Action Taken Sample Clauses

Action Taken. Within thirty (30) days of adjournment, the Appellate Review Body may affirm, modify or reverse the adverse result or action, or in its discretion, may refer the matter back to the Hearing Committee for further review and recommendation to be returned to it within twenty (20) days and in accordance with its instructions. Within ten (10) days after receipt of such recommendation from the Hearing Committee the Appellate Review Body shall take action.
Action Taken. Xxxxxx Xxxxx made a motion to approve the April 13, 2017 minutes and Xxxxx Xxxxxx seconded. The motion was approved unanimously.
Action Taken. 2013-2014 Labor Agreement between Racine Unified School District and Service Employees International Union Local 152 Secretaries/Clerks Table of Contents Preamble 1 Section 1: Recognition 1 Section 2: Salary 1 Section 3: Invalid by Operation of Law 1 Section 4: Duration 1 Section 5: Signatures 2 Exhibit 1: Salary Schedule 3
Action Taken. This action/information satisfies my request/concern. □ This action/information does not satisfy my request/concern and I will be submitting this issue to the formal grievance process. Employee Name and Signature Date Service Employees International Union, Local 925 (SEIU 925) Appendix D STEP 1 – INITIATION OF GRIEVANCE TO SUPERVISOR Employee’s Name: Address: APT# City: State: Zip: Phone/Home: Work: Pager: Cell: Employer/Dept/Div: Work Location: Shift/Work Days: Job Title: Date of Hire : Rate of Pay : yr/hr : Immediate Supervisor’s Name: Xxxxxxx’x Name: Date of Incident: Was this issue discussed with your supervisor (date): Statement of Grievance: (be specific; use back of form or separate sheet, if necessary.) Remedy of Grievance :
Action Taken. Labor Agreement between Racine Unified School District and Carpenters of Racine Unified School District July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014
Action Taken. Action is taken under this Section 6.11. only if at the end of the time stated in the notice, the affirmative vote for such action equals or exceeds the minimum number of votes that would be necessary to take such action at a meeting at which all of the members of the Standards Board then in office were present and voted.
Action Taken. The leave request is: granted denied. If denied, the reasons for the denial are as follows: Date Superintendent Appendix L Chehalis School District Shared CEA Leave Recipient Form Employee Name: Date: Because of a personal illness or injury, not governed by any other illness or accident wage provisions, I am requesting consideration for leave sharing for the following reason(s): Description of condition or diagnosis: Please attach an attending physician’s statement of condition in order to receive appropriate consideration. Estimated leave days requested: Having read and understood the guidelines governing eligibility for leave sharing and believing my circumstances apply, I authorize the District to release pertinent information relative to my leave sharing request. Employee Signature ……………………………………………………………………………………………… Qualifications:
Action Taken. 1) Principal Request Approved Request Denied Principal’s Signature: Date:
Action Taken. In 2005, the Village and Township began discussions about these mutual concerns. They agreed that more should be done to prepare for future growth. As larger developers begin looking at projects in the Township and Village, their respective zoning will come under increasingly rigorous scrutiny and challenge. Those discussions carried over into conversations with neighboring townships. There was agreement that more should be done and that all of the townships should work together in their individual efforts. The municipalities realized that new, so-called "smart growth" land use policies needed to be adopted in order to effectively balance these many competing interests. There were several basic strategies identified in these exchanges for preserving critical natural resources, including encouraging redevelopment in and around the Village. The horror stories from rural peers in southeast Michigan during the building boom of the 1990s resonated deeply in encouraging this collaboration and proactive planning. Despite some past differences, the Township and Village took the dialogue one step further by considering the formation of a joint municipal planning commission under the new enabling statute (Public Act 226 of 2003). Consideration was originally given to creating a four-township planning commission including the Village of Mayville as the commercial and residential center for the townships of Fremont, Dayton, Watertown and Rich (Lapeer County). The three other townships demonstrated some interest in the concept, but were ultimately too skeptical of such a new and large venture. The neighboring townships agreed to support Mayville and Fremont in their efforts and collaborate on land use issues in the region, with a watchful eye towards possibly joining the planning commission if it proves to be more effective. March 30, 2006 Page 4 of Partnerships for Change Proposal Mayville Area Planning Commission In 2006, the Village and Township finalized the agreement to create a joint planning commission, proudly joining only one other community in the state to do so. Their first two important goals were to complete a new master plan for the entire township and village, while collaborating with other stakeholders and neighboring jurisdictions on various land use issues, and then to promulgate anew joint zoning ordinance for both jurisdictions based on this plan. In researching a master plan, they also identified the need for a comprehensive community recreation pl...
Action Taken. 2013-2014 Labor Agreement between Racine Unified School District and Service Employees International Union Local 152 Building Service Employees