The Service definition

The Service means any object of procurement other than works and goods.
The Service means Federal Medi- ation and Conciliation Service.
The Service means the Ambulance Service of New South Wales.

Examples of The Service in a sentence

  • The Service Providers to have to agree with all NHLS GeneralConditions of Bid, RFQ and Conditions of Contract (GCC) ComplyDo Not Comply Substantiation: The bidder must submit and attach to the bid response the signed and acceptedNHLS General Conditions of Bid, RFQ and Conditions of Contract (GCC).

  • The Service Contract Specialist may consult with the Agency Program Manager and/or other Agency staff as necessary to coordinate a response.

  • The Service Contract Specialist will verify the totals submitted and approve final payment.

  • The Service Delivery Budget Implementation Plan (SDBIP) will be amended accordingly where appropriate.

  • The Service Contract Specialist reviews the dispute and attempts to resolve the issue.

More Definitions of The Service

The Service means the Data Entry work which the contractor is required to provide to the user under the contract.
The Service means services you provide as part of the Scheme, as more specifically described at Paragraphs 10.18 and 10.38 to 10.39.
The Service means provide vehicles on contract or call basis.
The Service means the internet service provided by Kacific to Customer.
The Service means the “Portfolio Onlineinternet access service for online viewing of your Account.
The Service means the service mentioned in subsection (A1)(a) or (b) (as the case may be).]