Loans to Sample Clauses

Loans to. (a) Zazoo Limited to fund operating costs not exceeding R10,000,000 (or the equivalent in any other currency) in aggregate at any time; and
Loans to. Vendors There are not outstanding:- 10.2.1 any loans made by the Company to the Vendors and/or any director of the Company and/or any Associate of the Vendors or of any such director; 10.2.2 any debts owing to the Company by the Vendors and/or any director of the Company and/or Associate of the Vendors or of any such director; 10.2.4 any securities for any such loans or debts as aforesaid. 10.3 Net Assets The value of current assets less current liabilities as at Completion is not less than their value as at the Balance Sheet Date. 10.4 Investment, associations and branches The Company:- 10.4.1 is not the holder or beneficial owner of and has not agreed to acquire any class of the share or other capital of any other company or corporation (whether incorporated in the United Kingdom or elsewhere) other than the Subsidiaries; 10.4.2 is not and has not agreed to become a member of any partnership, joint venture, consortium or other unincorporated association; 10.4.3 has no branch outside England and no permanent establishment (as that expression is defined in the respective Double Taxation Relief Orders current at the date hereof) outside the United Kingdom. 10.5 The forecast as at February 1998 was carefully and consistently prepared and does not include any items that cannot reasonably be justified. There is in existence valid documentation supporting the valuation of 9 million pounds sterling (6 million pounds sterling net) of current new business; of 4.4 million pounds sterling of proposed new business; and 6 million pounds sterling of new business opportunity. SEVENTH SCHEDULE PURCHASER'S WARRANTIES The warranties and representations referred to in Clause 6 of the foregoing Agreement are that:-
Loans to. Transferred Employees Schedule 1.2(g) ........... Loan Guarantees Schedule 1.3(f) ...........
Loans to a Borrower shall affect or in any manner impair the obligations of a Borrower to pay the Loans (and all related Obligations) incurred by a Borrower which would otherwise be evidenced thereby in accordance with the requirements of this Agreement, and shall not in any way affect the security or guaranties therefor provided pursuant to the various Loan Documents. Any Lender which does not have a Note evidencing its outstanding Loans shall in no event be required to make the notations otherwise described in preceding clause (f). At any time when any Lender requests the delivery of a Note to evidence any of its Loans, the applicable Borrower shall (at its expense) promptly execute and deliver to the respective Lender the requested Note in the appropriate amount or amounts to evidence such Loans
Loans to. Officers andPermit or allow loans to directors, Employees officers, partners, shareholders and employees of both Borrowers to exceed, in the aggregate, the sum of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000.00). 6.6 Line of Credit FinancingIncur (a) additional debt which constitutes "line of credit" financing as contemplated by this Agreement, or (b) other interim financing for project acquisition or construction (excluding seller financing), except as permitted under Section 6.1. 6.7 Trademarks and TradeSell, transfer, convey, grant any Names security interest in, or otherwise encumber any existing or hereafter acquired trademarks, service marks or trade names owned by the Borrower. 6.8 Net Operating Loss Permit or allow a Net Operating Loss of more than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) in any quarterly period or in any amount for any two (2) consecutive quarterly periods in any one (1) fiscal year. 6.9 Dividend Payout Make a dividend payment (including both common stock dividends and preferred stock dividends) which is greater than ninety percent (90%) of Funds from Operations or that would otherwise violate the United States federal tax laws governing the qualifications of real estate investment trusts. As used herein, "Funds from Operations" shall mean consolidated net income of MAAC (computed in accordance with GAAP), excluding gains (or losses) from debt restructuring or sales of property, plus depreciation of real property. Upon written pre-approval of the Administrative Agent, exceptions may be made where the Board of Directors of MAAC determines, in good faith, that a special dividend must be paid to avoid taxes due to excess gains from the sale of Property. 6.10 Other Financial Ratiosa) Permit Total Liabilities to exceed sixty-three percent (63%) of the Total Market Value of Assets during the period ending on the 1st day of July, 1997, or to exceed sixty percent (60%) thereof at any time thereafter, or to permit the aggregate amount of Secured Debt to exceed fifty percent (50%) of the Total Market Value of Assets. b) Permit Unsecured Debt to exceed sixty- five percent (65%) of the Total Market Value of Unencumbered Assets during the period ending on the 1st day of July, 1997, or to exceed sixty-two and one-half percent (62 1/2%) of the Total Market Value of Unencumbered Assets at any time thereafter. c) Permit Total Development and Joint Venture Investment to exceed ten percent (10%) of the Total Market Value of Assets.

Related to Loans to

  • Loans to Company Nothing in this Agreement shall prevent any Member from making secured or unsecured loans to the Company by agreement with the Company.

  • Subordinated Loans to FINRA Members To the Company’s knowledge, no Company Affiliate has made a subordinated loan to any Member.

  • Protective Advances and Optional Overadvances (i) Agent hereby is authorized by Borrowers and the Lenders, from time to time in Agent’s sole discretion, (A) after the occurrence and during the continuance of a Default or an Event of Default, or (B) at any time that any of the other applicable conditions precedent set forth in Section 3 are not satisfied, to make Advances to Borrowers on behalf of the Lenders that Agent, in its Permitted Discretion deems necessary or desirable (1) to preserve or protect the Collateral, or any portion thereof, (2) to enhance the likelihood of repayment of the Obligations (other than the Bank Product Obligations), or (3) to pay any other amount chargeable to Borrowers pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, including Lender Group Expenses and the costs, fees, and expenses described in Section 9 (any of the Advances described in this Section 2.3(d)(i) shall be referred to as “Protective Advances”).

  • Revolving Advances The Lender agrees, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, to make advances (“Revolving Advances”) to the Borrower from time to time from the date that all of the conditions set forth in 4.1 are satisfied (the “Funding Date”) to and until (but not including) the Termination Date in an amount not in excess of the Maximum Line Amount. The Lender shall have no obligation to make a Revolving Advance to the extent that the amount of the requested Revolving Advance exceeds Availability. The Borrower’s obligation to pay the Revolving Advances shall be evidenced by the Revolving Note and shall be secured by the Collateral. Within the limits set forth in this Section 2.1, the Borrower may borrow, prepay pursuant to Section 2.10, and reborrow.

  • LOANS, ADVANCES, INVESTMENTS Make any loans or advances to or investments in any person or entity, except any of the foregoing existing as of, and disclosed to Bank prior to, the date hereof.

  • Ratable Loans Each Advance hereunder shall consist of Loans made from the several Lenders ratably in proportion to the ratio that their respective Commitments bear to the Aggregate Commitment.

  • Loans The Sponsor has agreed to make loans to the Company in the aggregate amount of up to $300,000 (the “Insider Loans”) pursuant to a promissory note substantially in the form annexed as an exhibit to the Registration Statement. The Insider Loans do not bear any interest and are repayable by the Company on the earlier of December 31, 2021 or the consummation of the Offering.

  • Revolving Loans Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, each Lender severally agrees to make loans (each such loan, a “Revolving Loan”) to the Borrower in Dollars from time to time on any Business Day during the Availability Period in an aggregate amount not to exceed at any time outstanding the amount of such Lender’s Revolving Commitment; provided, however, that after giving effect to any Borrowing of Revolving Loans, (i) the Total Revolving Outstandings shall not exceed the Aggregate Revolving Commitments, and (ii) the aggregate Outstanding Amount of the Revolving Loans of any Lender, plus such Lender’s Applicable Percentage of the Outstanding Amount of all L/C Obligations, plus such Lender’s Applicable Percentage of the Outstanding Amount of all Swing Line Loans shall not exceed such Lender’s Revolving Commitment. Within the limits of each Lender’s Revolving Commitment, and subject to the other terms and conditions hereof, the Borrower may borrow under this Section 2.01, prepay under Section 2.05, and reborrow under this Section 2.01. Revolving Loans may be Base Rate Loans or Eurodollar Rate Loans, as further provided herein, provided, however, all Borrowings made on the Closing Date shall be made as Base Rate Loans.

  • Repayment of Revolving Credit Advances The Borrower shall repay to the Agent for the ratable account of the Lenders on the Termination Date the aggregate principal amount of the Revolving Credit Advances then outstanding.

  • The Revolving Loans (a) Each Lender severally agrees, on the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth, to make Revolving Loans to the Borrower from time to time on any Business Day during the period from the date hereof until the Termination Date applicable to such Lender in an aggregate outstanding amount not to exceed at any time such Lender’s Available Commitment at such time. Within the limits of each Lender’s Commitment and as hereinabove and hereinafter provided, including without limitation Section 2.01(b), the Borrower may request a Borrowing hereunder, and repay or prepay Revolving Loans pursuant to Section 2.14 and utilize the resulting increase in the Available Commitments for further Extensions of Credit in accordance with the terms hereof.