Real Property definition

Real Property means, collectively, all right, title and interest (including any leasehold, mineral or other estate) in and to any and all parcels of or interests in real property owned or leased by any Person, whether by lease, license or other means, together with, in each case, all easements, hereditaments and appurtenances relating thereto, all improvements and appurtenant fixtures and equipment, all general intangibles and contract rights and other property and rights incidental to the ownership, lease or operation thereof.
Real Property of any Person shall mean all the right, title and interest of such Person in and to land, improvements and fixtures, including Leaseholds.
Real Property means the Owned Real Property and the Leased Real Property.

Examples of Real Property in a sentence

  • In the event that no offers are acceptable, the surplus Real Property shall be retained.

  • The Town shall complete a pre-screening on all real property to be acquired to identify potential contamination issues associated with a Real Property, where deemed necessary.

  • The principle of transparency means that the Town is committed to following the consistent, transparent, and equitable processes outlined in this policy respecting the Acquisition, Disposition and leasing of Real Property.

  • The Chief Administrative Officer or designate shall determine a reserve bid amount based on the Market Rent Opinion of Value plus the estimated costs to be incurred to Lease the Real Property including Opinion of Value, advertisement process, survey, legal fees, encumbrances, etc.

  • These updated polices are as follows: Debt as a Percentage of Fair Market Real Property Value Target = 1.1 percent; Limit = 1.6 percent 7Kratio is an indication that the City will be better able to withstand possible future economic downturns an continue to meet its debt obligations.

More Definitions of Real Property

Real Property means any estates or interests in real property now owned or hereafter acquired by any Grantor and the improvements thereto.
Real Property or “REAL ESTATE” means land, rights in land (including leasehold interests), and any buildings, structures, improvements, furnishings, fixtures and equipment located on or used in connection with land and rights or interests in land.
Real Property. Land or improvements thereon such as buildings or other inherently permanent structures thereon (including items that are structural components of the buildings or structures), in each such case as such terms are used in the REMIC Provisions.
Real Property means the real property owned, leased or subleased by the Company, together with all buildings, structures and facilities located thereon.
Real Property has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1(a).
Real Property shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.1(b).