Deed of Trust definition

Deed of Trust means the Deed of Trust with Assignment of Rents, Security Agreement and Fixture Filing of even date herewith by and among Borrower, as trustor, North American Title Company, as trustee, and the County, as beneficiary, that encumbers the Property to secure repayment of the Combined County Loan and Borrower's performance of the Loan Documents.
Deed of Trust means an instrument by which title to real estate is transferred to a third party trustee as security for a real estate loan and often used in California instead of a mortgage. This definition applies to any and all subsequent deeds of trust, i.e., second trust deed, third trust deed, etc.
Deed of Trust means this instrument and any and all renewals, modifications, amendments, supplements, extensions, consolidations, substitutions, spreaders and replacements of this instrument.

Examples of Deed of Trust in a sentence

  • The Deed of Trust was intended to encumber two parcels, but mistakenly only encumbered one of the parcels.

  • The CDC must retain the evidence of the liens in its records (e.g., Preliminary Title Report, Mortgage Deed of Trust, or UCC-1 filing).

  • Borrower will comply with all provisions of the City Documents relating to the use of the Site and the Project as set forth in the Declaration of Restrictions to be recorded in the Official Records, for the period commencing on the date the Deed of Trust is recorded in the Official Records and continuing for the Life of the Project (the "Compliance Term"), even if the Loan is repaid or otherwise satisfied or the Deed of Trust is reconveyed before the end of the Compliance Term.

  • In the event the Trustees deem it best for any reason at the time of sale to postpone, suspend, or continue the sale from time to time, the Trustees may do so in accordance with the terms of the Deed of Trust and/or applicable law, and thereafter may sell the Property as therein provided.

  • The sale shall be held at the courthouse door of Nash County, Nashville, North Caro- lina 27856 on November 17, 2023 at11:00 A.M. This property is being sold “AS IS, WHERE IS” and said sale shall beThe Nashville Graphic LegalAdvertising Deadlines: Friday, 12 noon for the Next Thursday EditionForeclosures23 SP 79 NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE SALE NORTH CAROLINA,NASH COUNTY Under and by virtue of a Power of Sale contained in that certain Deed of Trust executed by Gary Johnson to JamesE.

More Definitions of Deed of Trust

Deed of Trust means this Deed of Trust, Assignment, Security Agreement and Fixture Filing, as the same may from time to time be extended, amended, restated, supplemented or otherwise modified.
Deed of Trust. The real estate security instrument(s) to be executed by Owner and to encumber the Property in the currently contemplated transaction and any currently contemplated or future extensions, renewals, modifications, amendments or reinstatements thereof.
Deed of Trust means the Amended and Restated Deed of Trust and Mortgage dated as of March 15, 1997, between the Company and the Deed Trustee, as amended by the First Supplemental Deed of Trust and Mortgage dated March 19, 1997, as in effect on the date hereof and as such agreement may be amended, restated, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time.
Deed of Trust means the instrument conveying the time-share estate that is given as security for the
Deed of Trust means this Deed of Trust as it may be amended, increased or modified from time to time.
Deed of Trust shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.5.