Section 8.6 Sample Clauses

Section 8.6. 24 In no case will an employee’s vacation leave be debited without the express notification to the 25 employee or his/her designee.
Section 8.6. 1. 41 Accumulated sick leave days may be used for the purpose of pregnancy disability, childbirth 42 and recovery. The duration of the leave will be determined on a physician’s authorization 43 indicating the period of time the employee is unable to perform normally assigned duties. 45 If the employee wishes to be absent from his/her job in excess of the time when he/she was 46 unable to perform his/her normally assigned duties (as certified by his/her physician) he/she 47 may request an unpaid extended leave of absence. Provisions of the Family and Medical Leave 48 Act would apply.
Section 8.6. 19 After an employee subject to this Agreement has been employed for a period of one (1) complete fiscal 20 school year, he/she shall be entitled, upon termination of his/her employment with the District, to that 21 portion of his/her accrued vacation pay as is due.
Section 8.6. 27 Generally, no employee shall be assigned to a shift of less than two (2) hours. Employees in the 28 Paraeducator Division may be assigned shifts of less than two (2) hours. Paraeducator positions of less 29 than two (2) hours shall be reviewed annually and may be dissolved at the discretion of the building 30 administrator at the end of the school year. No position shall be posted with a split shift unless all 31 employees at the same work site have refused the opportunity to be assigned the increased hours. The
Section 8.6. 2 Seniority rights shall not be lost for the following reasons, without limitation:
Section 8.6. 2. 41 The employee with the earliest hire date shall have preferential rights regarding promotions, 42 assignment to new or open jobs or positions, hours of work within positions, and layoffs when 43 ability and performance are substantially equal with junior employees. If the District determines 44 that seniority rights should not govern because a junior employee, or prospective employee, 45 possesses ability and performance substantially greater than a senior employee or senior 47 senior employee or employees have been bypassed.
Section 8.6. 13 Employees that work less than twelve (12) months per year shall not utilize vacation time during the 14 regular school year and shall therefore receive payment for unused accrued vacation credit spread over 15 twelve (12) months. Any employee discharged or terminated shall receive payment on unused accrued 16 vacation credit with the final pay check.
Section 8.6. 2 Seniority rights shall be effective within the general job classification. As used in this Agreement, general 3 job classifications are those set forth in Article I, Section 1.3. 5 For purposes of reduction in force, Head Start / ECEAP teachers and assistant teachers shall be 6 considered within the Paraeducator general job classification. In determining whether a more senior Head 7 Start / ECEAP teacher should displace a less senior paraeducator due to having substantially equal or 8 greater qualifications, performance, or ability under Section 8.7, the District may consider the employee’s 9 training or experience in curriculum and assessments, as well as experience working with specific age
Section 8.6. 46 Employees that work less than twelve (12) months per year shall not utilize vacation time during the 47 regular school year and shall be compensated for said vacation time in twelve (12) equal installments. 1 Any employee discharged or terminated shall receive payment on unused accrued vacation credit with 2 the final paycheck. 6 A R T I C L E I X 8 SICK LEAVE, BEREAVEMENT LEAVE, PERSONAL LEAVE 9
Section 8.6. 37 The employee will retain accrued sick leave and vested vacation rights while on leave of absence 38 without pay. However, vacation credits and sick leave shall not continue to accrue while the employee 39 is on leave of absence without pay.