction in an employee’s hours or work year as defined herein based upon a lack of work or lack of funds.

  • A layoff is any reduction in hours of thirty (30) minutes or more per day for employees who work six (6) or more hours per day or where a change in insurance benefits would result; or fifteen (15) minutes per day for employees who work less than six (6) hours per day with no change in insurance benefits, for twenty one (21) or more consecutive workdays or for an indefinite period of time.

  • A layoff will be defined as a permanent reduction in the work force or a permanent reduction in the normal hours of work for any employee covered by the terms of this Agreement.

  • A layoff of ten (10) or fewer working days, there will be no bumping.

  • A layoff extending for more than thirty (30) work days shall not be implemented until the Association shall have had the opportunity to make its recommendations to the Board regarding priorities and procedures to be followed in such layoff, provided that any such recommendations shall be made within fifteen (15) calendar days from and after the date on which the Board notifies the Association of its intentions.

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A layoff means a reduction in the workforce due to a decrease in work or a lack of funds. When it becomes necessary to lay off any employee, the Employer will notify the employee fourteen (14) calendar days in advance, and the following procedure shall be used:

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  • Mass layoff means a reduction in force which:

  • Layoff shall include a reduction in a nurse's hours of work and cancellation of all or part of a nurse's scheduled shift. Cancellation of single or partial shifts will be on the basis of seniority of the nurses on the unit on that shift unless agreed otherwise by the Hospital and the Union in local negotiations. A partial or single shift reassignment of a nurse from her or his area of assignment will not be considered a layoff. The parties agree that the manner in which such reassignments are made will be determined by local negotiations.

  • Active duty military means full-time duty status in the active uniformed service of the United States, including members of the National Guard and Reserve on active duty orders pursuant to 10 U.S.C. Section 1209 and 1211.

  • New employee orientation means the onboarding process of a newly hired public employee, whether in person, online, or through other means or mediums, in which employees are advised of their employment status, rights, benefits, duties and responsibilities, or any other employment-related matters.

  • FMLA Leave means a leave of absence, which the Company is required to extend to an Employee under the provisions of the FMLA.

  • Company Employees has the meaning set forth in Section 5.5(a).

  • parental bereavement leave means leave under section 80EA of the Employment Rights Act 1996;

  • Retained Employee means a Full-time Employee currently employed by the Company who continues to be employed during the term of this Agreement whose job duties are directly and substantially related to the Project. For purposes of this definition, “directly and substantially related to the Project” means at least two- thirds (2/3) of the employee’s job duties must be directly related to the Project and the employee must devote at least two-thirds (2/3) of his or her time to the Project. The term “Retained Employee” does not include any individual who has a direct or an indirect ownership interest of at least five percent (5%) in the profits, equity, capital, or value of the Taxpayer, or a child, grandchild, parent, or spouse, other than a spouse who is legally separated from the individual, of any individual who has direct or indirect ownership interest of at least five percent (5%) of the profits, equity, capital or value of the Company.

  • WARN Act means the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act of 1988, and similar state, local and foreign laws related to plant closings, relocations, mass layoffs and employment losses.

  • Business Employee has the meaning set forth in Section 5.11(a).

  • Retained Employees has the meaning set forth in Section 6.6(a).

  • Company Employee has the meaning set forth in Section 3.12(a).

  • polygamous marriage means any marriage to which paragraph 5 applies;

  • Public safety employee means a public employee who is employed as one of the following:

  • Transferred Employee has the meaning set forth in Section 6.3(a).

  • Business Employees has the meaning set forth in Section 4.3(a).

  • IntraLATA LEC Toll means IntraLATA Toll traffic carried solely by a Local Exchange Carrier and not by an IXC. "IntraLATA Toll Traffic" describes IntraLATA Traffic outside the Local Calling Area.

  • Air gap separation means the unobstructed vertical distance through the free atmosphere between the lowest opening from any pipe or faucet supplying water to a tank, plumbing fixture, or other device and the flood level rim of the receptacle.

  • Excluded Employees means, any employee of the Seller, the LIN Companies or their respective Affiliates whose principal work location is not the Station or whose employment responsibilities relate substantially to the corporate operations of WTGS TV, the Seller or Other Seller Stations, in each case as of immediately prior to the Closing, and the employees denoted on Schedule 3.11(b) as “Excluded Employees”.

  • self-employment route means assistance in pursuing self-employed earner’s employment whilst participating in—

  • explosive actuated fastening device means a tool that is activated by an explosive charge and that is used for driving bolts, nails and similar objects for the purpose of providing fixing;

  • Furlough means a leave of absence without pay mandated by the employer because of financial exigency.

  • Protected Employees means employees of the Company who were employed by the Company at any time within six (6) months prior to the Determination Date.

  • Auxiliary Employee meaning an employee who is employed for work which is not of a continuous nature such as:

  • Transient merchant means any person who engages in a temporary or itinerant merchandising business and in the course of such business hires, leases or occupies any building or structure whatsoever, or who operates out of a vehicle which is parked anywhere within the City limits. Temporary association with a local merchant, dealer, trader or auctioneer, or conduct of such transient business in connection with, as a part of, or in the name of any local merchant, dealer, trader or auctioneer does not exempt any person from being considered a transient merchant.