Cash on Hand definition

Cash on Hand means, as of any date, all xxxxx cash, vault cash, teller cash, ATM cash, prepaid postage and cash equivalents held at a Branch.
Cash on Hand means all cash, cash equivalents, marketable securities and short-term investments of the Company Group, in each case determined in accordance with GAAP and expressed in U.S. dollars. For the avoidance of doubt, “Cash on Hand” shall be calculated net of issued but uncleared checks and drafts and shall include checks, other wire transfers and drafts deposited or available for deposit in the accounts of the Company Group.
Cash on Hand means, on any day, the sum of the amount of cash, Cash Equivalents and other short-term investments of the Consolidated Companies as set forth on the balance sheet of the Consolidated Companies on the last day of each calendar month ending during the four fiscal quarters most recently ended on or prior to such day, divided by twelve (it being understood that such amount shall exclude in any event any cash and Cash Equivalents identified on such balance sheet as “restricted” or otherwise subject to a security interest in favor of any other Person (other than non-consensual Liens permitted under Section 7.01)).

Examples of Cash on Hand in a sentence

  • Low Acceptable Moderate High Significant Ratio is greater than (>) 1.5 Ratio is between 1.35 – 1.5 Ratio is between 1.2 – 1.35 Ratio is between 1.0 – 1.2 Ratio is less than (<) 1.0 Unrestricted Days of Cash on Hand Unrestricted Days Cash = Days Cash ÷ [(Total Expenses – Depreciation Expense) ÷ 365] The unrestricted days of cash on hand provides the number of days a school can pay its current expenses without another inflow of cash.

  • Prior to Closing, ERC shall liquidate all of its cash equivalents to cash, as necessary to permit ERC to deliver the Distributable Cash on Hand in accordance herewith in the form of cash, and not cash equivalents.

  • The Company will furnish or cause to be furnished an annual budget providing for the repair and maintenance of the Projects sufficient to ensure that the Company’s Days Cash on Hand Covenant, the Parity Coverage Requirement, the Repair and Replacement Fund covenant set forth in clause (iii) above and the Supplemental Reserve Fund covenant set forth in this clause (iv) are met.

  • So long as the Guaranty is in effect, the Company shall cause the Guarantor to deliver information concerning the Guarantor as set forth in Sections 2.4(b)(v)(C)(I) and 2.4(b)(v)(C)(II) hereof, provided that the Guarantor need not report information relating to any Days Cash on Hand or its Debt Service Coverage Ratio.

  • On each June 30, commencing June 30, 2021, the Tenant shall have a balance of cash and unrestricted available funds on hand in an amount at least equal to 45 Days Cash on Hand.

More Definitions of Cash on Hand

Cash on Hand means as of any date of determination, the aggregate amount of unrestricted cash and Cash Equivalents of the Company and its Restricted Subsidiaries as set forth in the most recent Consolidated balance sheet of the Company and its Restricted Subsidiaries delivered to the Administrative Agent in accordance with Section 7.1.
Cash on Hand means all cash and cash equivalents, calculated as of 12:01 a.m., Eastern Time on the date of calculation, determined in accordance with GAAP.
Cash on Hand shall have the meaning specified in Section 2.1(a)(13).
Cash on Hand means an amount equal to the amount of cash and Cash Equivalents on deposit in the Cash Collateral Accounts less the aggregate amount of accounts payable and other unpaid expenses of the Warnaco Entities which, in Group’s reasonable judgment, are in excess of ordinary course accounts payable and unpaid expenses as certified in a certificate of a Responsible Officer of Group delivered to the Administrative Agent prior to the repurchase of any Senior Notes.
Cash on Hand means, as of any date of determination, an amount equal to (i) the aggregate amount of unrestricted cash and Temporary Cash Investments of the Loan Parties as of such date plus (ii) the aggregate amount of cash and Temporary Cash Investments of the Loan Parties pledged to the Collateral Agent in favor of the Secured Parties to secure the Obligation as of such date.
Cash on Hand means all xxxxx cash, vault cash, and teller cash located at the Branch Office.