Five Year Period definition

Five Year Period means the initial five (5) year period, commencing the date of an ILEC's notification of its election into the Oklahoma Plan.
Five Year Period means (i) in respect of the Liquidity Facilities, the period of five years from the date of the Borrower Liquidity Facility Agreement or the Issuer Liquidity Facility Agreement (as applicable) as such period may be extended or renewed, with respect to one or more Borrower Liquidity Facility Providers or Issuer Liquidity Facility Providers (as applicable) in accordance with the terms of the relevant Liquidity Facility Agreement; and (ii) in all other respects, each consecutive period of five years commencing from 1 April 2008.
Five Year Period means every five (5) consecutive Periods of Insurance of this Policy, which will be used to calculate the Premium Refund Benefit to the Insured Person within the Five Year Period. Any Period of Insurance within a Five Year Period will not be included under any other Five Year Period.

Examples of Five Year Period in a sentence

  • Such holdover Lessee shall be obligated to pay the DPL a holdover fee during the holdover period of not less than 150% of the monthly-prorated Base Rent and Additional Rent for the Five Year Period immediately preceding the holder period as provided in Article 5A.

  • The Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Strategy Officer, (CSO) and other senior administrative officers are responsible to the Council, through the President and Principal for the oversight and leadership of the professional administrative and support services in accordance with their remits and the financial regulations.

  • The general milestones set forth for the First Five Year Period of the 2007 FAD remain relevant and form the basis for program implementation during the Second Five Year Period of the 2007 FAD.

  • Prior to the occurrence of a Trigger Event, the Borrower Security Trustee will not be entitled to request the review of the information provided to it by the Security Group Agent, the Auditors or (as the case may be) Reporting Accountants at the cost of the Obligors on more than five occasions in any Five Year Period.

  • In addition, during the First Five Year Period, the City committed to engaging in activities in a number of additional programs other than land acquisition (“Other Programs”).

More Definitions of Five Year Period

Five Year Period has the meaning set forth in Section 2.8(a).
Five Year Period means the five-year period starting on the first day of the Supply Period, and each succeeding five-year period. Proprietary and Confidential Xxxxxx LLC and Coffeyville Resources Nitrogen Fertilizers, LLC Hazardous Substances means all materials or substances regulated as a toxic or hazardous under any Laws, because of its potential risk to human health or the environment, including, all materials or substances containing any of the hazardous characteristics or constituents set forth in 40 C.F.R. §261.20 et seq., listed as a hazardous waste pursuant to 40 C.F.R. §261.30, defined as a hazardous substance in the CERCLA, or defined as a toxic hazardous waste in the Solid Waste Disposal Act, 42 U.S.C. §6901 et seq. or of uncontained oil and petroleum and their byproducts. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Hazardous Substances, with respect to Xxxxxx, shall be limited only to those Hazardous Substances used by Xxxxxx on the Xxxxxx Site.
Five Year Period means the five-year period immediately following the Distribution Date.
Five Year Period means, with respect to a request for additional Capital Contributions pursuant to Section 4.3(e)(ii)(A)(1) of the Partnership Agreement, (a) the period beginning on the Phase 1 Project FID date and ending (i) if the Phase 1 Project FID Date occurs on or before June 30 in a calendar year, on the last day of the calendar year that is four years after the calendar year in which the Phase 1 Project FID date occurs, and (ii) if the Phase 1 Project FID Date occurs on or after July 1 in a calendar year, on the last day of the calendar year that is five years after the calendar year in which the Phase 1 Project FID date occurs, and (b) each five full calendar year period thereafter.
Five Year Period as defined in Section 6.h.
Five Year Period means the period of five years starting on the 1 September 2014;
Five Year Period means a funding period in respect of the Site, usually five yearly but for such period as shall be determined by HDR UK Ltd from time to time;