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Business and Affairs of the Company. The business and affairs of the Company shall be managed, operated and controlled by or under the direction of the Board, and the Board shall have, and is hereby granted, the full and complete power, authority and discretion for, on behalf of and in the name of the Company, to take such actions as it may in its sole discretion deem necessary or advisable to carry out any and all of the objectives and purposes of the Company, subject only to the terms of this Agreement, including Section 6.3(a).
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Business and Affairs of the Company. The Shareholders shall cause such meeting to be held, votes to be cast, resolutions to be passed, by-laws to be made and confirmed, documents to be executed and all other things and acts to be done to ensure that, at all times, the following provisions are in effect or are complied with, or with respect to any provision which is not entirely within the control or power of the Shareholders to cause compliance therewith, the Shareholders .shall use their best efforts to cause such compliance to occur.
Business and Affairs of the Company. 4.0 The business and affairs of the Company shall be managed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall initially consist of five directors, including (i) the CEO, (ii) One outside Director selected by the management group, (iii)1 person designated by the [Insert Angel Group name] holders of the Series A Preferred Stock (the “Voting Trustee”) and (iv) two individuals knowledgeable in the industry who are not otherwise affiliated with the Company who are approved by the other two statutory directors (the CEO and the Voting Trustee). The initial Voting Trustee will be designated by the Investors during preparation of documents. Subsequently, any Director that resigns will designate a successor, subject to approval by the Investors. Three (3) directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business at any meeting of the board of directors. At all meetings of the board of directors, every motion to be carried must receive a majority of the votes cast, subject to the provisions of subparagraphs 4.4 and 4.5. Unless otherwise agreed, board meetings will be held at the head office of the Company.
Business and Affairs of the Company. 5 2.1 Listings 5 2.2 Board of Directors 5
Business and Affairs of the Company. 6 2.1 Board of Directors 6 2.2 Company to Endorse and Vote 7
Business and Affairs of the Company 

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