Limited Partnership Sample Clauses

Limited Partnership. Fifth Cinven Fund (No. 3)
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Limited Partnership. DO NOT NEED RESOLUTION Signed by any general partner (limited partner cannot sign.) Witnessed by any other person.
Limited Partnership. If the Single Purpose Entity is a limited partnership, to be a special purpose entity, all of its general partners shall be special purpose entities. If such limited partnership has more than one general partner, then such limited partnership shall continue (and not dissolve) for so long as a solvent general partner exists. Consequently, both the limited partnership’s partnership agreement and the certificate of incorporation of its general partner(s) will have to meet certain requirements to be considered special purpose entities. Such requirements are as follows:
Limited Partnership. The Company has been formed as a limited partnership under and pursuant to the Delaware Act. The Board of Directors and the Partners specifically intend and agree that the Company shall, for purposes of the Code and state tax laws, be classified as a partnership and none of them shall make any election or take any other action that would cause their relationship under this Agreement to be excluded from the application of all or any part of Subchapter K of the Code (or any successor provisions). The Partners specifically intend and agree that the Company shall be a limited partnership pursuant to the Delaware Act and not any other type of venture.
Limited Partnership. If Landlord herein is a limited partnership, it is understood and agreed that any claims by Tenant against Landlord shall be limited to the assets of the limited partnership. Tenant expressly waives any and all rights to proceed against the individual partners, or its officers, directors and shareholders or any corporate partners, except to the extent of their interest in such limited partnership.
Limited Partnership. Fifth Cinven Fund (No. 6) Limited Partnership Fifth Cinven Fund Co-Investment Partnership Fifth Cinven Fund FCP-SIF
Limited Partnership. A limited partnership is a partnership with at least one general partner and one or more limited partners. Limited partners can have no management responsibility and their liability is limited to their investment. General partners provide all the management and take all of the risks. Limited partnerships are taxed like gen- eral partnerships, except that income allocated to limited partners is not subject to self-employ- ment tax. Family limited partnership is the name commonly used when only family members are allowed as partners. Typically, some family members are general partners or an entity, a cor- poration or a limited liability company is created to be the general partner. Other family mem- bers would then be the limited partners. Family limited partnerships have been used to limit exposure to lawsuits, divorce, employee actions and risky investments. Limited partnerships are also used in estate planning. Often the family member with assets is made a limited partner. This person makes annual gifts of limited part- nership interest to children and grandchildren. Because limited partners are not allowed any management over their investment (gift) and cannot control the business, discounting the value of limited partnership interest is accepted and may facilitate estate planning/transfer. Summary Business owners should consider many fac- tors when choosing a business structure. Cir- cumstances unique to a particular farm or ranch may dictate the choice of one form over another. The choice of business entity operating structure can have both long-term and short-term conse- quences. It is wise to seek professional advice from a certified public accountant or tax prepar- er, a legal advisor, a lender, and other resource people in both the planning process and the actual creation of the business entity. References Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxx X., Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx and Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx. Principles of Accounting, 4th Edition. Dame Publications, Inc., Houston, TX. 1988. Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx. Planning the Financial/ Organizational Structure of Farm and Agribusiness Firms: A Primer. Staff Paper P92-24, Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of Minnesota, St. Xxxx, MN. 1992. Xxxx, Xxxx X. Farm Estate & Business Planning, 10th Edition. Century Communications, Niles, IL. 1988. Xxxx, Xxxxx X. and Xxxxxxxx X. Xxxx. Farm Organization Options. Staff Paper 2001-43, Department of Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI. 2001.
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Limited Partnership. 48. A US Pledge and Security Agreement dated 21 December 2004 granted by Theseus No. 1 Limited and Theseus No. 2 Limited in favour of Barclays Bank Plc, as security trustee, in respect of the shares in TCI/US West Cable Communications Group.
Limited Partnership. The Limited Partnership Agreement shall be amended in a manner that has or could reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect, or any successor or additional General Partner shall fail to execute, concurrently upon succeeding as or becoming a General Partner, such agreements as the Administration Agent shall reasonably request in order to preserve and protect the rights, remedies and interests of the Lenders under the Credit Facility Documents.
Limited Partnership. American Income 6 Limited Partnership; American Income 7 Limited Partnership; American Income 8 Limited Partnership; American Income Partners III-A Limited Partnership; American Income Partners III-B Limited Partnership; American Income Partners III-C Limited Partnership; American Income Partners III-D Limited Partnership; American Income Partners IV-A Limited Partnership; American Income Partners IV-B Limited Partnership; American Income Partners IV-C Limited Partnership; American Income Partners IV-D Limited Partnership; American Income Partners V-A Limited Partnership; American Income Partners V-B Limited Partnership; American Income Partners V-C Limited Partnership; American Income Partners V-D Limited Partnership; American Income Fund I-B, a Massachusetts Limited Partnership; American Income Fund I-C, a Massachusetts Limited Partnership; American Income Fund I-D, a Massachusetts Limited Partnership; and American Income Fund I-E, a Massachusetts Limited Partnership. Excluded from the Class are the Defendants, members of the immediate families of each of the Individual Defendants, any entity in which any Defendant has a controlling interest, and the legal representatives, heirs, successors, predecessors in interest, or assigns of any of the Defendants. Also for purposes of the proposed Settlement the Court has certified plaintiff City Partnership Co. as the Class Representative.
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