To Maintain Sample Clauses

To Maintain. Corporate Existence and Security - shall maintain its corporate existence, shall maintain the security hereby created as valid, effective and perfected security at all times, shall observe and perform all of its obligations under leases, licences and other agreements to which it is a party so as to preserve and protect the Collateral and its value;
To Maintain. (i) At all times a Maximum Leverage Ratio, the ratio of total unsubordinated liabilities to tangible net worth of not greater than 0.80 to 1.0.
To Maintain. Corporate Existence - shall preserve and maintain its existence, and its material rights, franchises, licences and privileges in the jurisdiction of its incorporation and shall advise the Holder promptly in writing in advance of any proposed change in its name;
To Maintain. Security - except for the filing of renewal statements and the making of other filings by the Holder as a secured party hereunder, shall take all action and supply the Holder with all information necessary to maintain the Security Interest as a valid and effective security at all times so long as any Obligations Secured are outstanding hereunder;
To Maintain. 7.1 The Lessee must keep and maintain the Premises in good condition and free from hazards. For example (but without limitation), the Lessee must:
To Maintain. (a) its existence as a limited liability company incorporated in England and Wales;

Related to To Maintain

  • Duty to Maintain During the term of this Agreement, Consultant/Licensor shall use its best efforts to maintain in full force and effect U.S. federal registrations for the Consultant/Licensor Marks.

  • Failure to Maintain If Tenant fails to maintain any insurance coverage that Tenant is required to maintain under this Paragraph 21, and Landlord incurs any liability to its insurance carrier arising out of Tenant's failure to so maintain such insurance coverage, then any and all loss or damage Landlord shall sustain by reason thereof, including attorneys' fees and costs, shall be borne by Tenant and shall be immediately paid by Tenant upon its receipt of a bill xxxrefor and evidence of such loss. Nothing contained in this Paragraph 21.E shall be deemed to limit or affect any other remedies or rights available to Landlord under this Lease that arise from Tenant's failure to so maintain such insurance coverage.

  • Failure to Maintain Insurance Failure on the part of the Consultant to maintain the insurance as required shall constitute a material breach of contract, upon which the City may, after giving five (5) business days’ notice to the Consultant to correct the breach, immediately terminate this Agreement or, at its discretion, procure or renew such insurance and pay any and all premiums in connection therewith, with any sums so expended to be repaid to the City on demand, or at the sole discretion of the City, offset against funds due the Consultant from the City.

  • Failure to Maintain Financial Viability The System Agency may terminate the Contract if, in its sole discretion, the System Agency has a good faith belief that Grantee no longer maintains the financial viability required to complete the services and Deliverables, or otherwise fully perform its responsibilities under the Contract.

  • Failure to Maintain Coverage Consultant agrees to suspend and cease all operations hereunder during such period of time if the required insurance coverage is not in effect and evidence of insurance has not been furnished to LAFCO. LAFCO shall have the right to withhold any payment due Consultant until Consultant has fully complied with the insurance provisions of this Agreement. In the event that the Consultant’s operations are suspended for failure to maintain required insurance coverage, the Consultant shall not be entitled to an extension of time for completion of the Work because of production lost during suspension.

  • RECORDS MAINTENANCE The CONTRACTOR shall maintain books, records, documents, data and other evidence relating to this contract and performance of the services described herein, including but not limited to accounting procedures and practices that sufficiently and properly reflect all direct and indirect costs of any nature expended in the performance of this contract. CONTRACTOR shall retain such records for a period of six years following the date of final payment. At no additional cost, these records, including materials generated under the contract, shall be subject at all reasonable times to inspection, review or audit by the AGENCY, personnel duly authorized by the AGENCY, the Office of the State Auditor, and federal and state officials so authorized by law, regulation or agreement. If any litigation, claim or audit is started before the expiration of the six (6) year period, the records shall be retained until all litigation, claims, or audit findings involving the records have been resolved.

  • Maintenance of Tangible Net Worth The Seller shall not permit its Tangible Net Worth at any time to be less than [***].

  • Maintenance of Net Worth The Parent shall at all times maintain an Adjusted Net Worth of not less than the Minimum Tangible Net Worth.

  • Executive Office; Maintenance of Offices The Seller shall give Ally Auto written notice within ten (10) days of any relocation of its principal executive office if, as a result of such relocation, the applicable provisions of the UCC would require the filing of any amendment of any previously filed financing or continuation statement or of any new financing statement. The Seller shall at all times maintain each office from which it originates Receivables and its principal executive office within the United States of America.

  • RECORDS MANAGEMENT AND MAINTENANCE A. CONTRACTOR, its officers, agents, employees and subcontractors shall, throughout the term of this Agreement, prepare, maintain and manage records appropriate to the services provided and in accordance with this Agreement and all applicable requirements.