Section 4.7 Sample Clauses

Section 4.7. 2 Representatives of the Association, upon making their presence known to the District, shall have access 3 to the District premises during non-duty hours, provided, that no conferences or meetings between 4 employees and Association representatives will in any way hamper or obstruct the normal flow of work.
Section 4.7. 24 The responsibility for the prompt removal of notices from the bulletin boards after they have served 25 their purpose shall rest with the individual who posted such notices.
Section 4.7. 9 The District shall provide bulletin board space in each school for use of the Association. The bulletins 10 posted by the Association are the responsibility of the officials of the Association. Each bulletin shall 11 be signed by the Association official responsible for its posting. Unsigned notices or bulletins may not 12 be posted. There shall be no other distribution or posting by employees or the Association of 13 pamphlets, advertising, political matters, notices of any kind, or literature on District property, other 14 than herein provided. The District reserves the right to post notices, announcements, etc., which are of 15 interest and concern to Association members.
Section 4.7. 47 Employees working during the time that an Association membership meeting that is being held outside 48 meeting without loss of pay (Intent: employee will use their two (2) fifteen (15) minute breaks and 1 their one-half (1/2) hour lunch break as part of the ninety (90) minutes). Employees shall work with 2 their supervisor to adjust their schedule so that they can attend the Association membership meeting. 6 A R T I C L E V 8 APPROPRIATE MATTERS FOR CONSULTATION AND NEGOTIATION
Section 4.7. 9 A teacher shall be notified immediately in any instance in which a student or parent 8 instigates any grievance procedure (formal or informal) relative to any student disciplinary matter in 9 which the teacher may be involved and all involved teachers shall be apprised of the status and 10 disposition of all such student disciplinary appeals. 11
Section 4.7. 38 Within sixty (60) calendar days each new hire shall be offered the opportunity during the workday to 39 meet with a representative from the Union for no less than thirty (30) minutes to give an overview of the 40 Association and the rights of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The District will offer space for the 41 Union to provide this service on early release days throughout the school year. 42 44 45 46 47 48 1 A R T I C L E V 3 APPROPRIATE MATTERS FOR CONSULTATION AND NEGOTIATION 4 5 Section 5.1. Negotiation. 6 The parties have an obligation to negotiate and bargain in good faith as directed by RCW 41.56 in regard 7 to wages, hours, grievance procedures, and general working conditions of the employees in the bargaining 8 unit subject to this Agreement.
Section 4.7. 41 Representatives of the Association, upon making their presence known to the 42 District, with approval of the Superintendent, shall have access to the District premises during business 43 hours, provided, that no conferences or meetings between employees and Association representatives 44 will in any way hamper or obstruct the normal flow of work, permission shall not be unreasonably 45 withheld.
Section 4.7. 1 The building administrator and teachers in a school building shall confer at least 44 annually in order to develop and/or review building and District disciplinary standards and uniform 45 enforcement of those standards. This meeting may also be used to update all teachers regarding 46 applicable federal, state and local laws and District rules, regulations and procedures pertaining to 47 students’ rights and processing of student discipline. Such meetings shall be held no later than October 48 1 of each school year.
Section 4.7. 22 The Association and its representatives shall have the right to use employee mail boxes and/or the 00 Xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx service to communicate to its members. This shall include freedom from any 24 censorship or screening by the District prior to distribution. The Association shall have the right to use 25 District buildings for meetings and to transact official business on District property at all reasonable 26 times, provided that such activities do not interfere with nor interrupt normal District operations or 27 other scheduled building activities as determined by checking with the appropriate administrator and 28 completing facility use forms. The Association shall hold the District harmless from all liability, 29 damages of any kind, and costs of attorney fees in defending the legality of this section.
Section 4.7. 13 The President of the Association and designated representatives will be provided time off without loss 14 of pay to a maximum of five (5) workdays per year to attend regional or state meetings when the 15 purpose of those meetings is in the best interest of the District as determined by the District 16 administration.