Other Provisions Sample Clauses

Other Provisions a. This Agreement shall be construed under the laws of the State of Florida, and venue for any actions arising out of this Agreement shall lie in Xxxx County.
Other Provisions. (a) NO SET-OFF
Other Provisions. This Agreement, together with the TPV and Welcome Letter, sets forth the entire agreement between you and Starion for the purchase and sale of electricity service and supersede all prior agreements, whether written or oral. Nothing in this Agreement shall create or be construed as creating any express or implied rights in any person or entity other than you and us. This Agreement is subject to all applicable statutes and to all present and future orders, rules and regulations of governmental authorities having jurisdiction over the subject matter hereof. This Agreement shall be governed by New Jersey law. You acknowledge that this Agreement is a forward contract within the meaning of the United States Bankruptcy Code and that Starion is a forward contract merchant.
Other Provisions. (a) The Participant understands and agrees that payments under this Agreement shall not be used for, or in the determination of, any other payment or benefit under any continuing agreement, plan, policy, practice or arrangement providing for the making of any payment or the provision of any benefits to or for the Participant or the Participant’s beneficiaries or representatives, including, without limitation, any employment agreement, any change of control severance protection plan or any employee benefit plan as defined in Section 3(3) of ERISA, including, but not limited to qualified and non-qualified retirement plans.
Other Provisions. (a) This Agreement and all disputes or controversies arising out of or related to this Agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the internal laws of the State of Delaware, without regard to the laws of any other jurisdiction that might be applied because of conflicts of laws principles of the State of Delaware.
Other Provisions. It is agreed that no personal liability whatsoever shall attach to, be imposed on or otherwise be incurred by any Partner, agent, management official or employee of the Transporter or any director, officer or employee of any of the foregoing, for any obligation of the Transporter arising under this Agreement or for any claim based on such obligation and that the sole recourse of Shipper under this Agreement is limited to assets of the Transporter. Upon termination of this Agreement, Shipper's and Transporter's obligations to each other arising under this Agreement, prior to the date of termination, remain in effect and are not being terminated by any provision of this Agreement.
Other Provisions. (i) The Obligor covenants that it will at all times reserve and keep available out of its authorized and unissued shares of Common Stock solely for the purpose of issuance upon conversion of this Debenture and payment of interest on this Debenture, each as herein provided, free from preemptive rights or any other actual contingent purchase rights of persons other than the Holder, not less than such number of shares of the Common Stock as shall (subject to any additional requirements of the Obligor as to reservation of such shares set forth in this Debenture) be issuable (taking into account the adjustments and restrictions of Sections 2(b) and 3(c)) upon the conversion of the outstanding principal amount of this Debenture and payment of interest hereunder. The Obligor covenants that all shares of Common Stock that shall be so issuable shall, upon issue, be duly and validly authorized, issued and fully paid, nonassessable and, if the Underlying Shares Registration Statement has been declared effective under the Securities Act, registered for public sale in accordance with such Underlying Shares Registration Statement.
Other Provisions. (a) This Agreement shall be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of Delaware.