Contractual Arrangements Sample Clauses

Contractual Arrangements. (a) Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, the Concessionaire may enter into such Contractual Arrangements as it may deem fit and, effective from the Commercial Operations Date of a Project Facility, grant in accordance with the terms thereof the possession of the relevant area of the Project Facility/Project Site to such Person (hereinafter the “Contractual Counter Parties”); provided that the use of Project shall not comprise the Prohibited Activities as for the applicable laws for the site jurisdiction and also not in competition with the activities of Authority.
Contractual Arrangements. Related Services
Contractual Arrangements. (a) Effective as of the Distribution Date, Xxxxxxx and Energizer shall enter into a tax sharing agreement, substantially in the form attached to this Agreement as Exhibit A ("Tax Sharing Agreement").
Contractual Arrangements. At the Closing, effective immediately prior to the Offer Closing Time, (a) Daka shall execute and deliver to International a Bill xx Sale, in a form mutually reasonably agreed to between UCRI and Compass (the "Daka Xxxx xx Sale"); (b) International shall execute and deliver to UCRI a Bill xx Sale, in a form mutually reasonably agreed to between UCRI and Compass (the "International Bill xx Sale"); (c) UCRI, International and Daka shall enter into an Assignment and Assumption Agreement in a form mutually reasonably agreed to between UCRI and Compass regarding the UCRI Assets and the UCRI Liabilities (the "Assignment and Assumption Agreement"); (d) UCRI, International, Daka and Compass shall enter into license agreements in forms mutually reasonably agreed to among them with regard to the use, without charge, by Compass or its Subsidiaries of the "French Quarter Coffee," "Good Natured Cafe" and "Leo's Deli" names and marks. SECTION 5.3
Contractual Arrangements. This framework was advertised via the Official Journal of the European Union and selection and award of the service provider is in accordance with the EU Directives under the Restricted procedure. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency [DVLA] (on behalf of the Secretary of State for Transport) will act as the Supervisory Authority for this Framework. The Framework will be available for use by all Central Government Departments, their Executive Agencies and Non Departmental public bodies, including local/unitary authorities. Separate Call-Off contracts will be raised by individual contracting authorities in accordance with the terms of the Framework and all contractual engagement thereafter will be between the service provider and the contracting authority. In line with the terms of the individual contracts, all settlement of invoices for service provision will be the responsibility of the relevant individual contracting authority. The Framework will operate for a period of 3 years with an option to extend for a further one year. Call-Off contracts on the framework can be extended past the expiry date of the Framework. However, this should not be done in order to circumvent the EU rules on competition. The Framework commencement date is 9 March 2012 and any Call-Off contracts can start from that date. In line with UK Government transparency guidelines, publication of contract award details in respect of each contract let against the framework will reside with the contracting authority in each case. The overall aim of the Framework is to generate a reduction in transaction costs in direct proportion to the scale of take-up and transaction throughput. This will be generated by the instigation of a transaction cost reduction when pre-determined milestones of volumes have been achieved.
Contractual Arrangements. Nothing in this Requirement precludes a contractual arrangement between CMHSPs/PIHPs which specifies conditions, standards, or protocols other than those contained in this document, so long as those provisions are consistent with statute and regulation and do not violate provisions found elsewhere in this contract. When such arrangements provide for the permanent transfer of responsibility, the following conditions must be met.