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Employees in the. Gas Department who bid into a multi-qualified welder position with the minimum SMAW qualification will receive a $1.25 per hour wage premium. Once awarded the multi- qualified welder position, an employee must stay in the position for a minimum of two (2) years prior to bidding to another position unless agreed to by the Company.
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Employees in the bargaining unit who are assigned to duty during school holidays of ½ day December 24 and ½ day December 31 shall be paid for those holidays provided that they were in a paid status during any portion of the working day immediately preceding or succeeding the holiday.
Employees in the course of their employment, may be required to undergo a thorough medical examination, as required by the City, and the Medical Officer, who shall be appointed by the City, shall submit a report to the City indicating the status of the employee’s health and whether or not he/she is able to carry out the normal duties to which he/she is assigned. The costs of such medical examination will be borne by the City.
Employees in the plan may choose to have additional money deducted from their pay and contributed into their account. The employee shall inform the Employer upon ratification and on or about February 1st of each year if they wish to participate in the additional payroll deduction program or if they wish to change the deducted amount.
Employees in the. Works Section who possess a valid class "D" license and have a valid "Z" endorsement shall be paid the Heavy Equipment Operator hourly rate of pay during the period November 1st to April 30th inclusive of each year. For those employees within the Works Section possessing the valid class "D" license but not having the "Z" endorsement shall be paid the Heavy Equipment Operator hourly rate of pay while operating any vehicle not requiring the "Z" endorsement during the period November 1st to April 30th. This Article does not apply to Probationary Employees as they will be paid the Probationary rate of pay. Should an H.E.O. possessing a valid class "D" license with "Z" endorsement have these suspended for any reason, the Employee will continue to be paid the H.E.O. rate for a period of one year only from the date of license suspension, provided the Employee is not prohibited by law from operating a vehicle on a public roadway or sidewalk.
Employees in the bargaining unit shall have access to the Employer's file containing their personnel records during regular working hours and upon reasonable notice twice a year or when processing grievances, by making an appointment with the Office of Financial and Administrative Services. This file is a duplicate of the Employer's Official Personnel File which is maintained by the Department of Human Resources & Organizational Development. The employee will be provided with copies of material contained in the file, upon request. Employees have the right to have included in their Official Personnel File their written comments about the accuracy, relevance, meaning or completeness of the contents of their File. The Employer will correct any material determined by the Employer to be inaccurate. If the employee so wishes, they may be accompanied by a Union representative.

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  • Employees and Employee Benefits (a) For a period beginning on the Closing Date and continuing thereafter for 12 months, subject to any contractual obligations that may apply, TopCo shall provide, or shall cause MSLO Surviving Corporation and its Subsidiaries to provide, employees of MSLO as of the Closing who continue employment with TopCo or any of its Subsidiaries, including MSLO Surviving Corporation, following the Closing (the “Continuing Employees”) with (i) wage or base salary levels (but not any short-term incentive compensation opportunities or other bonus plans (other than the commission sales plan set forth in Section 6.11(a) of the MSLO Disclosure Schedule)) that are not less than those in effect immediately prior to the Effective Time, and (ii) employee benefits (excluding equity-based compensation) that are comparable in the aggregate to either those in effect for such Continuing Employees immediately prior to the Effective Time or those provided to similarly-situated employees of Sequential from time-to-time, provided that, (x) until December 31, 2015, Topco and the MSLO Surviving Corporation agree to keep in effect all employee benefits (excluding equity-based compensation) that are applicable to employees of MSLO as of the date hereof and (y) notwithstanding the immediately preceding clause (x), until the one year anniversary of the Closing Date, TopCo and the MSLO Surviving Corporation agree to keep in effect all severance plans, practices and policies that are applicable to employees of MSLO as of the date hereof and set forth on Section 6.11(a) of the MSLO Disclosure Schedule. Nothing herein shall be deemed to limit the right of TopCo or any of their respective Affiliates to (A) terminate the employment of any Continuing Employee at any time, (B) change or modify the terms or conditions of employment for any Continuing Employee, or (C) change or modify any Sequential Benefit Plan, MSLO Benefit Plan or other employee benefit plan or arrangement in accordance with its terms.

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