The United States definition

The United States means the United States of America.
The United States or ‘the US’ means the United States of America; ‘USAID’ means the United States Agency for International Development; and
The United States has the meaning set forth in Regulation S under the 1933 Act. You hereby further confirm that each of the Underwriters has agreed in the Syndicate Agreement to the following terms and conditions: Other than that relating to the public offering or sale in Japan under the Registration Statement and SRS and the Prospectus and the Japanese Prospectus, no action has been taken or will be taken in any jurisdiction by it that would permit a public offering of the Shares, or possession or distribution of any offering or publicity material relating to the Shares, in any country or jurisdiction where action for that purpose is required. Each of the Underwriters will comply with all applicable laws and regulations in each jurisdiction in which it acquires, purchases, offers, sells or delivers Shares or has in its possession or distributes any offering material, in all cases at its own expense except as provided in Section 9, Section 11 and the last paragraph of Section 14 hereof. The Company will have no responsibility for, and each of the Underwriters will obtain any consent, approval or permission required by it for, the offer, sale or delivery by the Underwriter of the Shares under the laws and regulations in force in any jurisdiction to which it is subject, or in or from which it makes any offer, sale or delivery.

Examples of The United States in a sentence

  • The United States Government has adopted a policy prohibiting trafficking in persons including the trafficking-related activities of this clause.

  • The United States Government has adopted a zero tolerance policy regarding trafficking in persons.

  • The United States District Court for the Southern District of New York will have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction over any lawsuit or other judicial proceeding relating to or arising from this Agreement.

  • The United States Government assumes no liability for its contents or use thereof.

  • Embargo Sanctions The United States Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control prohibits U.S. companies and their foreign subsidiaries from doing business with certain countries and agencies and certain individuals.

More Definitions of The United States

The United States means the United States as well as its territories and possessions;
The United States mails, with proper postage prepaid, (b) when sent after receipt of confirmation if sent by telecopy or other similar facsimile transmission, (c) one business day after deposited with a reputable overnight courier with all charges prepaid or (d) when delivered, if hand-delivered by messenger, all of which shall be properly addressed to the party to be notified and sent, to the address or number indicated below their respective signature lines in this Agreement.
The United States means the 50 states of the United States
The United States means the 50 states of the United States and the District
The United States means all of the States and the District of Columbia.
The United States. ’ means the 50 states of the