Management Sample Clauses

Management. (a) The General Partner shall conduct, direct and manage all activities of the Partnership. Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement, all management powers over the business and affairs of the Partnership shall be exclusively vested in the General Partner, and no Limited Partner shall have any management power over the business and affairs of the Partnership. In addition to the powers now or hereafter granted a general partner of a limited partnership under applicable law or that are granted to the General Partner under any other provision of this Agreement, the General Partner, subject to Section 7.3, shall have full power and authority to do all things and on such terms as it determines to be necessary or appropriate to conduct the business of the Partnership, to exercise all powers set forth in Section 2.5 and to effectuate the purposes set forth in Section 2.4, including the following:
Management. Subject to the supervision of the Board of Trustees of the Trust, the Investment Adviser will provide for the management of the Fund including (i) the provision of a continuous investment program for the Fund, including investment research and management with respect to all securities, investments, cash and cash equivalents in the Fund, (ii) the determination from time to time of what securities and other investments will be purchased, retained, or sold for the Fund, and (iii) the placement from time to time of orders for all purchases and sales made for the Fund. The Investment Adviser will provide the services rendered by it hereunder in accordance with the Fund’s investment objectives, restrictions and policies as stated in the applicable Prospectus and Statement of Additional Information, provided that the Investment Adviser has notice or knowledge of any changes by the Board of Trustees to such investment objectives, restrictions or policies. The Investment Adviser further agrees that it will render to the Board of Trustees such periodic and special reports regarding the performance of its duties under this Agreement as the Board may reasonably request. The Investment Adviser agrees to provide to the Trust (or its agents and service providers) prompt and accurate data with respect to the Fund’s transactions and, where not otherwise available, the daily valuation of securities in the Fund.
Management. In accordance with Section 18-402 of the Act, management of the Company shall be vested in the Member. The Member shall have the power to do any and all acts necessary, convenient or incidental to or for the furtherance of the purposes described herein, including all powers, statutory or otherwise, possessed by members of a limited liability company under the laws of the State of Delaware. The Member has the authority to bind the Company.
Management. Except as set forth in Schedule 3(nn) hereto, during the past five year period, no current or former officer or director or, to the knowledge of the Company, no current ten percent (10%) or greater stockholder of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries has been the subject of:
Management. Subject always to the supervision of the Adviser and the Board of Trustees, Sub-Adviser will furnish an investment program in respect of, and shall have full investment authority and discretion for, all assets of the Funds and place all orders for the purchase and sale of securities, including foreign or domestic securities, and other property (including financial futures, options of any type, commodities and other derivative instruments), all on behalf of the Funds as the Sub-Adviser shall determine in accordance with each Fund’s investment restrictions, policies and Prospectus. Sub-Adviser is authorized on behalf of the Funds to: (a) enter into agreements and execute any documents (e.g., any derivatives documentation such as exchange traded and over-the-counter, as applicable) required to make investments pursuant to the Prospectus, which shall include any market and/or industry standard documentation and the standard representations contained therein; and (b) acknowledge the receipt of brokers’ risk disclosure statements, electronic trading disclosure statements and similar disclosures. The Sub-Adviser further shall have the authority to instruct the custodian to: (a) deliver or accept delivery of, upon receipt of payment or payment upon receipt of, securities, commodities or other property underlying any futures or options contracts, and other property purchased or sold in the Funds; and (b) deposit margin or collateral which shall include the transfer of money, securities, or other property to the extent necessary to meet the obligations of the Funds with respect to any investments made pursuant to the Prospectus. Adviser and/or the Fund’s custodian will handle matters relating to the Fund participating in any class action settlements and Sub-Adviser shall not have any obligations thereto. Without Adviser’s prior consent to each transaction, Sub-Adviser shall have full discretionary authority as agent and attorney-in-fact, with full power of substitution and full authority in the Fund’s name, to (a) buy, sell, hold, exchange, convert or otherwise deal in any manner in any assets; (b) place orders for the execution of such assets and other transactions with or through such brokers, dealers, counter-parties, issuers, agents or arrangers as Sub-Adviser may select; (c) execute, on behalf of the Fund, such brokerage, derivatives, subscription and other agreements and documents (including, without limitation, ISDA and LSTA documentation) as Sub-Adviser deem...
Management. Except as otherwise explicitly provided in the LLC Law, by this Agreement, or by other applicable law, the business and affairs of the Company shall be vested in the Member. The Member shall have full and complete authority, power and discretion to manage, control, operate and conduct the business, affairs and properties of the Company and to make all decisions regarding those matters and to perform any and all acts or activities customary or incident to the management or operation of the Company’s business.
Management. In response to an employee’s request for family or medical leave, Management shall indicate whether or not the employee is eligible for such leave, if such leave will be counted against the employee’s annual family or medical leave entitlement, and any requirement for the employee to furnish medical certification. Management shall notify an employee if it designates paid or unpaid leave as qualifying time taken by an employee as family or medical leave-qualifying regardless of whether or not the employee initiates a request to take family or medical leave,
Management. Subject always to the supervision of the Trust’s Board of Trustees and the Adviser, the Sub-Adviser will furnish, direct, and administer an investment program in respect of, and make investment and reinvestment decisions for, all assets of each Fund and place all orders for the purchase and sale of securities, all on behalf of each Fund. In the performance of its duties, the Sub-Adviser will satisfy its fiduciary duties to each Fund, and will monitor each Fund’s investments, and will comply with the provisions of the Trust’s Declaration of Trust and By-Laws, as amended from time to time, any policies or restrictions imposed by the Adviser and/or the Trust, and the stated investment objectives, policies and restrictions of each Fund as provided in each Fund’s prospectus and statement of additional information, as amended from time to time. The Sub-Adviser and the Adviser will each make its officers and employees available to the other from time to time at reasonable times to review investment policies of each Fund and to consult with each other regarding the investment affairs of each Fund. The Sub-Adviser shall also make itself reasonably available to the Board of Trustees at such times as the Board of Trustees shall request. The Sub-Adviser represents and warrants that it is in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations of the SEC pertaining to its investment advisory activities and agrees that it:
Management. The power and authority to manage, direct and control the Company will be vested solely in the Member.
Management. (a) (i) Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement, full, complete and exclusive discretion to manage and control the business and affairs of the Partnership are and shall be vested in the General Partner, and no Limited Partner shall have any right to participate in or exercise control or management power over the business and affairs of the Partnership.