The Investment definition

The Investment means the Index Twin-Win 2.
The Investment means the Gold Twin-Win 2.
The Investment. Adviser shall oversee the management of the International Portfolio by the Subadviser. The Investment Adviser shall manage directly, and the Subadviser shall not be responsible for the management of, any portion of the Fund's portfolio not designated as part of the International Portfolio. The Investment Adviser shall determine on a continuous basis, upon consultation with the Subadviser, the allocation of the Fund's assets among countries. The Subadviser shall not be responsible for the provision of administrative, bookkeeping or accounting services to the Fund, except as otherwise provided herein or as may be necessary for the Subadviser to supply to the Investment Adviser, the Fund or its Trustees the information required to be supplied under this Agreement. In the performance of the Subadviser's duties hereunder, the Subadviser is and shall be an independent contractor and unless otherwise expressly provided herein or otherwise authorized in writing, shall have no authority to act for or represent the Fund in any way or otherwise be deemed to be an agent of the Fund or of the Investment Adviser. The Subadviser will make its officers and employees available to meet with the Fund's officers and Trustees at least quarterly on due notice to review the investments and investment program of the Fund in the light of current and prospective economic and market conditions.

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  • The Investment Management Fee shall be equal to: (i) 50% of the monthly management fee rate (including performance adjustments, if any) that the Portfolio is obligated to pay the Advisor under its Management Contract with the Advisor, multiplied by: (ii) the fraction equal to the net assets of the Portfolio as to which the Sub-Advisor shall have provided investment management services divided by the net assets of the Portfolio for that month.

  • The Investment Committee shall then decide on the course of action.

  • The Investment committee shall then decide on the course of action.

  • The Investment Manager may at its expense employ others to provide all or any part of such facilities and personnel.

  • The Investment Manager will endeavour to manage credit risk through in-house credit analysis.

  • The Investment Adviser accepts such appointment and agrees to render the services herein set forth for the compensation herein provided.

  • The Investment Company may disclose shareholder/customer non-public information (“NPI”) to FAS as agent of the Investment Company and solely in furtherance of fulfilling FAS’s contractual obligations under this Agreement in the ordinary course of business to support the Investment Company and its shareholders.

  • The Investment Company hereby appoints FAS as Administrator for the period on the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.

  • The Investment Company, or the Investment Company's authorized representatives, shall have access to such books and records at all times during FAS's normal business hours.

  • The Investment Company Act defines a majority-owned subsidiary of a person as a company 50% or more of the outstanding voting securities of which are owned by such person, or by another company which is a majority-owned subsidiary of such person.

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The Investment means the Fixed Income Note 6.
The Investment means every kind of assets owned or controlled directly or indirectly, by the investor , and includes:
The Investment means the Protected Investment Bond 21.

Related to The Investment

  • PIPE Investment has the meaning specified in the Recitals hereto.

  • Nonpurpose Investment means any investment property (as defined in Section 148(b) of the Code) that is acquired with the Gross Proceeds of the Funding Loan and which is not acquired to carry out the governmental purpose of the Funding Loan.

  • Portfolio Investment means any Investment held by the Borrower and its Subsidiaries in their asset portfolio.

  • Minimum Investment means an investment in the project of at least two and one‑half million dollars within the investment period. If a county has an average annual unemployment rate of at least twice the state average during the last twenty‑four month period based on data available on the most recent November first, the minimum investment is one million dollars. The department shall designate these reduced investment counties by December thirty‑first of each year using data from the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce and the United States Department of Commerce. The designations are effective for a sponsor whose fee agreement is signed in the calendar year following the county designation. For all purposes of this chapter, the minimum investment may include amounts expended by a sponsor or sponsor affiliate as a nonresponsible party in a voluntary cleanup contract on the property pursuant to Article 7, Chapter 56, Title 44, the Brownfields Voluntary Cleanup Program, if the Department of Health and Environmental Control certifies completion of the cleanup. If the amounts under the Brownfields Voluntary Cleanup Program equal at least one million dollars, the investment threshold requirement of this chapter is deemed to have been met.

  • Eligible Investment means any investment that at the time of its acquisition is one or more of the following:

  • Investment is any beneficial ownership interest in any Person (including stock, partnership interest or other securities), and any loan, advance or capital contribution to any Person.

  • covered investment means, with respect to a Party, an investment in its territory of an investor of the other Party in existence as of the date of entry into force of this Treaty or established, acquired, or expanded thereafter.

  • Qualified equity investment means any equity investment in, or long-term debt security issued by, a qualified community development entity that:

  • Widely Held Fixed Investment Trust as that term is defined in Treasury Regulations section 1.671-5(b)(22) or successor provisions.

  • Private Investment means a securities offering that is exempt from registration under certain provisions of the U.S. securities laws and/or similar laws of non-U.S. jurisdictions. It includes investments in hedge funds, private equity funds, limited partnerships, real estate, peer to peer lending clubs and private businesses.

  • Permissible Investment means the investments specified by the Employer as available for investment of assets of the Trust and agreed to by the Trustee. The Permissible Investments under the Plan shall be listed in the Service Agreement.

  • Portfolio Investments has the meaning set forth in the introductory section of this Agreement.

  • Investments as defined in Section 7.8.

  • Other Investments means assets which are not Direct Investments or Underlying Funds.

  • Approved Investment means any type of security, participation or interest in property in which Cash Collateral may be invested or reinvested, as set forth on Schedule I hereto (which may be amended from time to time to add additional Approved Investments with the written consent of the Bank and the Lender, or to delete any Approved Investment at the written direction of the Lender).

  • Capital investment means an investment in real property, personal property, or both, at a

  • Special Purpose Investment Personnel means each SEI Access Person who, in connection with his or her regular functions (including, where appropriate, attendance at Board meetings and other meetings at which the official business of a Trust or any Fund thereof is discussed or carried on), obtains contemporaneous information regarding the purchase or sale of a Security by a Fund. Special Purpose Investment Personnel shall occupy this status only with respect to those Securities as to which he or she obtains such contemporaneous information.

  • Restricted Investment means an Investment other than a Permitted Investment.

  • Investment Vehicles means any investment company or pooled investment fund, including, but not limited to, mutual fund families, exchange-traded funds, fund of funds and hedge funds, in which a Defendant has or may have a direct or indirect interest, or as to which its affiliates may act as an investment advisor, but of which a Defendant or its respective affiliates is not a majority owner or does not hold a majority beneficial interest.

  • Investment pool means an entity created under the Texas Gov- ernment Code to invest public funds jointly on behalf of the entities that participate in the pool and whose investment objectives in or- der of priority are preservation and safety of principal, liquidity, and yield.

  • Equity Investment means (i) an Equity Security; and (ii) an ownership interest in any company or other entity, any membership interest that includes a voting right in any company or other entity, any interest in real estate; and any investment or transaction which in substance falls into any of these categories even though it may be structured as some other form of investment or transaction.

  • Qualified investment has the meaning set forth in Section 313.021(1) of the TEXAS TAX CODE, as interpreted by the Comptroller’s Rules.

  • Eligible Investments mean book-entry securities, negotiable instruments or securities represented by instruments in bearer or registered form which evidence:

  • Qualified Investments means any of the following if and to the extent permitted by law:

  • Investment Restrictions means the investment restrictions of the Fund as set forth in the Declaration of Trust including, without limitation, those described in section 2.0 of this Annual Information Form.

  • Quoted Investment means any Investment which is quoted or listed or in respect of which permission to deal is effective on any Recognised Stock Exchange.