DISTRIBUTION OF. CURRENT ISSUER AVAILABLE PRINCIPAL RECEIPTS FOLLOWING THE OCCURRENCE OF A NON-ASSET TRIGGER EVENT Following the occurrence of a Non-Asset Trigger Event but prior to enforcement of the Funding Security under the Funding Deed of Charge and/or the Current Issuer Security under the Current Issuer Deed of Charge, the Current Issuer Cash Manager will apply Current Issuer Available Principal Receipts in the following order of priority:
DISTRIBUTION OF. PROCEEDS In the event that, following the occurrence or during the continuance of any Event of Default, any monies are received in connection with the enforcement of the Loan Documents, except as otherwise provided in Section 7.10, such monies shall be distributed for application as follows:
DISTRIBUTION OF. Overtime shall be distributed as equitable as possible and must be authorized by an appropriate supervisor. Except in cases of unanticipated production requirements, Employees shall be afforded at least twenty-four (24) hours' notice in advance of overtime. In the event that overtime is scheduled, each shift will have an opportunity to work the overtime. All indirect Employees (excluding skilled trades) not on shift rotation will be eligible for overtime on the day shift only and they will be placed on both first second shift overtime distribution listings, in order of seniority. In the event of only one shift of production working weekends, the list will be used. In the event a majority of Employees on any shift decline to work the overtime, an additional shift will also be given the opportunity to work the overtime. If additional Employees are needed, the Employees who have demonstrated ability to perform the work will be asked in order of seniority. An Employee requested to work necessary overtime, and agreeing to work, must work unless the Company obtains a qualified substitute within the time available, or the Employee's inability to report for work is for reason acceptable to the Company.
DISTRIBUTION OF. GTC Intellectual Property within PharmAthene. PharmAthene agrees not to make any copies of documents which GTC reasonably designates are covered by this Agreement without the express written permission of GTC. GTC will clearly mark those documents as, "GTC Confidential Information - Do Not Duplxxxxe." PharmAthene further agrees to maintain control of all original documents plus any copies that are authorized by GTC. In addition, GTC may audit the system used to control documents transferred from GTC to PharmAthene.
DISTRIBUTION OF. II.III. of Tobacco Settlement Revenue Funds 1 TSR Funds – Non-DSH Hospitals 28 of 28 X:\CONTRACTS - 2014 -\2014-2016\MS\ITC MASTER FY 14-16 -RB.doc3 of 10 X:\ASR\MS\ASR 16-000325 INDIGENT AND TRAUMA CARE FY 16-20 RB REDLINE.DOCX «C_C0DE»-MAICS01MSKK16MAITC01MSKK20 «LC_NAME» «LC_DBA»<<HOSPITAL NAME>> 11 REFERENCED CONTRACT PROVISIONS 2017 2016 2020 22 2018 2017 33 Term: July 1, 20142016 through June 30, 2016 44 Period One means the period from July 1, 2014 Period Four means the period from 52019 Period Three means the period from 55 Period Two means the period from July 1, 2015 66 through June 30, 2015 through June 30, 2016 77 88 99 1010 111 1212 1313 1414 1515 CONTRACTOR Allocation Period: July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017 July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018 July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019 July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020 1616 1717 1818 1919 2020 2121 222 201 Master Allocation Period: July 1, 20142018 through June 30, July 1, 20152019 through June 30, 20162020 July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019 July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020 2016 2017 July 1, 2014 July 1, 2015 Master Allocation Period: HOSPITAL Allocation Period: through June 30, 20152017 through June 30, 20162018 2323 2424 Notices to COUNTY and HOSPITALCONTRACTOR: 2525 2626 2727 2828 2929 COUNTY: County of Orange Health Care Agency <<Hospital Name>> -4637 Contract Development and ManagementServices 000 X.Xxxx 5th Street, Suite 600 Santa Ana, CA 92701 3030 3131 3232 333 3434 3535 3636 3737 CONTRACTOR: «LC_NAME» «ADDRESS» «CITY_STATE_ZIP» «CONTACT» <<Address>> <<City, State Zip>> <<Contact Name>> <<Contact Email>> 28 of 28 X:\CONTRACTS - 2014 -\2014-2016\MS\ITC MASTER FY 14-16 -RB.doc4 of 10 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 1010 111 1212 1313 1414 1515 1616 1717 1818 1919 2020 2121 222 2323 2424 2525 2626 2727 2828 2929 3030 3131 3232 333 3434 3535 3636 3737
DISTRIBUTION OF. [ESCROW SHARES] [ESCROW FUND]. --------------------------------------------- Stock version On the Distribution Date, the Escrow Agent shall cancel certificates representing the Escrow Shares then held in escrow as of the Distribution Date ("Available Escrow Shares") and with respect to which an Indemnification Claim is not pending. With respect to Indemnification Claims pending as of the Distribution Date, Premiere and the Owners' Representative shall use their reasonable efforts to agree in writing on the Indemnification Amount with respect to any such pending Indemnification Claims; provided, that if Premiere and the Owners' Representative are not able to agree on the Indemnification Amount with respect to such Indemnification Claims by the Distribution Date, the amount of the Indemnification Amount for purposes of the calculations in the following sentence of this Section 3.3 shall be the amount claimed by Premiere in its Notice of Indemnification Claim. Upon determination of the Indemnification Amount in accordance with the preceding sentence, Premiere shall promptly (i) issue and deliver to the Escrow Agent and the Escrow Agent shall deliver to the Owners new certificates representing the number of shares of Premiere Common Stock (the "Distribution Shares") equal to the quotient obtained by dividing (A) the difference between the Aggregate Value immediately prior to such Distribution Date and the aggregate Indemnification Amount with respect to such pending Indemnification Claims by (B) the Value Per Share (the "Undisputed -- Escrow Shares"), and such certificates shall be denominated in the names of the respective Owners in amounts equal to the product of the Undisputed Escrow Shares and each Owner's Percentage Interest, and (ii) issue to the Escrow Agent, who shall retain in escrow pending final determination of the Indemnification Amount, new certificates representing the number of shares of Premiere Common Stock equal to the quotient obtained by dividing (C) the aggregate Indemnification Amount with respect to such pending Indemnification Claims by -- (D) the Value Per Share ("Disputed Escrow Shares"). Any such delivery of Premiere Common Stock to Owners shall be of full shares and any fractional portions shall be rounded to a whole number by the Escrow Agent so that the number of shares remaining in escrow to be delivered will be fully allocated among such Owners. Upon the final resolution as agreed by Premiere and the Owners' Representative in w...
DISTRIBUTION OF. EXCESS CASH Prior to Closing, the Company shall distribute its cash in excess of $1,000,000 (the "Excess Cash") to its shareholders of record immediately prior to the Effective Time of the Merger in proportion to their respective shareholdings, as of that date.
DISTRIBUTION OF proceeds from sale of machine to third party. In the event of a sale of the Machine by MVS or Madan to a third party as set forth in Section 1.3.2, the proceeds of such sale shall be distributed alternatively as follows: (a) if the sale proceeds are greater than or equal to $1,765,000.00, exclusive of sales tax, import duties and packaging and shipping costs, such proceeds will be allocated and disbursed 50% to XsX and 50% to MVS from such amount as may be left after payment, in the following order and to the extent sale proceeds remain available, of $1,412,000 to XsX, $353,000 to MVS, MVS’s Costs of Sale (defined hereafter), and one-half (1/2) of XsX’s rental payments made pursuant to the Master Lease during the term of the Sublease (“XsX Rental Payments”); (b) if the sale proceeds are less than $1,765,000.00, exclusive of sales tax, import duties and packaging and shipping costs, such proceeds will be allocated and disbursed 80% to XsX and 20% to MVS from such amount as may be left after payment of MVS’s Costs of Sale.


  • Distribution of Cash (a) The Partnership shall distribute cash on a quarterly (or, at the election of the General Partner, more frequent) basis, in an amount determined by the General Partner in its sole and absolute discretion, to the Partners who are Partners on the Partnership Record Date with respect to such quarter (or other distribution period) in accordance with Section 5.2(b); provided, however, that if a new or existing Partner acquires an additional Partnership Interest in exchange for a Capital Contribution on any date other than a Partnership Record Date, the cash distribution attributable to such additional Partnership Interest relating to the Partnership Record Date next following the issuance of such additional Partnership Interest shall be reduced in the proportion equal to one minus (i) the number of days that such additional Partnership Interest is held by such Partner bears to (ii) the number of days between such Partnership Record Date and the immediately preceding Partnership Record Date.

  • Distributions, Etc The Seller will not declare or make any dividend payment or other distribution of assets, properties, cash, rights, obligations or securities on account of any shares of any class of capital stock of the Seller, or return any capital to its shareholders as such, or purchase, retire, defease, redeem or otherwise acquire for value or make any payment in respect of any shares of any class of capital stock of the Seller or any warrants, rights or options to acquire any such shares, now or hereafter outstanding; provided, however, that the Seller may declare and pay cash dividends on its capital stock to its shareholders so long as (i) no Liquidation Event or Unmatured Liquidation Event shall then exist or would occur as a result thereof, (ii) such dividends are in compliance with all applicable law including the corporate law of the state of Seller’s incorporation, and (iii) such dividends have been approved by all necessary and appropriate corporate action of the Seller.

  • Distribution of Profits 11.2.1 For each profit distribution, the Management Company shall instruct the Trustee to transfer such amount of cash as required to reflect such distribution to the Distribution Account or to issue Bank Draft/Order/Instruments/online transfer for the payment of such profit. The amount standing to the credit of the Distribution Account shall not for any purposes of this Deed be treated as part of the Trust Property but shall be held by the Trustee upon trust to distribute the same as herein provided subject to clause 5.C.5 of this Deed.

  • Distributions in Liquidation Upon the dissolution and winding-up of the Company, the proceeds of sale and other assets of the Company distributable to the Members under Section 11.02(c)(iii) shall be distributed not later than the latest time specified for such distributions pursuant to Treasury Regulation Section 1.704-1(b)(2)(ii)(b)(2) to the Members in proportion to and in accordance with their respective positive Capital Account balances (after adjustment to reflect the allocations pursuant to Section 6.01 and Section 6.02 hereof). With the approval of the Board of Members, a pro rata portion of the distributions that would otherwise be made to the Members under the preceding sentence may be distributed by the Company to a trust established by the Board of Managers (for the benefit of the Members) for the purposes of liquidating Company assets, collecting amounts owed to the Company, and paying any contingent or unforeseen liabilities or obligations of the Company arising out of or in connection with the Company. The assets of any trust established under this Section 6.05 will be distributed to the Members (from time to time by the trustee of the trust upon approval by the Board of Managers) in the same proportions as the amount distributed to the trust by the Company would otherwise have been distributed to the Members under this Agreement.

  • Distribution The Servicer will prepare the form in duplicate and send the original together with evidence of conveyance of title and appropriate supporting documentation to the Master Servicer with the Monthly Accounting Reports which supports the Mortgage Loan’s removal from the Mortgage Loan Activity Report. The Servicer will retain the duplicate for its own records. Due Date With respect to any liquidated Mortgage Loan, the form will be submitted to the Master Servicer no later than the date on which statements are due to the Master Servicer under Section 4.02 of this Agreement (the “Statement Date”) in the month following receipt of final liquidation proceeds and supporting documentation relating to such liquidated Mortgage Loan; provided, that if such Statement Date is not at least 30 days after receipt of final liquidation proceeds and supporting documentation relating to such liquidated Mortgage Loan, then the form will be submitted on the first Statement Date occurring after the 30th day following receipt of final liquidation proceeds and supporting documentation. Preparation Instructions The numbers on the form correspond with the numbers listed below.

  • Distribution of Payments The Agent shall pay promptly to the order of each Lender that Lender’s Proportionate Share of every sum of money received by the Agent pursuant to the Finance Documents (with the exception of any amounts payable pursuant to Clause 9 and/or any Fee Letter and any amounts which, by the terms of the Finance Documents, are paid to the Agent for the account of the Agent alone or specifically for the account of one or more Lenders) and until so paid such amount shall be held by the Agent on trust absolutely for that Lender.

  • Distribution of Agreement The Employer agrees to make available to each employee a copy of this Agreement and to provide a copy of the same Agreement to all new employees entering the employment of the Employer.

  • Distribution of UDP and TCP queries DNS probes will send UDP or TCP “DNS test” approximating the distribution of these queries.

  • Distribution of Funds Deliver (i) to Seller, or order, the cash portion of the Purchase Price, adjusted for prorations, charges and other credits and debits provided for herein; and (ii) to Buyer, or order, any excess funds delivered to Escrow Agent by Buyer. Such funds shall be delivered by wire transfer or cashier’s check in accordance with instructions for Seller and Buyer; if no instructions are given, Escrow Agent shall deliver such funds by Escrow Agent’s check via overnight courier (or as otherwise requested by the intended recipient) to the appropriate party at the address set forth for notice in this Agreement.

  • Distribution Fee In addition to the Service Fee, the Trust, on behalf of the Series, will pay to the Distributor a fee (the "Distribution Fee") at an annual rate of 0.75% (unless reduced as contemplated by and permitted pursuant to the next sentence hereof) of the Series' average daily net assets attributable to the Class B shares in consideration of the services rendered in connection with the sale of such shares by the Distributor. The Trust will not terminate the Distribution Fee in respect of Series assets attributable to Class B shares, or pay such fee at an annual rate of less than 0.75% of the Series' average daily net assets attributable to the Class B shares, unless it has ceased, and not resumed, paying the Service Fee (or any other fee that constitutes a "service fee" as defined in the NASD Rule) to CDC IXIS Distributors (or to any affiliate of CDC IXIS Distributors, or to any other person in circumstances where substantially all of the services and functions relating to the distribution of Class B shares of the Series have been delegated to, or are being performed by, CDC IXIS Distributors or an affiliate of CDC IXIS Distributors). Subject to such restriction and subject to the provisions of Section 7 hereof, the Distribution Fee shall be as approved from time to time by (a) the Trustees of the Trust and (b) the Independent Trustees of the Trust. The Distribution Fee shall be accrued daily and paid monthly or at such other intervals as the Trustees shall determine. The obligation of the Series to pay the Distribution Fee shall terminate upon the termination of this Plan or the relevant distribution agreement between the Distributor and the Trust relating to the Series, in accordance with the terms hereof or thereof, but until any such termination shall not be subject to any dispute, offset, counterclaim or defense whatsoever (it being understood that nothing in this sentence shall be deemed a waiver by the Trust or the Series of its right separately to pursue any claims it may have against the Distributor and enforce such claims against any assets of the Distributor (other than its right to be paid the Distribution Fee and to be paid contingent deferred sales charges)). The right of CDC IXIS Distributors to receive the Distribution Fee (but not the relevant distribution agreement or CDC IXIS Distributor's obligations thereunder) may be transferred by CDC IXIS Distributors in order to raise funds which may be useful or necessary to perform its duties as principal underwriter, and any such transfer shall be effective upon written notice from CDC IXIS Distributors to the Trust. In connection with the foregoing, the Series is authorized to pay all or part of the Distribution Fee directly to such transferee as directed by CDC IXIS Distributors. The Distributor may pay all or any portion of the Distribution Fee to securities dealers or other organizations (including, but not limited to, any affiliate of the Distributor) as commissions, asset-based sales charges or other compensation with respect to the sale of Class B shares of the Series, and may retain all or any portion of the Distribution Fee as compensation for the Distributor's services as principal underwriter of the Class B shares of the Series. All payments under this Section 2 are intended to qualify as "asset-based sales charges" as defined in the NASD Rule.