Definition of Portfolio Securities

Portfolio Securities means the Assets of the Portfolio Companies acquired by the Partnership. Reference to a "Portfolio Security" is to any one of the Portfolio Securities.
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Examples of Portfolio Securities in a sentence

Lending of Portfolio Securities A fund may lend its securities to broker-dealers, other institutions, or other persons to earn additional income.
Neither the Bank nor any nominee of the Bank will vote any of the Portfolio Securities held hereunder, except in accordance with Proper Instructions or an Officers' Certificate.
Any Portfolio Securities which are Eurodollar CDs may be physically held by the European branch of the U.S. banking institution that is the issuer of such Eurodollar CD (a "European Branch"), provided that such Portfolio Securities are identified on the books of the Bank as belonging to the Fund and that the books of the Bank identify the European Branch holding such Portfolio Securities.
Following such a transaction, such information may only be disclosed by an Employee in accordance with OppenheimerFunds' Policy Governing Dissemination of Fund Portfolio Securities Holdings or any other related policies adopted by OppenheimerFunds from time to time.
Proper Instructions shall mean (i) instructions regarding the purchase or sale of Portfolio Securities, and payments and deliveries in connection therewith, given by an Authorized Person, such instructions to be given in such form and manner as the Bank and the Fund shall agree upon from time to time, and (ii) instructions (which may be continuing instructions) regarding other matters signed or initialed by an Authorized Person.