Two Years Sample Clauses

Two Years. All full-time employees who have been continuously employed by the Employer for two (2) years shall receive two (2) weeks’ vacation with full pay.
Two Years. All full-time employees who have been continuously employed by the Employer for two
Two Years. Commencing two years after the Option Date, the Option may be exercised to the extent of an additional 33% of the Option Stock, plus the Option Stock as to which the right to exercise had previously accrued but had not been exercised.
Two Years two (2) years of return service--one-third (1/3) of the amount of the 22 leave pay.
Two Years. If he chooses not to return to this job when it first becomes available, the job and shift to which he was recalled from lay-off will become his permanent job, and he will retain no other recall rights.
Two Years. Commencing from ...05-02-2012 To 04-02-2014... (three years maximum) Against a monthly basic salary of Dhs … 135,000.00 … The First Party shall provide the Employee with the following: Accommodation: … YES … Food ... YES ...

Related to Two Years

  • Years If the employee has more than one (1) year but less than three (3) years of continuous service with the Employer, a lump sum payment equal to two (2) months pay at the rate of pay the employee was earning at the time the position became redundant or surplus.

  • months The provisions of the Contract will apply (subject to any Variation or adjustment to the Contract Price pursuant to clause C4 (Price adjustment on extension of the Initial Contract Period)) throughout any such extended period.

  • year The employee shall provide medical substantiation to support her request for pregnancy leave. The request must include the beginning and ending dates of the leave and must be requested no later than thirty (30) calendar days after the birth of the child. Any changes to the leave, once approved, are permissive and subject to the approval of the department head or designee.

  • After May 1, 2019 either party may give written notice to the other party of its desire to submit resolution of the salary adjustment to interest arbitration before a three-member panel comprised of a nominee of both parties and Xxxxx Xxxxx,

  • Retention Period The Engineer shall maintain all books, documents, papers, accounting records and other evidence pertaining to costs incurred and services provided (hereinafter called the Records). The Engineer shall make the records available at its office during the contract period and for seven (7) years from the date of final payment under this contract, until completion of all audits, or until pending litigation has been completely and fully resolved, whichever occurs last.

  • Protection Period The term “Protection Period” for purposes of this Agreement shall (subject to § 1.11(f)) mean the two (2) year period which begins on a Change in Control Date.

  • Expiration No Person shall have any rights whatsoever pursuant to this Agreement or in respect of any Right after the Expiration Time, except the Rights Agent as specified in Subsection 4.1(a) of this Agreement.

  • Period 4.1. The period of the Contract is from and including (commencement date) (the “Commencement Date”) to and including (initial expiry date), unless it is terminated earlier or extended under clause 4.2.

  • Separation Date Unless otherwise provided in this Agreement, or in any agreement to be executed in connection with this Agreement, the effective time and date of each transfer of property, assumption of liability, license, undertaking, or agreement in connection with the Separation shall be 12:01 a.m., Pacific Time, February 26, 2000 or such other date as may be fixed by the Board of Directors of 3Com (the "Separation Date").

  • Coverage Period The Section A (Retrospective) Coverage Period will be the period from and including January 1, 2002 to but not including the Effective Time.