Section 7.5 Sample Clauses

Section 7.5. 37 Employees required to work through their regular lunch periods will be given time to eat at a time 38 agreed upon by the employee and supervisor. In the event the District requires an employee to forego a 39 lunch period and the employee works the entire shift, including the lunch period, the employee shall be 40 compensated for the foregone lunch period at overtime rates.
Section 7.5. 2 Extended Service shall be defined as any and all work, noncontiguous with regular daily work shifts or 3 on an employee's day of rest. Employees performing extended services shall be compensated for a 4 minimum of two (2) hours, and for all succeeding hours worked at their appropriate hourly rates.
Section 7.5. 15 In the event an employee works beyond the eight and one-half (8-1/2) hour day, said employee will be 16 allowed to take a ten (10) minute rest period before working overtime and every two (2) hours thereon. If 17 the overtime is less than two (2) hours, the ten (10) minute rest period shall be unpaid. If the overtime is 18 greater than two (2) hours, the ten (10) minute rest period(s) shall be paid as hours worked.
Section 7.5. 14 It is mutually agreed that the Employer shall not contract out the lunchroom services during the term of 15 this Agreement.
Section 7.5. 25 Employees who work in excess of five (5) days for the normal full schedule of hours and responsibilities
Section 7.5. 25 Present employees substituting for, and requested to perform the duties regularly done by a supervisory 26 or lead category employee within their general job classification, shall receive compensation equal to 27 that normally received by the employee in the higher category during that temporary time, when the 28 employee performs the duties of the supervisor, as described in the job description, that presents itself 29 during the full shift. An employee performing the work of a lesser pay category than the employee's 30 regular job will be paid no less than the employee's regular hourly rate of pay.
Section 7.5. 8 Bus drivers required to have a physical examination to drive will have the cost of an examination paid 9 by the District; provided, that such driver receive the physical examination from a District designated 10 physician.
Section 7.5. Each employee shall be assigned to a definite and regular shift and workweek which shall not 6 be changed without prior notice to the employee of one (1) calendar week; provided, however, this notice 7 may be waived by the employee. 8
Section 7.5. 5 Employees requested to work a shift regularly filled by a higher classification employee shall receive
Section 7.5. 22 Regular full-time employees and regular part-time employees who are requested to work a shift 24 range (longevity is not included) at the step closest to, but not lower than, his/her current rate. Regular 25 full-time employees and regular part-time employees who are requested and choose to work added 26 shifts in jobs on a lower pay range (longevity is not included) shall receive compensation from the 27 lower pay range at the step closest to, but not higher than, his/her current rate. Employees required to 28 work added shifts in lesser classifications shall be compensated at their regular rate of pay.