Partnership Property definition

Partnership Property means any property, real, personal or mixed, or any interest therein or appurtenant thereto which may be owned or acquired by the Partnership.
Partnership Property means all real and personal property acquired by the Partnership and any improvements thereto, and shall include both tangible and intangible property.
Partnership Property means all the property, real and personal, at any time owned by the Partnership.

Examples of Partnership Property in a sentence

  • The Partners, by execution of this Agreement, waive their respective rights to partition of the Partnership Property.

  • In particular, the Partnership is initially designed as a vehicle for consolidating the management of the Partnership Property, providing for the succession of such management, and enhancing total returns from the Partnership Property.

  • Upon the approval of the General Partners, the Partnership shall file an election under Code Section 754 to adjust the tax basis of the Partnership Property, with respect to any distribution of Partnership Property to a Partner permitted by this Agreement or a Transfer of a Partnership Interest in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, in accordance with Code Sections 734(b) and 743(b).

  • Solely for the purposes of determining the balances of the Partner’s Capital Accounts at that time, any Partnership Property that is distributed in kind shall be treated as though such Partnership Property were sold for its Fair Market Value as of the date of distribution, as determined by an Independent Appraiser.

  • Name of Limited Partnership Property Location (number and street)Date Property Acquired by LPCity, County, State, Zip Code Supplemental Clearance Certificate (SCC) No. (Provide copy of certificate with this claim and a copy of the Finding Sheet issued by the State Board of Equalization if filing with BOE-267.

More Definitions of Partnership Property

Partnership Property means all direct and indirect interests in real and personal property owned by the Partnership from time to time and shall include both tangible and intangible property (including cash).
Partnership Property means Leases and Wells in which the Partnership owns an undivided interest.
Partnership Property means all or any portion of the assets owned or to be owned by the Partnership, including the Properties and all incidental personal property.
Partnership Property means the Original Property and any and all property, real or personal, now or hereafter owned by the Partnership or in or to which the Partnership has any interest, right or claim.
Partnership Property means all interest, property and right of any type owned by the Partnership.
Partnership Property means all real, personal and other property of the Partnership, whether tangible or intangible, and includes (i) cash and marketable securities; (ii) the beneficial interests of the Partnership in the Trust (including any interest in the UTI or any SUBI that the Partnership may own from time to time) and in the Securitization Trust and all monies due thereon and paid thereon or in respect thereof; (iii) the right to realize upon any property that may be deemed to secure any interest described in clause (ii); and (iv) all proceeds of the foregoing.
Partnership Property means the acquisition of up to 5.0% Working Interest, which is approximately 3.6% of the Net Revenue Interest in one additional offset well to be drilled on the Squeeze Box Prospect (the “Squeeze Box Prospect Well”). The Squeeze Box Prospect will consist of oil and gas leases in Cameron Parish, Louisiana and will be drilled to a depth sufficient to test the five objective sands.