A General Sample Clauses

A General. Upon and subject to the terms and conditions stated in ------- this Agreement, on the Closing Date, effective as of the Effective Time, the Merger Sub will merge with and into Xxxxxxxx in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Xxxxxxxx will be the corporation which survives such merger (the "Merger") and in such capacity is sometimes referred to in ------ this Agreement as "Post-Merger Xxxxxxxx." 2.B
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A General. 6-A-1 Pilot seniority shall accrue from the date of hire as x student pilot with the Company, as defined by Section 2-V of this Agreement, or with other companies whose operations have been taken over by the Company prior to signing of this Agreement. Seniority shall continue to accrue from such date and shall not cease to accrue or be lost except as provided in this Section and Section 7 and 12 of this Agreement. The accrual of Pilot seniority is contingent upon the successful completion of initial training as a student pilot.
A General. IV.A.1. Generally, Project meetings shall be conducted by Members on a non-confidential basis. Subject to Section II.A.6, all disclosures of information relating to Project matters shall be 21 of 23 deemed to be non-confidential unless specifically disclosed pursuant to a separate written non-disclosure agreement between the discloser and the individual recipient.
A General. 1. It is the intention of the Montgomery County Public Schools to provide instruction and supervision by fully qualified sponsors in a variety of extracurricular activities for students, subject to available funds. This program shall be voluntary except for unit members covered in Section D of this Article. It is also the in- tention of MCPS to utilize unit members as sponsors of activities and sports; however, if unit members are not available, non-unit members may be utilized to sponsor an activity or coach a sport. The supple- mentary pay schedule identifies certain stipend- compensated activities. This does not mean that because an activity is listed for a stipend payment that all schools will participate or take steps to par- ticipate in all activities. The following conditions must be met before any activity is implemented: (1) the need for it has been established in advance by the principal and the staff; (2) the activity is assigned in addition to the regular teaching responsibility; and
A General. (Note: The increase in extracurricular stipend rates scheduled for July 1, 2009, was not implemented during FY 2010 and will not be implemented during FY 2011. It is subject to re- opened negotiations in accordance with Article 31 of this Agreement.)
A General. 2.A.1 All drawings, installation, modification and re-location issues will need to be coordinated with Landlord.
A General. This Class B Warrant is exercisable in full, or in part, at the option of the Holder of record at any time or from time, to time, up to the Expiration Date for all of the shares of Common Stock (but not for a fraction of a share) which may be purchased hereunder. In the case of the exercise of less than all of the Class B Warrants represented hereby, the Company shall cancel this Class B Warrant Certificate upon the surrender hereof and shall execute and deliver a new Class B Warrant Certificate or Class B Warrant Certificates of like tenor for the balance of such Class B Warrants. The Company agrees that the shares of Common Stock purchased under this Class B Warrant shall be and are deemed to be issued to the Holder hereof as the record owner of such shares as of the close of business on the date on which the exercise notice (attached hereto as Schedule A or B) is delivered to the Company via facsimile; provided, however, that in such case this Class B Warrant shall be surrendered to the Company within three (3) business days. Certificates for the shares of Common Stock so purchased, together with any other securities or property to which the Holder is entitled upon such exercise, shall be delivered to the Holder by the Company at the Company's expense within a reasonable time after the rights represented by this Class B Warrant have been so exercised, and in any event, within three business days of such exercise and delivery of the Exercise Price. The Company shall, no later than the close of business on the first business day following the date on which the Company receives the exercise notice by facsimile transmission issue and deliver to the Company's Transfer Agent irrevocable instructions to issue and deliver or cause to be delivered to such Holder the number of Warrant Shares exercised within two business days thereafter by either express mail or hand delivery. Each Common Stock certificate so delivered shall be in such denominations of 10,000 or more shares of Common Stock, in increments of 10,000, as may be requested by the Holder hereof and shall be registered on the Company's books in the name designated by such Xxxxxx, provided that no Holder of this Class B Warrant shall be permitted to exercise any warrants to the extent that such exercise would cause any Holder to be the beneficial owner of more than 4.999% of the then outstanding Company's Common Stock, at that given time (as determined in accordance with Section 13(d) of the Securities E...
A General. Except as otherwise provided in this paragraph 4 and paragraph 5 of this Agreement, and subject to paragraph 7, the Restricted Stock Units are scheduled to vest in accordance with the vesting schedule shown in the Notice of Grant. Restricted Stock Units scheduled to vest on any date actually will vest only if you continue to be employed by Sun or one of its Subsidiaries through the applicable vesting date, except to the extent otherwise provided in this Agreement, by Sun in a written agreement between you and an authorized officer of Sun or in accordance with the then-applicable written policies of Sun. In all instances in which Restricted Stock Units continue to vest after you cease to be employed by Sun or one of its Subsidiaries, the payment of such accelerated Restricted Stock Units nevertheless will be made at the same time or times such Restricted Stock Units would have been paid had they vested in accordance with the vesting schedule shown in the Notice of Grant.
A General. The XxXxxxx agreement stipulates that cover arrangements are a devolved issue to be agreed by South Ayrshire’s Joint Negotiating Committee for Teachers:
A General. The last paragraph is revised to read: Immediately after the sizing mandrel has been pulled through, install an equipment grounding conductor if applicable (see Section 8-20.3(9)) and any new or existing wire or cable as specified in the Plans. Where conduit is installed for future use, install a 200-pound minimum tensile strength pull string with the equipment grounding conductor. The pull string shall be attached to duct plugs or caps at both ends of the conduit. 8-20.3(5)A1 Fiber Optic Conduit The last paragraph is deleted. 8-20.3(5)D Conduit Placement Item number 2 is revised to read: