Other Provisions Sample Clauses

Other Provisions. The provisions of this Section 3.9 regarding reimbursements to Manager shall not limit Manager’s rights under any other provision of this Agreement.
Other Provisions. It is agreed that no personal liability whatsoever shall attach to, be imposed on or otherwise be incurred by any Partner, agent, management official or employee of the Transporter or any director, officer or employee of any of the foregoing, for any obligation of the Transporter arising under this Agreement or for any claim based on such obligation and that the sole recourse of Shipper under this Agreement is limited to assets of the Transporter. Upon termination of this Agreement, Shipper's and Transporter's obligations to each other arising under this Agreement, prior to the date of termination, remain in effect and are not being terminated by any provision of this Agreement.
Other Provisions. The Fund recognizes that from time to time directors, officers and employees of ALPS may serve as directors, officers and employees of other corporations or businesses (including other investment companies) and that such other corporations and funds may include ALPS as part of their name and that ALPS or its affiliates may enter into administration or other agreements with such other corporations and funds. ALPS further acknowledges and agrees that the liabilities, obligations and expenses incurred hereunder with respect to a particular Portfolio shall be enforceable against the assets and property of such Portfolio only, and not against the assets or property of the other Portfolio or any other series of the Fund. If the Fund establishes one or more additional series with respect to which it wishes to retain ALPS to serve as administrator hereunder, it will notify ALPS in writing. If ALPS is willing to render such services under this Agreement, it will so notify the Fund in writing, whereupon such series will become a “Portfolio” as defined hereunder and will be subject to the provisions of this Agreement to the same extent as the Fund is named above, except to the extent that such provisions are modified with respect to such new Portfolio in writing by the Fund and ALPS. If the foregoing is in accordance with your understanding, will you kindly so indicate by signing and returning to us the enclosed copy hereof. Accepted: ALPS FUND SERVICES, INC. ELEVATION ETF TRUST By: By: Name: Name: Title: Title: Appendix A (as of _______, 2016)
Other Provisions. This Agreement supersedes all prior agreements and understandings (whether written or oral) between the Company and the Underwriters, or any of them, with respect to the subject matter hereof.The Company and each of the Underwriters hereby irrevocably waives, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, any and all right to trial by jury in any legal proceeding arising out of or relating to this Agreement or the transactions contemplated hereby.
Other Provisions i) Transfer Timing.
Other Provisions. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Missouri. This Agreement represents the entire agreement of the parties hereto and shall not be amended except by a written agreement signed by all the parties hereto. This Agreement supersedes any prior oral or written agreements or understandings between the Company or any affiliate of the Company and Employee. This Agreement shall not be assignable by one party without the prior written consent of the other party, except by the Company if it complies with Section 10 above. In the event one or more of the provisions contained in this Agreement or any application thereof shall be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions of this Agreement or any other application thereof shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby. Section headings herein have no legal significance.
Other Provisions. The Company may, as a condition precedent to the exercise of the Options, require Optionee (including, in the event of Optionee’s death, his legal representatives, legatees or distributees) to enter into such agreements or to make representations as may be required to make lawful the exercise of the Options and the ultimate disposition of the shares acquired by such exercise.
Other Provisions. Capitalized terms used herein and not otherwise defined shall have the meanings set forth in the Pooling Agreement. Except as amended hereby, the Pooling Agreement shall continue in full force and effect.
Other Provisions. The Macomb County Employees Retirement System is a defined benefit plan. Should that plan be modified to include a defined contribution plan, this DROP account established is only part of a defined benefit plan. It is intended that this DROP be a “forward” DROP only and contains no DROP “back” provision, which would allow members to retire retroactively.
Other Provisions. The Escrow Agent may rely upon and shall be protected in acting or refraining from acting upon any written notice, instruction or request furnished to it hereunder and believed by it to be genuine and to have been signed or presented by the proper party or parties. The Escrow Agent shall be under no duty to inquire into or investigate the validity, accuracy or content of any such document. The Escrow Agent shall be not be liable for any action taken or omitted by it in good faith unless a court of competent jurisdiction determines that the Escrow Agent's willful misconduct was the primary cause of a loss to the Parent, the Indemnification Representative, or the Holders. In the administration of this Escrow Agreement, the Escrow Agent may execute any of its powers and perform its duties hereunder directly or through agents or attorneys and may, consult with counsel, accountants and other skilled persons to be selected and retained by it. The Escrow Agent shall not be liable for anything done, suffered or omitted in good faith by it in accordance with the advice or opinion of any such counsel, accountants or other skilled persons.